2016 Product Highlights

3V Engineering Solutions Company Limited
Stand No. 7G09
3V Engineering Solutions Company Limited was established in year Jan 2013, as an engineering solutions provider to serve customer needs for engineering products and services involved in IAQ, HVAC, AMC for Industrial and Data Center, Air Pollutions Control Products & Systems (APCP&APCS), Cleanroom Spare Parts & Tools business.
430 Plus Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 4Z16
The Toftejorg TJ20G rotary jet head provides 3D indexed impact cleaning over a defined time period. It is automatic and represents guaranteed means of achieving quality assurance in tank cleaning used in breweires, food and dairy processes and many other industries.
A&D Company, Limited
Stand No. 3R24
A&D is pleased to launch the high-accuracy checkweigher AD-4961-600-1224. Suitable for light weight and fast applications, it can weigh products up to 600g at 0.01g resolution with 400pcs/min throughput. Larger capacity checkweighers are also available.

The AD-4971 series metal detectors combine high sensitivity metal detection with simple operation.
A. Best Inter Products Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6A27
We have chosen this color light brown sets for the packaging product highlight. It has been printed with 2 tone colors to match the bottles and jars also covered with a premium aluminum caps.
This high quality packaging design was very attractive and was the perfect packaging for your products.
A.J. Plast Public Company Limited
Stand No. 5J73
A.J. Plast Public Company, established in 1987, a high quality manufacturer of Biaxially Oriented Films with total solutions for flexible packaging industry with BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, BOPLA, CPP and metallized films.
A.S.P. Permkij Ltd.,Part.
Stand No. 5A41
Main Business :-
  • Supply Barcode Printer, Scanner, Thermal Transfer, Ribbon, Hand Labeler, Bag Sealer, Vegetable Tying Sealer, Tagging Gun, Paper Roll for Cash Register - Receipt - Calculator.
  • Printer Service for All kind of Sticker, Tag and Label.
A+F Automation + Fordertechnik GmbH
Stand No. 6M16
FlexoPac 3D
  • Packaging machine with case erector and flexible Delta 3 robot for case loading.
  • Compact design.
  • 3D camera system supported detection of product infeed position for precise product pickup and packing. Detection of faulty products.
  • High format flexibilty ensuring a versatile operation.
  • Product placement into retail boxes or cases.
ABB Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B09
A fully integrated robotics packing system, the ABB RacerPack is designed for high capacity collating, picking and placing of flow wrapped products onto trays, boxes, cartons or feeding of other machines.

RacerPack can handle 400 items per minute, with quick product changeover and easy integration into existing product lines.
Absolute Packaging and Automation Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2M01
Absolute Packaging and Automation Co., Ltd. is a dynamic and experience teamwork. We provide our customers the best processing and packaging machine solutions for Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical and other industries. We believe that quality and responsibility are the key success factor
Accel Products Ltd.
Stand No. 7D31
Aseptic Carton Filling Machine using high frequency sealing, more modular design through electro-mechanical control integration, with better runnability, sterilized performance, more stable and reliable operation. Multi-layer structure Aseptic Packaging Materials has good barrier property and keeps light away, it can perfectly preserve milk, juice and beverage.
Access Machine Solution Co.,Ltd
Stand No. 4U39
CAM Automatic High Speed Blister Packing Machine with Plate Sealing Model nMX.
Stand No. 5C55
AccuPak is launching their newest generation of PLAG linear (sugar) weigher, the PLAGe!

This machine is an evolution of our tried and tested PLAG range. It is without doubt the greenest, most efficient, compact and fastest linear weigher available.

The future of stable, high-speed linear weighing is here, today.
Acpak International Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B27
ACPAK International manufactures and distributes a wide range of quality semi-automatic and fully-automatic filling machines and back-end production equipment for aerosols, liquids and other forms of packaging. Services provided encompasses engineering solutions and on-site integration of automatic equipment for the upgrade of manual processes, to full scale turnkey installation.
Aerosia Interpac Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2G45
MENIKINI, 90°C dry steam generators from Italy offers an effective sanitizing during the production. It is easy to use, and leaves no residue and no contamination into food products. The generator is applicable for both wet and dry production line as well as cold storage, and safe to users.
Aerzen Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4V24
Delta Hybrid - break - through of Rotary Lobe Compressor, result of the synergy between rotary lobe blower and screw compressor technologies, offering new possibilities for generating positive pressure or vacuum by combining the technical advantages of both concepts. Saving up to 15 percent, it's the preferred choice for energy efficiency.
AFA Systems Ltd.
Stand No. 5C50
The HD-CMA - Heavy Duty Continuous Motion Autoload Cartoner brings cartoning speeds of over 300 cpm. The servo drives on the cartoner offer a reduction in mechanical components, thus minimizing overall footprint and providing smooth operation. The servo drives also provide accurate feedback, quick changeover and improved fault diagnostics.
AFA Technologies Sdn Bhd.
Stand No. 6N19
We designed & manufactured thermoforming machine (Form-Fill-Seal) ideally for F&B, medical or pharmaceutical industries. Our machine is integrable with equipments such as printer or labeller. We build our machine according to your packaging needs.
AFM Euro-Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B21
High-P,the machine for vacuum cooking equipped with blade and mixer ideal for the extremely rapid transformation and processing of raw materials.Unit can easily produce 20 kg of jam in less than 15 minutes, 50 kg of Bolognese sauce in 35 minutes, mirepoix and browning included.
Agilent Technologies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6D09
Analysis of food samples requires the removal of interfering matrix, such as lipids, in order to quantitate target analytes. Existing sample preparation techniques may result in chromatographic issues and data complexity. EMR—Lipid: Enhanced Matrix Removal for Fatty Samples makes it possible to dramatically reduce lipid interferences without losing analytes.
AIGI - Infrared Super Fryer (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
Large reduction in running cost achieved: internal resonant heat is generated in ingredients by the infrared effect, allowing the core temperature to rise in a short time. The quick increase in core temperature slow down the deterioration of oil, retain the quality of the oil.
AIHO - Cabinet type Rice Cooker (Better Pack Co., Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
An automated rice cooking machine. A microcomputer carefully controls each cooking step to provide ideal conditions and even cooking. This cabinet design for small business and small installation space. White rice and mixed rice are cooked easily also difficult items: chicken pilaf, are cooked evenly, tasty. Capacity:2-7kg/batch.
Alkor Draka
Stand No. 4U25
Alkor Draka is the market leader in production of vinyl films for packaging of non-food liquids. These films not only need to meet the demands of safely containing these liquids, they also need to have the tactile and printable qualities that are essential for appealing to the retail consumer.
Allen Plastic Industries Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2L14
Sleeving Machine ASL-2000 features its high-quality facilities and elaborate structure. It is fully automatic with simple HCI touch and advanced input device. Easier operation and maintenance is also its specialty. Most importantly, all of the specifications are customized to satisfy every client's need.
Alliance Technology Co., Ltd. / APS
Stand No. 5F39
Loma Systems has developed a cost efficient and highly functional X-ray machine, X5c (Compact), that is specifically aimed at food manufacturers, processors and packers running multi-product, retail ready lines. Made from brushed stainless steel, it comes with a quick release belt that can be removed completely without tools.
ALTA Publishing Company
Stand No. 7D12
The Packaging & Food magazine is a specialized business magazine that provides information about the latest developments and technologies in the Packaging, Printing, Plastic and Food Industries.Readers are widely distributed over various trades, such as wholesalers, importers / exporters, suppliers, manufacturers, trade association, chambers of commerce and so forth.
Altech Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6C15
  1. Toshin: Slitter Rewinders for films
  2. Orient: Ball drop type Gravure Viscosity Controller
  3. SAWA: Cleaning for Cylinders of Gravure Printing
  4. Think: Offilne Cr Paper Polishing Unit
  5. DAC: Gravure Print Inspection system
  6. Nikka: Powder Spraying System
  7. Toyo: Flexo Plate
  8. Kirin: Bottle Inspection System
Alucon Public Company Limited
Stand No. 6D25
  • Manufacturing Programm:
  • Aluminium Collpasible Tubes: for toothpastes, pharmaceutical creams, ointments and adhesives etc.
  • Aluminium Monobloc Aerosol Cans: for cosmetics, hair care products and perfumes etc.
  • Aluminium Rigid Wall Containers: for tablet tubes, felt pen bodies etc.
  • Aluminium Bottles: for cosmetics and pesticides etc.
AMH Technologies Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4V37
Technologies & Turnkey Solution for Sanitary Powder Process in Foods, Pharmaceuticals & Petrochemicals, especially on Non Dairy Creamer & Coconut Powders and in particular, for handling Starch, Flour, Sugar and Seasoning Powders.We also do processing Bulk Storage, Mixing, Grinding, Sieving, Conveying & Packaging with EHEDG, GMP, HACCP, UKAS Standard.
Amixon GmbH
Stand No. 1E11
amixon® powder mixers are manufactured according to the customer's requirements. One of the main fields of application is the food industry. amixon® machines are used to process instant soups and sauces, spices, bakery premixes, baby formula, dietary supplements, instant powder for beverages and many more. Exclusively made in Germany!
Ammeraal Beltech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5C29
Ammeraal Beltech offers the largest range of belting products worldwide to over 150 countries. We have built up a reputation as specialists for the innovative design and manufacture of variety belting systems for all markets. Include food, airports, logistics & mail, tobacco, paper & print, textile, automotive, rubber-tyre and wood.
Amo-Pack (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4T01
BM-SERIES is an automatic bagging machine which is suitable for open mouth bags such as PE bags, PP Woven bags and Kraft paper bags. The bagging machines are tailor-made to customize according to client's need. Its capacity varies from 200 to 1200 bags per hour.
AMS Ferrari S.r.l.
Stand No. 6F32
Manufacturing and world wide supply of automatic filling & packaging lines for water, wine, beer, vodka, juice, dairy products and other alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, CSD and detergents, in PET and PE bottles, glass and cans. Global projecting and engineering service
AMS International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 7G21
CRC Industries is a worldwide leader in the production of specialty chemicals for maintenance and repair professionals serving industrial, electrical, aviation, automotive and food industry markets. CRC is ISO 9001:2008 certified and adheres to the strictest guidelines for quality in all facets of research, development and production.
Anake Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1E39
Model : ANS-24/24/8-GVSC
Speed : 120-130 Bottle Per Minute
System of Filler : Gravity System
Bottle : PET

*Parts in contact with the product in SUS 316L.
*Automatic Control by PLC.
Anhui Zengran Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd
Stand No. 7A41
Come from Top 5 packaging machinery group in China,Zengran.

Widely used in CP group Thailand,Yihai Kerry Group,COFCO,etc.Your best choice!

Want to know more...
Official contact: eric@zengran.com.cn
Asia Biz Connect Group Co., Ltd.
Stand No. FY77
Asia FOOD BEVERAGE Thailand is the leading magazine for food and beverage manufacturers. It is published six times a year by a team of highly knowledgeable journalists with extensive experience in the industry. AFB Thailand brings solutions and ideas to all areas of the food and beverage processing industry.
Asia Package Industry Publishing Company
Stand No. #
With exquisite color printing and aimed at the packing market, this directory provides introductions to the manufacturers in English and releases the newest machinery. It helps Taiwanese manufactures to strive for the international market, being the optimal reference book for your company to enter foreign markets.
Asia Solution Technology Pte Ltd.
Stand No. 5B49
Systech UniSecure™ is a global brand and product protection solution and the only proven, non-additive, product authenticity offering that cannot be reengineered by counterfeiters. Applicable across the supply chain and leverages existing packaging print marks to create unique signatures that are stored in the Cloud for authentication via mobile app.
Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine
Stand No. 6B18
Asia-Pacific Magazine is a professional publication which focuses on promoting the global markets in the packaging/food/Plastics equipment industry.

And our magazine is the most recognized and professional media with detail information, perfect design and huge amount circulation.

It's the best advertising material to develop global markets.
Astar Packaging Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4X25
Specialises in high barrier multi-layer films/ bags mainly for food industry comprising thermoforming films, vacuum/boilable bags, base film for BIB, lamination films, retort pouches, liners for paper bags & bulk bags, shrink films/bags, casing for sausages.

All our products have excellent barrier properties against gas, odour, water and chemicals.
Atago (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6E03
  • Refractometer
  • Polarimeter
  • Brix
  • Salt Meter
  • ABBE
  • Inline refractometer
  • Clinical
Atom-Mic Power Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6A11
They offer more than 35 styles that support from 12 I/O up to a network of up to 320 I/O points providing the ideal solution for lighting, energy management, industrial control, irrigation, pump control, HVAC and home automation.
Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)
Stand No. 5B61
The Australian Institute of Packaging is the professional body for packaging technologists and other individuals involved within the packaging industry throughout Australasia. The primary function of the Institute is to offer educational and technical training for individuals within the packaging industry.
Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA)
Stand No. 5B73
If your company is looking for specific Packaging and Processing Machinery or you need assistance with developing a tender then the APPMA can source the appropriate member companies for you.

The APPMA represents Australia's leading packaging and processing machinery and allied components companies.
Autofill Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2G43
Liquid & Powder Automatic Filling Line
Up To 200 Bpm Product Line
For Food/GMP/cGMP/PICS Total Solution
Autopack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1A21a
Designed specifically for higher speed multipacking of beverage, grocery and other products. Available with an optional for splitting the incoming product into tandem collator.
AVE - Transmisiones Mecanicas
Stand No. 2L34
AVE CHAINS BELTS & CONVEYORS For more than 60 Years
AZO Ltd. (Thailand)
Stand No. 1E11
AZO MIXOMAT: Efficient system integrates several functions such as conveying, dosing, weighing and mixing in one machine. High repeat accuracy ensured by precision weighing of all components. Large cleaning doors facilitate rapid dye change and intensive cleaning. Exact throughput volume acquisition for each processing machine. Widespread use of stainless steel ensures system retains its value.
B&R Industrial Automation Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B38
B&R offers a seamlessly integrated portfolio of automation systems including industrial PCs, control systems, panels, drives, motors and software.

Web-based HMI made easy:
B&R new HMI solution offers the full potential of web technology right from the automation engineering environment.

More about B&R, mapp View and openROBOTICS in booth 5B38!
BAK Asia Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5A21
Our COMPACT Hot Air Blower is Powerful, innovative, Variable temperature and air flow setting and servo motor. The Compact Hot air blower is the most powerful of its kind worldwide. Ideal for heating, activating, packaging, shrinking and drying applications.
Banyong Engineering Ltd.,Part.
Stand No. 2K44
We are the manufacturer of sealing machine brand "MASTER" for over 40 years. The Sealer comes in Vertical & Horizontal type, foot-operated model. Our Sealing machine can seal any kind of plastic bag, or pouch, and all models have been produced from the high standard quality factory.
Be Media Focus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5E30
Food Focus Thailand is a monthly magazine, distributed to F&B professionals in Thailand.

We provide a unique niche of well-balanced coverage, including processing & packaging innovation, quality measurement in terms of physical, chemical, and microbiological basis, standards & regulations, logistics & supply chain management, as well as marketing issues.
Belt and Bearings Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5J41
  • Full system packaging solutions,
  • Automatic vacuum packing machine,
  • Small vacuum packing machine,
  • Brick-shape rice packing,
  • Weighing scale,
  • Bag sewing machine,
  • Conveyor belt,
  • Bucket elevator system,
  • Moisture testing meter,
  • Kett (Japan) laboratory quality testing machine,
  • Rice complete processing machine,
  • Coffee/grains pre-cleaning system,
  • Color sorter machine,
  • Rice/grains sorting machine,
  • Grains sorting.
Benison (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2K11
All kind of Shrink Wrapping film
Color label
Auto Wrapping machine and Sleeving machine
Bericap Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4V21
In response to market requirements for weight saving, BERICAP has extended its HexaLite range with HexaLite® UL 29/11 SFB that fit with 29/25 mm neck size. Compared with a 30/25 neck and closure combination, weight saving is as much as 37%.
Berli Jucker Public Company Limited
Stand No. 6D11
Products with environmentally preferable features.
Bestrade Precision Limited
Stand No. 5D15
Bestrade Precision supplies various kinds of facestock, adhesives, and stickers for cards, tags, labels, and many more applications such as chemical tags, electrical parts and components, electronic parts, automotive parts, medical labels, tire labels, food and frozen food packaging.

We also make specialized and customized coating on various facestocks.

Better Pack - Rotary Packing Machine
Stand No. 3P01
Intermitent rotary 8 work stations provide perfect seal by 2 heating sealers and a cooling press. Liquid and solid product can be packed by 2 filling stations. Pouch type: flat, standing pouch. Can be integrated with Multihead weigher, Liquid and Paste Feeding system, Auger feeder.
Billi Dichtungstechnik GmbH
Stand No. 3Q38
Mechanical Seals for Pumps for different applications and for almost all kind of industry.
Bindtec Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6L07
Automatic binding machine YL-420 series
  • It can bind without heating time.
  • It is possible to use 30mm (W) paper and film tape.
  • No odor in binding
Banding size is Max: 400(w) x 200(H)/Min: 30(w) x 10(H) mm
Bireme Group Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B37
INMATEC PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Nitrogen Gas Generator generates nitrogen gas purity from 95% - 99.9999% with the capacity range from 0.5 - 10,000 Nm3/hr
Biz Nakhon Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5E29
The new Logopak 300 is a high speed case or pack labeller for simple applications. It has a simple, clean design… but the same uncompromising German build quality.

A more affordable way to implement print and apply.
Blue Print Automation - Robotic System (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
Modular Robotic Series are versatile robotic cells for top-loading of secondary containers. The Modular can be chosen from a wide variety of collation style and end-of-arm tooling. And it allows future reconfiguration for totally different task. The Modular Robotic Series is easily controlled through operator interface.
Bosch Packaging Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2K31
Experience New Machines from Bosch Packaging Technology at ProPak Asia 2016 in Bangkok. New HFFS Wrapper P301 LS Mid-Range Automation Solution, SVE 2520 WR Continuous Bagger with High Bag-Style Flexibility Made in Thailand, and ECT500 Carton Formers.
BP - Liquid Filling Machine (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
BP Liquid filling machine is suitable for filling liquid products such as oil, beverage and pharmaceutical liquid products, can be used for any kinds of plastic or glass bottles, cans or any other containers. It's widely used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical product.
Bright Packaging Industry Berhad
Stand No. 6E31
Bright Packaging Industry Berhad is one of the largest companies in Aluminium Foil Converting business in Asia Pacific. BrightPack offers a wide range of quality products consists of Aluminium Foil and Metallized Film laminate to Tissue, Woodfree, Board and Innerframe. Our comprehensive range of packaging services covers lamination, coating, slitting and sheeting.
Brothers Pharmamach India Pvt. Ltd.
Stand No. 6F09
Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Pharmaceutical and Packaging Machineries such as Washing, Filling, Capping and wide ranges of Labelling suitable for vials, ampoules, bottles, cartons, pouches, prefilled syringes, tubes, etc for Top/Side, Wrap Around, Double Side, Single Side, Three/Four Side Labelling which are being used by Pharmaceutical, Agro-Chemical, Cosmetic, Food,Beverage, etc.
Buhler (Thailad) Ltd.
Stand No. 3P43
The new dual plenum SmartFeed II from Bühler provides a superior airflow that results in uniform moisture content and greater saleable yield. Setting the standard for multi-pass, dual plenum conveyor dryers, it features consistent temperature and velocity distribution across the entire product bed, resulting in extremely reliable product quality.
Busch Vacuum (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 7H05
Robustness and reliability of operation are the outstanding properties of the R 5 rotary vane vacuum pumps. These are some of the reasons why proven Busch technology has long been established as the industry standard.
C.I. Kasei Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6B41
C.I KASEI Co., Ltd. is the leading zipper manufacturer in Japan, with around 30 years business experience. SANZIP has excellent characteristics suited to zipper pouches and bags which are regarded for high quality and compatibility with pouch-making machines and F/F/S machines. We offer high performance zippers more than 100 grades.
C.T. Super Sales & Service Ltd.,Part
Stand No. 6J11
Blister Packaging machine, Counter pill capsules machine Capsule Filling Machine
Cab Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4Y29
Their development is first and formost focused on simple and convenient operation coupled with high reliability. Printing units and housings are made of high-quality materials and are perfectly matched in terms of shape and function. Extensive peripherals and software enable customized solutions - at any time.
CAMA 1 S.p.A.
Stand No. 6H01

Flexible packaging system with integrated box forming/loading/closing all in one frame 3x2 mt; use of Triaflex "Delta Style Robot"; no hollow body structure; off-the-shelves electronics; PLC less technology and external cabinet free (integrated in the machine frame).
Changzhou Jiakai Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5E05
Model: JK-V655i

Original technology: in the process of viscous material packing weighing control system, real-time display each package weight, and automatically adjust the filling quantity.

Applicable industry and products:

Food industry: bean paste, fruit stuffing, jam, etc.

Chemical industry: grease, slurry, industrial glue, etc.
Changzhou Ne-Trans International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5J89
With the experience of more than 10 years, NET is the leading manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of conveyor components in China. Product: Flat top chain; Sprockets and idler wheels; Modular belt; Stainless steel mesh belt, Conveyor components, Roller conveyor.
CHEP Pallecon Solutions (Thailand)
Stand No. 6E24
CHEP Pallecon Solutions' new generation plastic IBC, iCONIC, promotes sustainable cost advantages, efficiency improvements and waste reduction. 20 iCONIC can be fitted in a 20 foot shipping container, the plastic construction offers durability and product protection and it holds 25% more product in the same space as four 200L drums.
Chin Yen Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1E29

CHIN YEN MACHINERY CO., LTD was established in 1995, a professional manufacturer of Labeling Machine and Leak Tester in Taiwan.


  • Automatic Top Labeling machine
  • Automatic Horizontal Wrap-Around Labeling machine
  • Automatic Wrap-Around Labeling machine
  • Automatic Front & Back Labeling machine
  • Automatic Leak Testing machine
CHJC Chain Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6B02
CHJC Chain Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer. We also are the OEM who has been the international standard such as industrial chain Company Design and production chains Gear needs of customers in a wide range of fair prices.
Chuen An Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1E28
Chuen An Machinery industrial Co., Ltd. in TAIWAN has specialized in the manufacturing of packaging machinery with the stable quality.
CKD Corporation
Stand No. 5E51
We introduce a Food packaging machine: Hard blister CFF-300G.

This machine can cope with forming the thick thermoplastic film up to 1 mm at maximum. Also, sealing by high pressure maintains Japan quality.
CLD Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1E27
Integrally formed patent design, tenon ribbon locate button, easy to remove and replace.

Spring design printer head replacement, easy operation for first-time users, printer head is easy to pull out.

Ribbon gap adjustment requires no tools, twist the knob to adjust the gap.
Clean Air Innovation Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 7J02
Clean room Turnkey design i.e. Design build, construction and process lay out plan for Cleanroom which is suitable for every requirement.
Clearpack (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3Q11
Clearpack specializes in complete turnkey lines for flexible and rigid packaging formats covering variety of products applications. With equipment manufacturing facilities for Rinsers, Net weight Filling-Capping, specialized end of line Shrink Wrapping-Case packing-Palletizing and collaboration with world's leading manufacturers of Bottles, Pouch, Stickpack, Inspection machines enables to provide innovative & cost effective standalone and complete line solutions.
Stand No. 6F26
The TLP is series of modular mono- bi- or trifunctional cells, that customers can customize selecting robot equipment, forming and closing options, according to their needs.

Its state-of-the-art technology allows to work even with difficult packaging patterns and layouts in a much reduced amount of space.
CN Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 7J35
GUENTHER GmbH - Food Processing Machinery: Vacuum Tumbler, Injecter, Brine Mixer, Tenderizer etc.

NILMA - Food preparation: Vegetable washer, Automatic Pasta Cooker and Cooler, Homogenizing

MADO: Bowl Cutter, Meat Grinder
ALMI: Spice and Food Additives
FATOSA: Vacuum Mixer
Comas S.P.A.
Stand No. FY83
Since 1972 GEA Comas is a partner of excellence for the most demanding customers, specialized in the production of custom made high quality plants and machines for the medium and large size bakery industry. GEA Comas high performance production lines are for cakes, cookies, layer cakes, pastry, pizza, bread.
Compact Labelling (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. 6N25
Compact Labelling (Thailand) Ltd. is a leading Labelling Solutions to most industries, offering both standard and customized Labelling equipment, to suit your specific requirements and products. Our state of the art labelling technology provides your business with unmatched performance, productivity, quality and economic value in your packaging process
Complete Mark Co.,Ltd.
Stand No.
6C31, 6B32
Extremely versatile and robust CCS-R industrial inkjet designed to provide superior quality coding at various production environments on wide range of substrates & applications. Flexible code design, including the ability to mark serial number, batch codes, expiry dates, bar codes and logo on various substrates.
Concept Engineers BV
Stand No. FY75
The Focus® is an optical sorter especially developed to sort products with various optical deficiencies. The Focus can be used for fresh/dried or frozen potato product, vegetables, fruit as well as seafood. Use of the Focus will lead to quality improvement of your final product.
Stand No. 5C56
Dualpak paperboard trays are perfect for the growing "eat at home" food segment. Dualpak trays are ovenable (to 220C), freezable (to -40C) and microwavable. Clip on lids can be used for storage and there is also an adhesive lidding option.
Con-Mix Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4U39
Material hadling system (powder/sugar)
Coperion Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4V38
"A supplier of food solutions must deliver more than reliable machines and systems. Experience and know-how are also absolutely essential. Our innovative food process technologies, as well as our extensive knowledge in process efficiency and food safety make us the ideal partner for process system supply."
Creatus Corporation Limited
Stand No. 6J15
  • HSM Vertical Baling Presses (Small to Large Baling needs)
  • HSM Horizontal Baling Presses
  • HSM Dewatering Presses
  • HSM Document Shredders (all sizes and privacy needs)
  • HSM PET Waste Disposal Solutions (Draining, Perforation, Crushing, compressing)
Cryogas Tech Sdn Bhd
Stand No. FY08
Our equipment is designed for all types of food/beverage packaging line and is capable of delivering precise dosage of LN2 to each container. The dosing head has self-generating nitrogen gas blanketing; avoiding nozzle frosting. It comes with "Quick Service" gas purging function, applicable during CIP/SIP process to avoid system frosting.
CSE Chiang Sung Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1F19
CSE was founded by a group of many years experienced specialists with products developing, designing, producing management and quality control. CSE Taiwan-CAD desinged; Thailand-tubing/fitting/mechanical polishing/ electric polishing; China-forging/ lost wax casting/CNC. CSE (Tawian, Thailand, China factories) products ranges is covering: control valve, diaphragm valves, fitting...etc.
CTC Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2H11
GZPK4081 High Speed Rotary Tablet Press
Max. 1117800 tab/h
Cube DCM Korea
Stand No. 3Q39
The encapsulation machine to provide an inner self control system of moisture and temperature.
Cyber Mechanic Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1D39
FBF ITALIA is one of the leading manufacturer worldwide of high pressure homogenizers, piston-type displacement pumps and laboratory homogenizers and we can be considered the most suitable partner for all who want not only excellent sale services but also continuous relationship with constant, direct post-sale technical assistance.
Daesung EXT
Stand No. 6K01
  • High quality PP strap extrusion machine for auto packaging.
  • Fully automatic winder reduce production cost.
  • PP strap is exporting to USA, EU, JAPAN etc.
  • PP strap is supplying to MOSCA Germany.
Stand No. 7B09
Dansensor offers MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) testing solutions for quality control and quality assurance of your food products.

Dansensor provides high quality testing equipment that fits into your processing line. We offer on-line and off-line gas analysers, gas mixers, leak detectors, seal testing, gas flushing systems and headspace analysers.
Deighton Manufacturing UK Ltd
Stand No. 4V11

Simplicity is the strength of the Formatic system. Suited to a variety of mixtures of numerous textures and consistencies, the Formatic uses synchronized paddles to gently press mixture into the required form shape. Assisted by the wire drum scraper, the formed product is then smoothly ejected.
Delmax Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3Q01
This machine type is fill the liquid, Weighing systems and rotary system, That used load cell for help to control the volume is most accurate. The rotary filling system (36 heads) have the load cell in each heads, That separate work well independently for accurate and easy to use.
Stand No. 7B10
The Detectronic Metal Detector is manufactured specifically to suit your needs. We provide the application to detect for different metals such as iron, aluminium and stainless steel. Additionally our extensive and flexible reject configuration possibilities will help you find the right solution for your specific application.
Dhawath Technology Systems Co,Ltd.
Stand No. 5B11
  • Pneumatic Conveying & Batching System
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication Silo, Tank, Hopper, Vacuum Conveyor, Screw Conveyor, AirJet Filter and Plough Share Mixer
  • Process & Utility Piping Service
  • Process Machine
  • Stainless Steel Pumps, Valves, Pipes, Tubes and Fittings
Dhon Siri Diesel Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5G15
PUROL Spray Grease is 3H-H1 Direct Food Contact Grease. It is a white, non-toxic lubricant designed for the effective lubrication and protection of seals, guides, bearings and blades operating in food, pharmaceutical where direct food contact is inevitable. HALAL Certified.
Domnick Hunter-RL (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6E10
Advanced technology for industry leading performance.

NITROSource offers a number of significant advantages over delivered gas options, as well as traditional generator designs.

So when you're considering on-site supply, NITROSource is the benchmark specification for maximum performance and lowest lifetime cost.

Highest efficiency, highest output nitrogen gas generator.
Dong Woo ST Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6K01
We, DongWoo ST, are one of leading companies in Korea that has highly-skilled engineer who can build quality machine that cut, laminate, and slit all kinds of roll materials. We have gained much recognition and trustworthiness for the high quality of our machinery around the world.
Dongguan City Chyan Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6G16
Chyan machinery can offer a wide range of packing machines with complete models, and customize the machines which are based on the standard model for customers' requirements. The company also have passed quality system certification: ISO9001:2008, and all products have CE certification.
D-Smart Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5F13
TIJ Printer, Barcode Printer, Inkjet Printer
Durham Duplex
Stand No. 4V19
DD has taken a supreme chrome nickel alloy blade and fused it with an ultra hard 8000 Vickers surface treatment with a sub 0.2 coefficient of friction we have created "XCD". Flexible and forgiving yet hard and near friction free, a revolutionary low cost solution to the modern converters needs.
Stand No. 7B04
Ehcolo A/S is presenting their Turnkey packing lines for bags, as well as the supply of bagging machines, palletisers and stretch wrappers or Hood stretchers.

The Ehcolo palletisers have full servo control, and among others advantages, it results in a power saving of 20% compared to others. 2 years warranty.
Elson Engineering
Stand No. 5B48
Elson Engineering started as a trading company in Singapore. In 2012, we set up our sister company in Vietnam - Hochiminh City for industrial supplies & products. We set up our PET bottle production at Catlai Industrial Zone, Hochiminh City and supply packaging products to our customers.

Eminence International Ltd.
Stand No. 2H01
Tabletting Machine, JC-SH-33D, Efficient large size production runs, with capacity upto 118,800 tablet per hour. The large diameter of pre-compression roll allows for difficult formulations to be processed at high speed without loss of tablet quality. Machine drive completely separated from production area for GMP standard.
Emura (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3N31
Emura Food Slicers.
The machines do not function only on slicing, but also sticking, grating and etc.by various kinds of cutting with optional cutter.

Emura Food Dicer.
It's designed to dice all root and bulb of vegetables and fruits into diced product, from 3mm. to 20mm. with one intergrated operation.
Energy Saving Products Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6N11
Energy Saving Products Co., Ltd. was founded from the great concern regarding energy saving, renewable energy and environment. We proudly to present our products as follows:
  1. Plastic Washing Machine
  2. Heat Pump Dryer for food dehydration.
ESM Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1B39
All new combined Blister Packing and vertical Cartoner for Vials and Ampoules.
Etpack Sprinter
Stand No. 6G11
Come and see our ETW 201 wrap-around sleever.

With a speed up to 60 packs/minute, this machine combined with different types of automatic infeeds can deal with several formats and types of products: convenience food, tins, cans, cups etc...
Euro Best Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7J08
  • Services
  • Provide contract manufacturing of food, herbs, and medicine
  • Research and Development for new innovative products
  • Training courses available:
  • Spray drying process
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
Europac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2L01
As usual Europac will display states of art machinery at Propak 2016. This year we would like to introduce Rotary Liquid Filler from Korea that can achieve high filling accuracy ±0.1% as we realize the sufferings of big deviation filling amount. Please visit us at booth 2L01.
European Tech Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6A01
DeltaVITA bead mill is designed to produce ultra fine particles and nano-suspensions. DeltaVITA has advantages for sterile pharmaceutical production with CIP and SIP. Special FDA certified Vitabeads for nano-size. R&D machines and production scale.
Festo Ltd.
Stand No. 2J29
IP69K without control cabinet
Clean Design valve terminal MPA-C - ideal for the food and beverage industry

Setting a new standard! It meets the requirements for protection class IP69K and CRC4, the highest corrosion resistance class at Festo. This makes it suitable for both centralised and decentralised installation concepts.
Filtec Ltd.
Stand No. 5C41
The newly redesigned OMNIvision 3 is the fastest Empty Bottle Inspection system in the world. It detects foreign objects and flaws in the base, sidewall, finish, and threads of empty transparent glass and REFPET containers.
Stand No. 3Q31
FIPALIFT - Flexible lifting solutions for the movement of light to heavy loads

With FIPALIFT tube lifters FIPA offers manually guided lifting devices which can be customised to meet your own industrial requirements. They enable more efficient and faster working processes in all areas of in-house logistics and production.
Flexi-Pack Limited
Stand No. 6D26

POF has excellent low shrink temperature property. Its shrink temperature same as PVC shrink film's. POF is your best choice to pack easily transformative temperature sensitive products such as magazines, soft boxes, candies, chocolate and etc.
FlexLink Systems Pte Ltd.
Stand No. 5F01
VOLPAK is one of the leading brand of horizontal FFS machines, cartoners and case packers for flexible packaging in the consumer goods market, with largest international share. Designs and manufactures automatic packaging machine for different markets: food & beverage, personal care, home care, chemical and pharmaceutical.
Flowcrete International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. FY89
Flowcrete is the leading manufacturer of high quality epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylate resin flooring and car park coating solutions.
FMT s.r.l.
Stand No. 3M19
MT Filling-capping or seaming monoblocks grant top production performances. Different configurations are available: fillers with blowers /rinsers and cappers/can seamers. The technology adopted allows the treatment of semi-dense, dense or liquid products in glass, plastic and metal containers.
FnB Machinery & Solution Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1F43
Food & Beverage Processing Machine for SMEs
  • Expert for Food & Beverage Processing Machine
  • Turn key Project Providing
  • Consulting Service for Complete Food & Beverage Production Line
Foilmaster (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. 7B25
FOILMASTER offers a wide selection of stamping foil for all your packaging needs:
  • Decorative Hot & Cold Foil for paper & plastic packaging
  • Date Coding Foil & Thermal Transfer Ribbon
  • Holograms for brand protection/enhancement
  • Stamping Dies
  • Thermal Transfer Operator for easy & instant printing directly onto your flat packaging
Food Innovations and Development Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7A51
Kerres smoke-air® and Kerres cleaning-systems - smoking, hot air cooking, cooking and washing systems for food and non-food industries.
Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4Y31
Food Machinery Co., Ltd. Is the company for manufacturing machines in Food Industry. There are various kinds of machinery, such as, cooker, retort.

Our highlight product is automatic unloading which is the machine for unloading products from the basket to the next process.

All machines can be designed according to customer's requirement.
Food Service and Solution Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. FY32
HILL BRUSH - Salmon Hygiene Technology, the most comprehensive systems in the world created for manual cleaning. HILL BRUSH enable work area segregation, assist in achieving HACCP compliance as well as reducing risk of cross-contamination.Ideal for anyone looking for innovative hygienic tools for all manner of applications.
Forbo Siegling (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6N01
Forbo Siegling is a global industry leader in supplying high-quality conveyor belts and processing belts; lastic modular belts, power transmission belts and timing and flat belts made of synthetic materials. They are used in a variety of ways in manufacturing and in the retail and service sectors.
Fresco NZ Pte Ltd
Stand No. 7G15
From Receiving and storage of materials, infeed, processing to end of line, Fresco NZ is your complete powder handling partner.
Fuchs Petrolub SE
Stand No. 1F31
CASSIDA food grade lubricants cover both fully synthetic (CASSIDA) as well as semi-synthetic and white oil based products (FM). Their composition is always optimised to ensure optimum suitability for their respective case of application.
All food grade lubricants offered by us are registered by NSF according to the respective food-related categories.
FUJI Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Alpha7 Series (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
FUJI Alpha7, the new packaging machine featuring both user friendliness and environmental friendliness, uses an energy-saving IH Heater system. Its body can be easily cleaned in accordance with GMP and HACCP standards. Regarding its performance, max-speed at 800 cycles per minute. With hi-tech controlling system offers minimize human labor.
Fuji Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5C11
TLM system F4 is specialized model of TLM F4 robot made by SCHUBELT for specific customers with easy operation and higher capability. It integrates with our FUJI wrapping machine and capable of handling products in multiple lines and feeding products directly onto the in-feed conveyor on wrapper.
Furukawa MFG. Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3R29
Vertical fill-vacuum-seal machine, in which packaging conditions up to 100 items can be preset. Full of useful monitor functions also has been realized. Film recycle feature is included as standard and reduces the loss of unfilled pouches. Plastic vacuum chambers have a high level of corrosion resistance.
Futec Southeast Asia Sdn. Bhd.
Stand No. 6J23
New launch of Label printing Inspection system and System Management Integration Software.
G HWA Industries Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1F40
Introducing the new ASME-BPE machined reducers.

G HWA Industries has become the first Hygienic Stainless Steel Tubes and Fittings manufacturer to receive ASME-BPE Certificate of Authorization in SE Asia for its production facility in Khao Yoi, Thailand.
Galaxy SIVTEK PVt Ltd.
Stand No. 4Z25
Advanced High Throughput Centrifugal Sifter!

Sivtek Roto Sifter is designed to meet high-capacity scalping and sifting for both large and small process applications. It is ideal for handling wide variety of powder, granules and other free-flowing materials. This Centrifugal Sifter is designed to separate particles of different sizes into two product streams, or alternatively to remove tramp material. This Centrifugal Sifter is a compact, hygienic design giving both high efficiency and high capacity sieving.
Garlock Singapore Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4X15
GYLON BIO-LINE® is resistant to acids and sensitive media and performs well at low and high temperatures and pressures. The restructured and modified PTFE does not have cold flow properties and is FDA-compliant and ADI-free. GYLON BIO-LINE® meets EN 1935 / 2004, USP Class VI, and ensures safe, efficient processes.
Gebo Cermex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1D01
Get informed, react immediately and anticipate issues with EIT AQ-Clock and EIT Audio modules

The release of EIT™ v6.0, incorporating a new web design interface and two more innovative, user-oriented modules: EIT AQ-Clock, offering real-time measurement of accumulation, and EIT Audio, with its voice messages sent to plant floor staff.
Stand No. 4U21
The new software Trace@bility by GECITECH enables to manage all equipment of your industrial park: maintenance scheduling with alerts, localization of the items, events history,etc. The identification system by RFID or Data Matrix, gives the operators a quick access to the information thanks to a simple scanning device.
General Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5E25
White Dye & Solvent Inkjet Cartridge.
Gericke Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4V31
With the introduction of the GMS 5000 ECD model, the Gericke Multiflux® batch mixer line received its largest model so far. Despite the maximal useful volume of 4'000 litre, the mixer provides the same outstanding accessibility for cleaning and short mixing time that the GMS mixer line is known for
Stand No. 3Q35
The new generation of rotary labelling machines with optimized user friendliness and further improved operator safety for all decoration technologies in the beverage, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.
Global PS Inc.
Stand No. 7J18
High-speed 2-colors Thermal-transfer Label Printer for GHS Pictogram.

8 inches wide, fastest printing 8inches/sec with 300dpi x 300dpi / 300dpi x 600dpi printing density.

USB/LAN I/F onboard, rotary cutter makes high-speed cut and print.(option)
Goma Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Stand No. 6H39
GOMA ENGINEERING manufactures and provides Turnkey solutions for Dairy, Ice-cream, Yoghurt, RTS, Fruit Juice, Pulp, CSD, Fruit Processing etc. Equipment's like Homogeniser, Pasteurisers, Crate Washers, Steriliser, Cup Filling & Sealing machine, Centrifugal Pump, Continuous Freezers, tanks / Silos and Exports Africa, Asia, Middle east.
Good Time Import-Export Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3P21
Thermoforming Packing Machine -Durable stainless steel construction, Touch screen with multi language display easy to command, Applicable to meat, sausage, fish fillet, cheese, medical part, bakery, snack foods, ham, etc.
Stand No. 3S33
GSBC, which belongs to Gyeong-gi province, helps SMEs become adequately equipped and ready to meet international challenges.

GSBC helps SMEs from the incubation period to the development of technology, marketing, export and to training personnel.

GSBC will take every single step with SMEs until the day when can achieve success.
GT-MAX Industries Sdn Bhd
Stand No. 6E32
Prime Wrap™ is a newly innovated thin gauge stretch film. It uses an advanced 9 layers cast technology. Prime Wrap™ specially designed for lowest cost of wrapping per pallet guaranteed.

Due to its thin and strong structure, Prime Wrap™ can be fully utilized and saved up to 65%
Guang Dong Xing Lian Precise Machinery Company Limited
Stand No. 2G31
GDXL proudly supplies full series of blow mold, preform mold, closure mold products and their spare parts. The company also provides optimization and retrofit conversion solutions to PET containers. Our products cover a comprehensive application scope, including water, CSD, HR and Aseptic application, etc.
Guangdong Friend Machinery Co., Ltd
Stand No. 5J31
10-cavity machine, 18000bph for 0.5L water bottle.

High efficiency, high stability, low energy cost.
Guangdong Longxing Packing Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6F18
LONGXING'S Printing Machinery Department professionally manufacture automatic high speed plastic cup printer (Max Speed 500pcs/min), Lid Printer(Max Speed 500pcs/min), Tube Printer(Max Speed 150pcs/min) and the Pail Printer(Max Speed 40pcs/min). We will show you Max Speed running and all functions of the above machines, sincerely welcome you to visit us.
GuangDong Olger Precise Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1C30
We, GuangDong Olger Precise Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. a national high-tech enterprise and a Guangdong private-owned company, focus on research and application of printing and precision coating etc. soft packing technology. Now we have CI type flexo printing machine for woven bags, web CI type flexo printing machine and optical grade high precision coating production line feature products, with advanced R&D idea and self-innovation ability.
Guangdong Weiya Printing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6F17
Guangdong Weiya Printing Co., Ltd specialized in producing various of packing bags and printed roll films such as stand up zipper bag, Aluminium foil bag, vacumm bag, kraft paper bag, flat bottom coffee bag, PVC shrink film, spout bag and so on.
Guangdong Yuedong Mechanical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5J75
Our machines are equipped with imported electrical system and pneumatic components made in Germany and Japan to keep the leading advantage of the properties and quality of our product at home all the time. These machines, highly appreciated by clients and users, are sold well in more than 30 provinces in China and are exported to more than 90 countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, occident etc.
We have obtained ISO9001 certificate and some of our products have obtained the product safety "CE" certificate.
Guangdong Zhongxing Plastic & Paper Printing Co.,Ltd
Stand No. 5D39
Zhongxing Packaging specialized in producing all kinds of packaging pouches and rollstock, rely on advanced production technique and equipments, and the philosophy of focus on quality, we are working well with many famous food companies in China and many overseas clients.
Guangzhou Fresh World Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4T37
Fresh World Vacuum Sealer TVS-2013 Series is hot sell in Thailand. Food vacuum sealer could keep food fresh up to 5 times, could pack rice, meat, sea food, snack, nut etc. There will be good for small business and family use. Please contact: iris@topkettle.com
Guangzhou Vanta Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1B29
Vanta's labeling machine is famous for its flexible, efficient, reliable and accurate. Vanta has many customers all over the world, such as Vietnam, Dubai, USA, Mexico and so on. Vanta has a factory of 7000 square meters, and now Vanta is building another new factory for the expanding business need.
Guangzhou Xili Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1B30
Servo motor drive blow moulding machine, max capacity 1500BPH/cavity. Used for still water, mineral water, beverage and etc.
Gyro System Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3S26

  • Vision System.
  • Capping, Date-Coding Inspection.
  • High Speed.
Han Shin Power Tech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5B01
HAN SHIN POWER TECH Co., Ltd specializes in Robotic automation solutions such as In-Casing system, Palletizing system and Packaging system. We have provided turn-key solutions in food, pharmaceutical and automotive field with highly efficient automation and competitive price for small and large projects over the last 17 years.
Hangzhou Youngsun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1D19
Hydraulic plastic cap compression molding machine

The compression molding is already a well known technology worldwide; many of the caps for soft drinks are produced through compression.
Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5C40
Applicable to yogurt, milk, beverage, butter, cheese, seasoning, ice cream, etc. with the output 6000 to 60000 cups/hour. Compatible to plastic sheet of PS, PP, PET etc, the whole process from sheet ionization dedust, preheating, plastic cup forming & labeling, online dynamic fruit mixing and volumetric filling, sealing, date printing, cutting and product transportation
Hanna Instruments (Thaiand) Ltd.
Stand No. 6C11
The HI921 Autosampler is an automated titration sample handling system designed for use with the HI 902c Automatic Titration System, making multiple sample titrations quick and easy
Hans Jensen Engineering
Stand No. 7B06
New designed Carton Freezer for different applications of Freezing and Cooling of food products in Cartons, Trays, Baskets etc.
Hastamat Verpackungstechnik GmbH
Stand No. 2G19
Hastamat-SCA - Packaging line for stackable chips. The perfect choice for gentle gravimetric dosing of stackable chips. The systems have numerous blocks with single lanes, separately driven weighing belts and wear free drives for levelling and filling of chips into cans/boxes or trays. Output: 1.100 kg chips/hour and 21.600 cans/hour.
Hawkeye Inspection System Machine Tech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7C11
Hawkeye Leak Inspector
Product model: L-5110
Installation position: between the filler and the labeling machine
Inspection object: soft and deformable packing container
Inspection module: leakage, no cap, liquid level
Defective processing modes: single-stage pneumatic automatic rejector
Maximum detection capability: 36000BPH
Heat and Control Pty Ltd
Stand No. 3N11
FastBack® Revolution® Proportional Gate

Deliver accurate proportional amounts of products downstream or to individual weigher/bagger stations to ensure points along the line are not waiting for product. The design eliminates product damage caused by slide gates as the cylindrical outlet rotates to divert a portion of the main product flow.
Hefei Zhongchen Light Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1D30
Pulp-Juice Filler Block adopts hot or ultra-clean filling technology etc. to ensure drinking safety;
Pulp-juice twice filling design;
Whole machine with sanitary bedplate;
Top cover equipped with HEPA filters or ventilation to guarantee clean filling environment.
HENKO (S) Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B41
Henko (S) Pte Ltd has been in the packaging industry for 30 years. We started offering manufacturing equipment for the metal packaging industries and over the years we have expanded our service to plastic and pharmaceutical industries offering high quality European QC equipment for plastic, composite and pharmaceutical packaging.
Hermasa Canning Technology / Tanamac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5E41
Tuna packing machine TUNIPACK®-300 with density control for a speed up to 300 cans/minute.
Heuft Systemtechnik GmbH
Stand No. 1C11
The HEUFT InLine II IXS sets new standards as the first empty container inspector of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation and the only system of its kind to combine proven detection procedures with pulsed X-ray technology! It makes the continuous all-around inspection easier and more precise than ever before!
Hi-Cook (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2K01
Compact fryer "DC" is a gas fryer conveyor system has a compact design to save area. The fryer is easy-to-use, and can also be used with multiple product types. Manufactured by HI-COOK (Thailand) Co., Ltd and maintain the quality standards typical of HI-COOK Japan.
HISAKA - Sterilizer (Better Pack Co., Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
Continuous spraying of water through spray nozzle, located at two corner of each load, gives very even chamber temperature during all stage of the process. The even chamber temperature minimize the FO-Value variations and over cooking. Exact temperature distribution provide the reliability needed for temperature sensitivity products.
Hitec Food Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3M21
HITEC VACUUM LINKWEL : High speed vacuum stuffer, equal length and weight, natural and artificial casing sausage, by integrating a vacuum stuffing and a high speed stuffer with one unit. With new type vane pump, it is accomplished to convey products without damage.
Stand No. 5C60
YuMi® is a collaborative, dual arm, small parts assembly robot solution that includes flexible hands, parts feeding systems, camera-based part location and state-of-the-art robot control. YuMi® will change the way we think about packaging automation. YuMi® is "you and me", working together to create endless possibilities.
Hoang Lam Company Ltd
Stand No. 7G25
Hoang Lam is a full range fabricator of stainless steel tanks, vessels, many other kinds of process equipment. Manufacturing to European quality, following ASME, we also use ASTM standards of excellence and testing. Ultimately delivering quality, whether it be one tank or a complete turnkey project, we have a solution.
Hoei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5F31
Hoei (Thailand) is a largest Tofu Tube manufacturer in Thailand. We also produce high-quality Co-Extrusion films upon request of customers and provide various machines, e.g. filling machine, pillow packaging machine, etc.
Hoermann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft
Stand No. 5D51
The Hörmann High-speed door HS 7030 PU has an elegant Micrograin surface finish with hot-galvanized, double-skinned steel sections providing excellent thermal insulation while the 26-mm-thick DURATEC double-glazing guarantees maximum scratch resistance. The door excels in fast opening speeds thanks to non-contact roll-up technology and includes a standard safety light grille.
Hope Win Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1F20
It provides intuitive screens and easy operations. The man-machine interface allows the user to know the precise status of the machine, so as to increase the efficiency and productivity. It can be used in counting and packaging of tablets, capsule, food and other industries.
HRS Heat Exchangers Sdn Bhd
Stand No. 6H33
HRS operates at the forefront of thermal technology, offering innovation heat transfer solutions for the food industry, with a focus on managing energy efficiently. We specialise in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of corrugated tube and scraped surface heat exchangers, turnkey systems, aseptic fillers and pistons pumps.
Hualian Machinery Group Wenzhou Import&Export Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4T39
DXDK-350 Volume Metering Autopacking Machine The system can finish automatically all processes, ie Feeding, measuring, filling and bag making, printing date, product output. The machine structure is compact, rational, stable performance, easy operate. The system is featured with fair price, stable performance. The opening and closing type metering device can be used according with material.
Hubei Xiangyuan New Material Technology Inc.
Stand No. 5J51
Physically cross-linked PE foam for package
  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Good cushioning & shock absorption
  3. High strength
  4. Easy processing: thermal forming, die cutting and so on
  5. Conductive or anti-static type is available
Stand No. 4T26
Our continuous Hydrolock sterilizers are dedicated to "in container" sterilization of milk, food, pet food, vegetables, beverages, ready to eat meals, soups and pharmaceutical products. We process all these products into large range, size and shape of packages like bottles (plastic and glass), glass jars, metalic cans, trays, pouches etc…
Hyojin Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6K01
Automatic rotary pouch filling & sealing machine
Hyunjin Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6F10
Hyunjin Co., Ltd. was established in 1979 and has become the biggest paper cups and food container manufacturer in Korea thought its own production technology for the high performance paper cup forming machinery. Also exports food containers and forming machines to U.S and Japan etc,.22 countries around the world currently.
I Mechanics Co., Ltd. / Charoen Muang Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5J01
Motors, Gear Motors, Gear Boxs, Blowers.
ILAB Fluid Control Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6D10
Accurate, automatic and direct control of your wastewater samples
  • User friendly
  • Large brilliant graphic display
  • Graphical representation of measured values
  • USB & SD Card interface
  • Mercury-free, environmentally-friendly
  • Remote control
  • User-selectable time span from 1 to 28 days
  • Free individual programming of each of the six samples
Illinois Instrument (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6C09
Introducing the new GS6000 packaging headspace analyzer

Offering reliable and accurate oxygen and carbon dioxide headspace measurement for modified atmosphere packaged product. Fulfiling industry demands, using the proven high performance technology of the successful 6000 range with its reputation for durability and ease of use. Non-depleting technologies at affordable price.
Imanpack Packaging & Eco Solutions S.p.A.
Stand No. 2H19
The Linx 8900 printer makes operation, reliability and efficiency easier than ever. So you can spend more time coding, and increasing output from your production line.
IML Containers Vietnam
Stand No. 6E16
Plastic packaging with In Mold Labeling technology.
Innovate Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5C01
Duplex Center Drive Slitter Rewinder
Model: HDF-306Y-1300
This slitter rewinder are designed to treat various plastic films which require fine finished with easy handing. It includes the product receiver to simplify the conveyance of the wound product.
Inora Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1F17
Heated and purified air flows into the column by suction fan, the pellet or powder will be in uniform fluid condition inside the column, use one set of filter bags to prevent leak of powder, discharge the evaporated water to get drying purpose.
Inspire Mach Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3M39
The SR-440 is a Thermoforming machine for vacuum packing, gas packaging and packaging sliced cured meats, seafood, poultry, agricultural products, pickled foods, vegetarian foods, bean stuffing, bread and bakery, prepared food, electronic and hardware parts, medical instruments, sterile disposable medical products medicines, and clothing.
Instrument Control Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 4Z01
"APS" Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine is emphasized of energy saving, keeping environment green, philosophy of reliability, Good Performance, Customization, Innovation, Professionalism, good team services, advance in Technology, professional of packaging and low cost of maintenance fee.
Inter White Mark Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5E21
We produce a customized labeling-machine under the name of "White Mark".
The company has experience in labeling-machine for over 15 years.
We work closely with our customers before design the machine.
So our Semi-automatic-machine is very flexible and compact.
While the Automatic-machine can be adapted to meet our customers' needs.
Intro Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6B12
Lloyd Instrument Universal Testing Machine are used to meter mind the physical and mechanical properties of raw material and component, as well as for product testing of finished goods.

Packaging The testing of packaging requires an extremely versatile materials testing system due to the varying requirements within industries
Ishida (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3R01
Ishida has expanded its range of x-ray inspection systems, those meet the compliance with global safety standards. These new range of the x-ray inspection systems combine rapid ROI with unbeatable sensitivity, inspection versatility and durable construction.
Italmec Siam Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6N27
DALMEC Industrial Manipulator:
"Partner Equo equipped with special gripping tools, is particularly suitable to manually handle, in a weightless condition, center and off-set loads in any direction. Thus enables the operator to work quickly, with precision and without fatigue, in excellent ergonomic and safety conditions.
IWK (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. 6M01
The FP 18-1 is the fastest single head tube filling machine currently available on the market
Izumi Food Machinery
Stand No. 7D12
Izumi Food Machinery has been dedicated to the development of the Japanese food industry to date, food, pharmaceutical and chemical etc. with our sanitary, pasteurizing and sterilizing technologies as well as system engineering technology which we have acquired through our long experience in these fields.
Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (JPMA)
Stand No. 3R26
Japan Pack 2017, the best stage for business matching and it provides for many business opportunities, will be held in October3-6. It is positioned as unmissable opportunity for big business talks and for solutions of various problems.
Jebsen & Jessen Technology (T) Ltd.
Stand No. 6A05

Premium efficiency pumps, motors and drives.
Jenq Yi Lan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1E26
This machine is useful to wrap BOPP film onto all kinds of size square box. Both Shrinkable and Non-Shrinkable BOPP are workable.
Stand No. 7B01
JEROS has more than 50 year's of experience and know-how in manufacturing of dish washers, utensil washer, crate washers, tunnel machines and tray cleaners for the food industry.

JEROS Utensil Washers guarantees safe hygiene, time saving and food safety.
Jiangsu Kaiyi Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1C47
Fruit and vegetable processing machine, fruit juice processing line, fruit paste production line, Cans fruit and vegetable processing line, fruit and vegetable snack food processing etc.
Jiangsu Zhongyin Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5E09
This is machine is used for filling 8000-16000BPH of the drinking water.
Jiangyin Film-Maker International Trade Co.,Ltd
Stand No. 6G17
We are manufacturer of PVC shrink film, pvc cling film and PVC stretch film and other plastic films. We are special in packing material with good quality which is widely used in all kinds of packaging industry.
Stand No. 7B02
Remove bad Odour from Industrial Exhausts with JIMCO FLO-K Technology
Very suitable in areas like:
  • Food processing plants
  • Sewage / Waste water plants
  • Grain and feedstuff factories
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical
  • Production units
  • Pumping stations
  • Rendering and
  • Destruction plants
  • Biogas plants
John Bean Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd.
Stand No. 4X32
JBT design, manufacture, test, service technologically systems and products for customers through our equipment and technologies. JBT markets its solutions, services to multi-nationals companies. The product offerings include: Secondary Processing Solutions; Protein Processing Solutions; Freezer Solutions; In-Container Processing Solutions; Fruit Processing Solutions; Juice Processing; Citrus Processing and Automatic Guided Vehicles
Jungheinrich Lift Truck Ltd.
Stand No. 6B01
Diesel and LPG forklifts with hydrodynamic drive (Torque Converter)

Jungheinrich drive axle and maintenance-free wet-disc brakes with electric parking brake

High visibility in all directions due to unique 'vision window' mast design

Truck design concept giving high productivity with low fuel consumption and high dynamic stability.
JWTech Company Limited
Stand No. 5F26
As an importer and distributor of electrical equipment industry. The service Electrical engineering control

"One Stop Service For Industrial Automation"

All Brand / Best Price / Full Stock / Fast Delivery /Easy Claim / Prompt Service.
Jyh Shuen Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1F15
Retort Pouch. Laminated Film (Bag). Flexible Packaging Materials
K & W Global Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Stand No. 2H21
K&W GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) is the authorized representative of the world's leading meat processing machineries, especially for sausages, pet food and meat processing products.

In PROPAK ASIA 2016, the new innovations as well as the latest technology will be distinctively presented.
K&S Company Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6C04
PASSON - High Shear Mixer for High Viscosity

Patented/Good for multi-step dispersion/One-Pass system/Cover full scales/Various impellers/Shortening process times/Cost Savings
Kaida Group Co.,Ltd. FJ
Stand No. 5J85
Kaida Group Co,. FJ a specialized flexible packaging manufacture.

Providing you the best packaging solution and multicolor laminated packaging bags & films.
Kamacho Scale Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6L24
Truck SCALE, Hopper SCALE, Constant Feed Weigher, Tank SCALE, Maintenance and total service.
Karlville Development
Stand No. 4U23
Karlville is a global company with 20 years in the market providing sustainable vertically integrated machinery solutions for Shrink Sleeves including Scheidegger high-speed tamper-evident, Pouches & Tape Multipacks with CEFMA handle & Pack.

New in Asia: the new Multipack Solution combining 3M Scotch® Multipack Clean Removable tape with CEFMA machinery.
Kaudy Incorporation (Asia) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7B15
Plate Heat Exchanger, Pump, Sanitary valve, Butterfly, Pipe-Fittings
Kawasaki Motors Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6K15
Dual-arm SCARA Robot
  • duAro" dual-arm robot, with its two coaxial arms controlled by a single controllerarms controlled by a single controller
  • Low-power motors and a deceleration function enable the duAro to coexist with people in work operations.
  • Teaching operations can be conveyed via tablet or teaching pendant.
KBA-Metronic GmbH
Stand No. 3Q29
alphaJET mondo: The most economical continuous inkjet
  • Lowest solvent consumption in the class of standard CIJ printer thanks to solvent recovery System
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Up to 5 line print (32 dots)
  • Up to speed of 385 m/min
  • Black and colored inks
KBF Inter Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6A35
We own more than 20 sets of preform weights and necks which can respond the various needs of each customer in term of packaging design with our advance techniques and know-how from years of experiences; we are convinced to deliver the best product quality.
Keed Pack
Stand No. 1F11

Box Motion 4-Axis Servo Motor Type Packing Machine (Featuring Smart Belt Design)
KHS Asia Pte Ltd. c/o KHS GmbH
Stand No. 1C01
The KHS Plasmax coating technology - branded FreshSafe PET® - combines the advantages of glass and PET in one bottle. This technology offers Product Protection and keeps Sensitive Beverages and Liquid Food fresh for longer period, significantly increases shelf-lives and ensures excellent taste and consistent vitamin content.
Stand No.
3Q23, 3Q25
KIEFEL - High speed thermoforming and German quality

For trays, lids, punnets and similar products Kiefel offers the KMD Speedformer series. Flexibility and efficiency will optimize your production. With the modular Kiefel system, this machine series can process various materials like PS, PP, PE, PVC, PET or PLA.
KM Grand Pack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3Q43
KM Grand Pack is manufacturer for WATERSPRAY OVERPRESSURE RETORT for sterilizing all kinds of packages including flexible and rigid containers such as pouches, plastic tray, plastic bottles, glass jars, etc.. System includes static or rotary types in pilot or production scale with optional host computer system.
KMT Waterjet
Stand No. 6M31
KMT Waterjet launches new pumps: STREAMLINE SL-VI 60,000psi/4,137bar Pumps are available in 30/40/50/100hp pressures and configurable built to your exact cutting specifications.

The KMT STREAMLINE PRO-III 90,000psi/6,200bar pumps are offered in 60hp & 125hp---the World's Fastest Waterjet! Parts are (dual head) cut in half the time of 60,000psi/100hp pumps.
Koad Co., Ltd.
Stand No. FY91
High speed door
Konnix International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1B53
KONNIX Polyurea Systems can be used to protect concrete and steel from chemical and chemical vapor related corrosion as well as mechanical related abuse. Our Spray Systems are 100% solids, quick gel set, polyurea spray elastomer coating systems which exhibit superior performance characteristics on most construction materials.
Krones (Thailand) Co., Ltd./ Krones AG
Stand No. 1F01
The Starmatic Cold-glue labellers attach a variety of labels to glass and plastic bottles, to jars and special-shaped containers. They attach body and shoulder labels, back and neck-around labels. Because of the wide range of decorations possible, the machine can realize all the requirements conceivable for labelling with cold glue.
KS Pack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7D28
Typical products being packaged with these units include Rice cake, Sandwiches, Pastries, Tortillas, Soaps, Parts, Stationary, Trays, Cookies, Chocolates, etc. Available with integrated hot-stamp printing coders and sturdy motorized conveyors.
Kunshan Qianwei Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 7C15
KUNSHAN QIANWEI MACHINERY & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is the manufacturer of the fruit production line, such as the coconut oil /water /milk processing line, tomato paste and Jam production line.. etc . Processing equipment, such as the aseptic filler, UHT sterilizer, falling film evaporator, vacuum concentrator.. etc .
Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Stand No. 6F11
EVAL is the registered trademark for the ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer resins manufactured and marketed by Kuraray since 1972. EVAL resins are characterized by their excellent process ability and outstanding barrier properties. These unique polymers are particularly suited for food, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural and industrial packaging and automotive applications.
Kurz (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. 7D21
KURZ is a worldwide leader in hot stamping, coating technology and provides complete solutions that include project consultancy plus machine and die technology. With 11 production sites in Europe, Asia and the USA, 24 international subsidiaries and a worldwide network of agencies and sales offices.
Labelcombi Co.
Stand No. 3S32
LABELCOMBI company had created a new label dispenser. Nowadays generally used the our label dispenser of many countries and maked a imitations by some countries. We are glad to exhibit on PROPACK.
Langen Group
Stand No. 1D37
World's leading stick in bag application. Langen Group's Flexcount™ system for sticks, integrated with UVA Packaging's LIMA-320 VFFS machine. Proven technology providing great flexibility in speed, counts and bag styles.
Langfang Sunrise Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5A35
Integrating technical research and development, product design, manufacturing, before and after-sales services, Langfang SUNRISE Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specialized in offering whole-line projects of beverage production lines.
Laz Step Ltd.
Stand No. 6B37
PET containers
PET food grade plastic containers and cans;

Cans Seamer Machine
All machines have been designed and manufactured in Thailand.
It is a small device, but high performance, high quality, and cheaper with over 10-year lifespan.
Linapack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 4T19
Linapack range of machines for stand up pouches is still expanding with new models and new features. This year Linapack presents its usual liquid filling stand-up pouches machine range but also packaging equipment for dry products such as powders and granular products. European design, manufacturing in Thailand.
Logistics Mart Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2H31
Design & Solution for Assembly Line, Test Line, Carry Line, Warehouse, Automation Systems

Hanel Rotomat industrial carousels Efficient storage, optimized access times, ergonomic materials handling
Luthi Machinery Company Inc.
Stand No. 4Y19
Luthi CRSP tuna filler is designed to automatically meter, form and fill pre-cooked tuna loins, chunks or flakes into cans. The machine is constructed of high quality stainless steel. Luthi CRSP machine provide precise fill weight control and maximum product yield.
Luyang Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1E26
Main products: Mini motor, AC motor, DC motor, Speed variable motor, Brake motor, Worm gear, carton sealer motors.
  • Output:6W~3700W
  • CE, UL certification
  • High quality
  • Low temperature rise
  • Low noise
  • Quality testing.
  • Made in Taiwan.
Apply to packing machine, cutting machine, food machine, conveyor, auto machine, carton sealer, etc.
M - Plus Tech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1A27a
Regina is a world leading developer and manufacturer of power transmission chains, Conveyor chains, belts and related components.

Mplustech is distributors Regina we are offers a vanguard and complete product of conveyor chains and belts, including:
  • Plastic and stainless steel flat conveyor chains
  • Modular plastic belt
  • Conveyor component
M.K.T. Magnetic Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6B10
We are selling the product about magnetic separator, metal detector and check weigher.

Our metal detector can test the foil packaging products.

Our product and service.
  1. Magnetic Separator
  2. Metal detector for foil packaging product
  3. Normal Metal detector
  4. Check Weigher
  5. Test Magnetic Gauss
M.N.T. Food Machine
Stand No. 7A01
We are a leading manufacturer of industrial food. Excellent quality Cheap exaggerated. Sincere service and straightforward.
Machconfill (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1A09
Automatic Rotary Filling And Capping Machines Model : 881
Discription of Machine :
  • Air Conveyor
  • Rinser C. Filler
  • Capper
  • Cap Sorter
  • Conveyor
  • Pneumatic System
  • Electric Control System
  • All Stainless Steel Machine Frame With 4 Doors Guaiding Full
Machine Point
Stand No. 1C44
MachinePoint Used Machinery is a leading company in the trade of used machinery for the plastic, packaging and beverage industries. With a team of over 50 people and a worldwide network of partners, and we control most of the machines for sale in the market.
Manto Foodtec Group Inc.
Stand No. 2L20
UKI is a more than 20 years company, we are professional in :

Bakery Equipments, Dough Processing Equipments and Packaging Machinery.

We offer you with No.1 quality import equipments and our continues after-service. We sincerely welcome your any inquiry for your any product processing needs.
Markem-Imaje Ltd.
Stand No. 5E19
Print and apply labeling

Print and apply systems are used to identify pallets in increasingly automated environments. The system can be easily integrated onto any production line. Outstanding printing quality and precise application result in excellent barcode reading in all distribution channels. This in turn improves inventory control and logistics flow.
Maselli Asia Pacific
Stand No. 1B21
Maselli consolidates its product range with the addition of the new UC07, using proven ATR infrared technology to measure CO2 levels. This solid state system is a no calibration and no maintenance solution for in-line CO2 analysis in all types of beer and beverage products.
Material World Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5J11
Liquid Bulk is the large, collapsible, economical high strength corrugated ber bin box which can be recycled and safe to environment. 1,000 liters of food and chemical products can be loaded without any special set up.
Mather & Platt (Asia) Ltd.
Stand No. 1E31

We Import high quality and reliable machinery for Food & Beverage Industry from specialist manufacturers.
Equipment supplied:-
  • Complete Lines or individual Machines
  • Washers, Filler-Capper-Labeler
  • Gift Pack, Shrink Wrap and Wrap-Around Case Packers
  • Preparation & Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
Max Value Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6C10
Motorized Test Stand w/PC Control ESM303
  • Force measurement to 300 lbF (1.5 kN)
  • Vertical orientation
  • 18" of travel
  • Full PC control available
  • Stop / cycle at force, travel, or limit switch
  • Overload protection
Mayekawa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6J01
The measure & image processing feature allows YIELDAS to adjust cutting to the correct specifications for each bird. The YIELDAS can debone the chicken by making precision cuts during each individual stage. The chicken's front haft is deboned into butterfly or fillets, tenders are removed, whole wings, and carcasses.
Mechanical & Food Process Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3P19
"Mech Food" is Leader Company in Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Service of Machine & Conveyor System for Food & Beverage Processing and other Industries in Thailand. With more than 21 years we have been developing our technology and productivity.
Mechatronics Designed Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6B33
MET-TCC-4R-SFB is the flexible inline torque control capping machine which widely ordered by almost customers, easy to install to the old conveyor of production line, more flexible to move and support various sizes of cap and bottle shape with simple setup.
Megadyne S.p.A.
Stand No. 6F25
The Megadyne Group develops and manufactures power transmission belts, matched components and complete belt systems for any kind of machines.
Mespack S.L.
Stand No. 2L37
Flexible, reliable and efficient packaging equipment for food, cosmetics, homecare and pharmaceutical industries.
Mettler-Toledo (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. 2K19
Profile Advantage 9000 System
Compact integrated conveyor Space saving conveyor solution with Profile Advantage metal detector head for in-process and end-of-line inspection of a wide variety of food products.

Maximum Sensitivity and Performance
Multi-Simultaneous Frequency & Product Signal Suppression technology deliver the ultimate detection sensitivity with zero false rejects. Hygienic design
MH Multipack Sdn Bhd
Stand No. 1E45
A fully automatic twins liquid filler and capper machine with mechanical speed up to 120bpm. Suitable to fill pharmaceuticals liquid eg: filing syrup/ suspension.
Mighty International Co.,Ltd. / Maharaj Food Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2H44
Flavour booster (heat lover) for;
  1. Meat products
  2. Snack products
  3. Bakery products
  4. Potato chips
Mikasa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6B24
New Ton Cap is one of our best products which is perfect for squeezing seasoning bottle. With our New Ton, it keeps your product clean and make it easy to pour.
Minox Valves & Fittings Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1F39
MINOX is now one of the brand leaders in South-East Asia and a preferred supplier of food and pharmaceutical grade stainless-steel valves, fittings and tubes to many of the world's leading beverage manufacturers and engineering companies who required a high standard of hygiene, product integrity and purity.
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
Stand No. 6E25
DIAMIRON is non-oriented multi-layer film made of various polymers, and which takes advantage of their characteristics and functions. It has been widely used in the food and medical industries, especially for deep-drawing packaging.
Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific Ltd.
Stand No. 6E11
The Mitsui Chemicals Group offers "One Stop Solutions" for packaging by providing not only various types of packaging materials including resin, resin modifier, adhesive and films, but also technical support based on our global linked knowledge and experience. You can leave everything about packaging to us.
Mosca Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B40
Mosca GmbH is a system supplier, developer and producer of high-quality strapping machines, strapping materials and safety systems for securing newspaper bundles. Mosca's international distribution, service and consulting network enables global service for customers. Further information can be found at www.mosca.com
MSE (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. 7H11
The Sollas SE40 was designed to be a high quality overwrapper at a limited investment offering the opportunity to purchase an original Sollas machine without compromising on quality, flexibility and reliability. The Sollas SE40 focuses on a number of key industries. More particular, perfumes/cosmetics, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, tea/coffee, confectionery and foods.
MT Food Systems Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3M11
Grasselli NSAXC 600
  • Full 2 dimensional slicer capable of producing either uniform or random (hand cut effect) strips & cubes.
  • In combination with the Grasselli KSL horizontal slicer the line gives fully controllable 3 dimensional slicing
  • 610 mm or 1000 mm. usable cut width.
Multivac Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4X21
The MULTIVAC R 145 Thermoforming Packaging Machine has combined the innovative MULTIVAC Clean Design with groundbreaking machine control technology to ensure reliable and reproducible packing results. The MULTIVAC R 145 leads the field, specifically in respect to packaging quality, process reliability and cleanroom suitability.
Mungmun Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6N05
The packaging machine for stick type model TJM-SL4.
  • Application: Stick type "center seal" 4 lanes
  • Pack size: Width 15-40 mm., Length 70-170 mm.
  • Packing Speed 120-160 Pack/Minute ( 4 lines )
  • Packing Volume 15-30 G. / Pouch
  • Product 3 IN 1 Coffee, Sugar etc.
  • Dimension 1,415 mmw. x 1,445 mml. x 3,065 mmh.
N.R. Rama Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2J31
Focusing on manufacturing pharmaceutical machinery and diversified to punch die and cutting tools. We have been developed into packaging in PET, aluminum collapsible tubes and flexible packaging to commit in one-stop services. With OEM for food and supplement; we consult the formulation, registration and quality products to our clients.
Nandee-Strapac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3M31
F344 is an automatic case erector designed to fold and at a later stage to seal with adhesive tape the bottom of boxes. The machine runs at a variable output up to 1100 boxes/hour according to box dimensions. Machine adjustments are simple and fast.
NAOMOTO - Super Heated Steam Oven (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
This super heated steam oven can help food products to retain moisture while passed through the process. Product will be crispy but but juicy. It's also retain flavor, nutritional value and provide higher yield comparing to other ovens.
Navitas Vision Solution Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6D27
"NaviLab-Lite" is the most compact print quality inspection system for roll label. A high speed line sensor camera with high precision automatically detects fine defects such as foreign objects, missing characters, protrusions, blurs, scratches, pinholes, and so on.
ND Electric Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. FY38
"Pilz Thailand" complete automation technology supplier operating internationally. We supply components, systems and services for safe automation.
Newlong Industrial Group Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6L11
Newlong Industrial Company, Limited (NLI)We have developed packaging systems for many applications. We manufacture a variety of bag making machinery, automatic open-mouth bagging lines, and are one of the world's most respected industrial sewing head brands.
Newton Food Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3Q40
Mainly apply for human consumption such as freeze drinks, mixing wines, cooling food stuffs and also used for chemical cooling food processing, fisheries, poultry-processing, meat plants.
Nikka Densok Limited
Stand No. 3R19
Metal detector, Checkweigher & Pinhole inspector.
Nippon Bacterial Test Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6C03
"Air BACcT" is a portable laboratory for microbial testing.

"Air BACcT" will play an active role for food Hygiene in various places and situations around the world.

"Air BACcT" provides all the laboratory equipment for on-site microbial testing. Everything is compact enough to fit comfortably in one case.
Nippon Polystar Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3R22
Model: PROTO-C700B
Horizontal normal flow wrapping machine
  • Excellent hygiene and maintenance performance
  • Compact, but high-performance BOX-motion type
  • Easy operation and Stores 100kinds of item data
  • PAMS (OPTION): System automatically calculates optical bag length according to each item and then seals and cuts them
  • PACS (OPTION): Polystar Automatic Cut-through System
Nishimura Powder Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 7C41
Super Powder Mill: Rice milling Machine
Suitable to make rice breads.
High quality powder.
Milling by high speed air.
Lower starch damage (3-5%)

KOWA Sifter : Vibratory sieve machines
The world largest capacity at 25 t/hr.
Highest level of vibration acceleration Horizontal 16 G, vertical 6 G.
Noise level low.
Nitto Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6C25
Retort pouch manufactured only Japanese materials and in Japan. High quality, safety and security to use.
NSL Technology Resources (S) Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B47
Dycem's polymeric flooring has been scientifically proven to be the most effective, long lasting and high performance method of minimizing foot, wheel and air borne contamination. All Dycem products incorporate BIOMASTER TM protection.

Dycem is internationally recognized under the ISO 9001:2000 Standard.
Ntek Plas Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3S39
NTEK PLAS is specialized in completed drinking solution including Blow Molding Machine, Sleeve labeling Machine, Shrink Film Wrapper. We also provide packaging services such as preform, closure, and labeling film including shrink film PVC, PET, OPP. Our solution is quality-based, reasonable price, and cost effective which will enhance your competitiveness.
Stand No. 3S38
Automatic pouch rotary fill-seal machine - preformed pouch loading/pouch open/ product fill/ pouch seal and discharge process machine. Easy pouch size changable in 5minutes. Full automatic touch screen and easy maintenance.
OCME S.r.l.
Stand No. 1B37
Based in Parma from 62 years, OCME is known worldwide as one of the most trusted leaders and innovators in the field of integrated packaging, filling and handling solutions. OCME manufactures primary and secondary packaging machines including fillers, end-of-line and logistic machines for the Beverages, Food, Petro-chemical and Tissue sectors.
Official Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6D02
FLEXLAB is the Professional Laboratory Fume Hood manufacture different models to meet your requirement for environment safe and health safety functions. Fume Hood series : Chemical Fume Hood/Fume Scrubber/Per chloric Acid Hood/Walk in Hood and special design Fume Hood. Fume Hood are compliance standard BS EN 14175 and Ashrae 110
Oiltek & Associates Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2L39

Application features: contactless operation, can run dry, virtually pulsation free, gentle axial conveyance of shear sensitive products, low abrasion - top wear resistance, self-priming, high suction lift, high performance for viscous media, for CIP/SIP operation at high speeds, no dead end top hygienic design according to 3A/EHEDG
Omori (Thailand) Co., Ltd. / Omori Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3R11
Horizontal form-fill-seal machine model S-5000X-BIF / Belt infeed system ideal for soft or delicate products. Compact Horizontal form-fill-seal machine model CS-3000A / lug chain infeed system. Compact Horizontal form-fill-seal machine model Pa-2000N-BX / Lug chain infeed system. Compact Tray wrapper model STC-N1 / Belt infeed system.
Orbital Technik Sdn Bhd
Stand No. FY09
Compact power supplies for mechanized TIG orbital welding with a currently unique operating concept (MMS) and a whole series of other special technical features. In connection with an orbital weld head from ORBITALUM TOOLS you now have a highly innovative and economical welding system.
Oriental Commerce Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6K01
Cloth tape with Cloth coated with PE and Natural Rubber Adhesive. General purpose and Masking purpose.
Oryx Automation
Stand No. 4U31
Designed to accommodate a wide range of pack styles and case configurations for any industry, a sophisticated drive mechanism enables production rates of up to 25 cases per minute and quick, repeatable changeovers.

The WAP10-25 Case Packer range will give you clean and accurately squared cases, every time.
Oskon Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6B11
A quality monitoring system that uses one instrument platform to collect, analyze, and report data from multiple quality indicators. Using new state-of-the-art technology and patented designs, the EnSURE system is a simple-to-use, flexible, and accurate quality monitoring system
OSP (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5F43
If you place an order with us, the design fee will be free of charge
Owner Foods Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3N37
High performance, excellent design and easy operate with smart price.
P & S Steel Work Service Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4X46
Design and produce machines in food processing line.
Pacific Intertech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2G11
Pacific Intertech Co., Ltd. is an engineering company. We provide the technology know-how which have highest global experience and local line of Bulk Materials Handling System for Foods, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Petrochemical, Engineering support included system design, fabrication silo & hopper, installation, commissioning & start-up and after sales services to ensure you with the fast response.
Pack Leader Machinery Inc.
Stand No. 5J21
High Quality Packing Machines Proudly Made In Taiwan By Pack Leader:
  • Filling
  • Capping
  • Sealing
  • Labeling
  • Sleeve Labeling
Excellent Performance!!!
Your Best Choice!!!
Packers Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3S23
Punching machine and related equipments for Lids, Labels, IMLs, Paper cups, Ice cream cone sleeves and etc.
PACKWAY - Carton Tape Sealing and Strapping machine (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
The Carton sealing machine model PW-553S provides durable performance, designed to seal cartons easier and perfectly by 2 side belts driven, simply adjustment for box sizes For more tighten up the box. The Carton strapping machines are able to strap at high tension.
Pal Tech (Asia) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6D37
Pal Tech (ASIA) Co., Ltd. is a Thailand-based wholesaler of high quality packaging materials such as FIBC Jumbo Bag (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), Fiber Drum & Paper Core, Carrier Tape, Laminated Products & Cloth.
Palawatr Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5F29
  • Conceived to Palletize Boxes & Packs
  • Perform High Precision Movements
  • Machine Adapts Perfectly to Each Customer's Needs
Pascal Intertech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4U19
Pascal Intertech Co., Ltd. is one of the leading food packaging company. We provide various kind of packaging machines. With an expertise in vacuum packaging machine, our products are widely used in food industry. Equipment is high condition to guarantee the customers' satisfaction.
Patkol PLC.
Stand No. 5D01
Kleen Crate are designed for any sizes of crate and can be adjusted for different crates height. The machines are built with stainless steels.
Patkol Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5D11
SANIFLOW's centrifugal pumps designed with maximum operating benefits:
  • Suitable for wide variety of food, beverage and pharmaceutical
  • High pressure capability
  • Reliable and heavy duty design
  • High performance with minimal vibration
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy and cost effective maintenance
Paul & Co (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. 5A09
Paul & Co Asia is a German-Thai joint venture manufacturing high quality Paper Cores and Edge Protectors in Indonesia and Thailand. As a global leader in this field, we produce Paper Cores for the paper, plastic film, film converting and non-woven industries.
Stand No. 1A44
Maxi P-26 ringpull cap, Aluminium closure for bottles, guaratees maximum airtightness and excellent beverage preservation like traditional crowncorks and it has the added value of being easy to open without the use of any opener. Maxi P-26 can be customized with internal and external offset printing, available for promo
Pemara Labels (M) Sdn Bhd
Stand No. 5D14
Pemara's Fix-a-Form leaflet labels provide the ideal on-pack solution for manufacturers looking to add extra user-information to a product or container. Adaptable to suit virtually any product or container, leaflet labels are used on a wide variety of products including those for the pharmaceutical, informational, consumer and FMCG industries.
Penglai Jinfu Stainless Steel Products Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1A19
The range of products are as follows:
1.0-2.0L beer bottles, 5L-50L beer kegs, 4.5gal/9gal/18gal casks, 100L-205L beer barrels, 280L wine barrel.
Pentair Water Asia Pacific
Stand No. 5B39
  • Capacities from 300 hl/h to 900 hl/h
  • 20% Lower Operational Expenses
  • Low Water Consumption
  • Low Chemical Consumption
  • 20% Lower Capex through Reuse of Tanks and Periphery
Perfect Engineering & Consultant Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1D40
NOXPA Pump, Valve Fittings
Distributor, design & installation
For Foods, beverage, pharma industries.
pester pac automation GmbH
Stand No. 6M41
pester pac automation Germany is one of the world's leaders providing intelligent technology for your end-of-line packaging! We offer top performance, high quality and small footprint solutions for film wrapping, case packing and palletizing machinery. Experience live our world class stretch wrapping solution. Visit us in hall 106 6M41.
PFM Packaging Machinery S.p.A.
Stand No. 6J01
Totally electronic horizontal wrapper for medium speed designed with cantilevered main frame and vertical plate with complete separation product/drive elements to run on multi-shift operations. The wrapper is complete with a series of loaders for the automatic feeding of bakery and chocolate products
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supply Limited (PMS)
Stand No. 4Z35
PMS is a leading processing machinery manufacturer for Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetic, Personal Care and Chemical industry. We offer complete solution from Design, Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning, Validation, Training and After-Sales Service. With over 36 years of experience and quality-focus, our products are widely accepted in over 40 countries worldwide.
Pilz South East Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B42
The PNOZmulti configurable small control systems bridge the gap between classic safety relays and large programmable control systems.

Able to connect to industrial networks, it is modular and expandable to assume complete machine control on smaller machines. It allows for an independent safety architecture from the higher level control system.
Pisko Engineering
Stand No. 3S37
Full Servo Driven PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine with Max.1800BPH per Cavity
Plaloc Asia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. / Idemitsu
Stand No. 6A33
PLALOC TM, a Zipper Tape with excellent economic efficiency, functionality and convenience that meets the needs of today. You can efficiently use the contents after initial opening without any waste. PLALOC TM provides advanced for your flexible packaging, such as easy production of the pouch, smooth filling and easy opening.
Plantek Silmet (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5F21
Vffs machines, through product handling up to turn-key packaging and processing lines. Whether you are looking for a standard single machine or a customized solution, Viking Masek offers packaging equipment tailored to your requirements. VikingMašek. Future of packaging.
Stand No. 4T25
PACK EXPO International focuses on the latest developments in packaging machinery, processing machinery, converting machinery, materials, packages and containers, and components. The most prominent companies in the industry will be exhibiting and making product introductions at the show.
Premier Tech Chronos Ltd.
Stand No. 4X39
OML-1140 R, High-Speed Open-Mouth Bagging Machine is a unique, advanced, fast and versatile bagging equipment. This high-speed system, designed for bagging powdered or granular materials into open-mouth bags, has no equivalent on the market.
Primary Engineering (Thailand) Ltd. / TOMRA Sorting NV
Stand No. 3N43
TOMRA Sorting Food is the preferred supplier of sorting, peeling and process analytics solutions for a wide range of applications such as vegetables, (dried) fruit, potatoes, lettuce, nuts, seeds, meat and seafood.

TOMRA Sorting offers an integrated approach to maximize yield, optimize production flow and support consistent high-quality output
Primus Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2J51
Tubular heating elements perform exceptional heat transfer by conduction, convection or radiation to heat liquids, air, gases and surfaces. In most heater assemblies, tubular element design configurations vary-round, triangular, flat press and formed. Bends are made to customer requirements Custom.

  • Plastic Injection Device
  • Boiller
  • Fuel Oil Boiller Tank
  • Oil Delivery Pipe
Processing&Packaging - The High-Tech Italian Way
Stand No. 6H10
Primary and Secondary packaging machines palletizing and depalletizing machines, filling and capping machines, processing machines
Stand No. 2L31
PRODEC's range offers a great variety of secondary packaging equipment, such as Top, Side and Bottom loading casepacker, Robotic loading casepacker in RSC and wraparound systems. In turn, we have Gantry and Robotic palletizers, Top and Side loading cartoners, as well as complete end of line solutions and Turn-key projects
Produce Label & Ribbon Co.,Ltd./ Autonics Japan
Stand No. 5F14
  • Barcode Label and Ribbon
  • Print & Apply Applicator
Professional Service United Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1A11a
We Manufacture and Supply the Packaging Machineries, We also provide Design and Manufacturing for Eor End of line Packaging, "Turnkey solution".
Project Partner Co.,Ltd. / Ruwac Asia Ltd.
Stand No. 7J05
Ruwac Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Solution: Removal of difficult Dust and continuous Duty for all applications and all environments. Certified Quality made in Germany integrated with the intelligent Ruwac Modular System where almost all the components are interchangable. Whatever your Requiremnt is, we have the Solution!
Promark Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5H03
Promark is the distributor of VIDEOJET-MARSH Label printers, Auto press sensitive Labeler for bottles and cylindrical products, Case Sealing machine, Bag sealer, Coding - marking : Hot foil printer & ribbon foil, Hot roll printer & ink roll, Auto - Stamp, Stamp & Ink.
Q II S Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5D21
Kortho Graphicjet X-series is Kortho's answer to the market's demand of being able to fullfill every Hi-Res inkjet need with one single machine.
Qingdao Huahongxing Plastics Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6G21
Laminated material bags are various used in every field. Like Householding, Industrial, Agriculture etc., These are used for packaging biscute, pet food, coffee, soup, seeds, machine parts etc. Strong enough, Food grade, Dampproof etc.
Quality Sealed Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6L25
Quality Sealed
Company of Packaging: Total solution for Food and meat packaging
  • Water Quench Coextruded Multi-layer Thermoforming Film and Vacuum pouch.
  • Pasteurize thermoforming film
  • Easy peel functional
  • Skin packaging
  • Shrink bag
  • Zipper application
Rano Tech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4R49
One of the most successful and biggest manufacturer of Evaporative Condenser and closed circuit cooling tower, WXR, is proudly present products and ready for superb services and spare parts in Thailand.
RDM Test Equipment Ltd
Stand No. 4V17
RDM Test Equipment Ltd are a British manufacturer of physical testing equipment, used to test flexible plastic films and packaging materials. Tests include Heat Sealability, Hot Tack, Friction/Slip, Seal Strength, and Tensile Strength. We are seeking new sales distribution partners in various countries.
Reco Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6A23
Aircell is a shock absorbing packaging material for fragile items.

It perfectly protects goods from external shocks and internal vibration.

If one of the chambers becomes damaged, the other chambers can still protect the goods safely.
Rep Floor Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. FY18
Crystalfloor (polished concrete) : transform the ordinary concrete to be the elegance concrete floor with durable, cost effective, low maintenance cost and nature gloss finished.
Repassa Singapore Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B31
The BABY series decanter centrifuges provide solutions to all technological problems of solid-liquid and solid-liquid-liquid separation and can be installed in a great variety of application areas, such as:

  • Environmental processes
  • Chemical processes
  • Recycling
  • Oleo-chemistry
  • Mineral- fuel and lube oils processes
  • Animal-based products
  • Food and beverage production
  • Milk and dairy
REX (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2H43
REX : RVF436

The RVF436, vacuum stuffer machine is as suitable for the medium-sized meat-processing operations (Sausage, Porting & Filling Product)
Rhima Australia
Stand No. 5C51
The Rhima tray and pan washer is the only machine that washes baking trays bottom side down in a continuous motion. All machines are custom built and can be fully automated or manually loaded. Ideal for immediate reuse of trays and pans in production facilities.
Riverplus Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1A25a
In-Sight 2000 Series: Features at-a-glance
  • Affordable vision sensor powered by In-Sight Explorer software and EasyBuilder
  • Simple for both new and existing users to address automated inspection requirements
  • Proven, reliable Cognex In-Sight vision tools
  • Same In-Sight Explorer interface used in advanced In-Sight vision systems
  • Field changeable integrated optics and light
Romer Labs Singapore Pte Ltd.
Stand No. 6B13
A fully automated lateral flow device reader, RapidVision™ offers time controlled strip development for the analysis of up to 64 samples at one time. Faster analysis than real time PCR and other automated platforms, RapidVision™ assures an accurate and objective result interpretation.
Ronchi Mario S.p.A.
Stand No. 6G01
FILLING CAPPING MONOBLOCK mod. EXACTA/R 12/6: 12 filling stations equipped with mag flowmeters with integrated batch; 6 servo-assisted capping heads equipped with e-cam, suitable to handle pumps and caps. New closed loop C.I.P. system for the most efficient washing process. Reduced set-up times in case of product and cap/bottle change-over.
Rotacut - Vegetable Slicer (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
The keen edge cuts vegetables without crushing the fibers. Various types of cutter plates : round- slice, tablet-slice, slant-slice, thread-slice, grind. Cutting vegetables into various shapes : ring, cube, pared stripe, diagonal cut, thin strip, grated. Capacity 400-3,000 kg/hr.
Ruampat Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3R45
We are fast grown company who support our customers with the best solution in meat processing and packaging area. With world leading equipment together with best service we have been trusted to be helping hands for almost 30 years and will continue growing side by side with our beloved customer.
S.V. Machinery Limited Partnership
Stand No. 7A31
This is slitter machine for economy type But Maximum speed is 300m./min and can slit with various material whether it be BOPP, CPP, LDPE, PET, NYLON, LAMINATED FILM even ALUMINIUM FOIL 7 MICRON. Our experience is almost 40 years in this field. So you can confident and trust our service is the best.
Sacmi Imola S.C.
Stand No. 1A21
CCM Continuous compression moulding hydraulic press for the production of plastic caps. The manufacturing process lies in extruding the granulated compound (i.e. HDPE, PP), cutting it into single pellets, inserting it into the cavities, and finally moulding the cap according to a defined profile.
Sacmi Labelling-Verona S.p.A.
Stand No. 1A21
The Kube labeling machine is suitable for different fields: wine, food, pharmaceutical and detergents in general. The machines are suitable for packaging lines from 1,000 to 25,000 containers/hour with the application of adhesive labels, cold glue, hot melt glue or mixed.
Saehan Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3S21
Saehan will take the initiative in producing the highest quality products that meet customer needs based on its advanced technology and rich experience that are founded on its product expertise and professional manpower.
Saffron Media Pvt Ltd.
Stand No. -
Saffron Media Pvt. Ltd. is an independent media company headquartered in Mumbai, INDIA. Focused primarily on print and online communications, our mission is to disseminate business critical information to professionals in the life sciences (pharmaceuticals and healthcare), food & beverage and hospitality sectors across South Asia.
Samwoo Automation Inc.
Stand No. 3S11

Samwoo Automation specializes in providing complete packaging solution for end-of-line automation.

Our inverse seal multipack wrapping machine, Wrapp 4, houses main standard features as below:

  • Box motion inverse seal
  • Four servo driven system
  • Automatic splicing
  • Adjustable forming box
  • Discharge belt
Sanko Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 4U11
Automatic powder and granules packaging machine a wide variety of models make it possible to adapt to various packaging forms. The production efficiency is extremely high.
Sanna Sertrade Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5J61
Put the right amount of adhesive exactly where you want it.Fast setup, easy programming, pattern storage.Save money convert a solid bead to a stitched bead with the push of a button. Highly intuitive color LCD interface easy to learn-easy to use. Onscreen pattern preview eliminates guesswork.Store patterns for future use.
Sap Inter Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5A01
Shihlin SDH Series

Excellent features Real time auto tuning, user friendly. High-resolution (High-resolution encoder 22 Bit 4,194,304 pulse/rev). Built-in simple PLC function (Single-axis control mode) 64 Section program. Compact Size 20% smaller than SMA Series (Example 200W)
Stand No. 7B07

The S.06-401 from ScanBelt is the smallest pitch in the market and therefore able to obtain very small transfers. It is an open belt with a small surface and the ideal choice for light transportation. The belt is without rods and is consequently very easy to clean.
Schenck Process Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Stand No. 4X20
Precisely handled bulk materials are critical to the manufacture of chemicals, food, pet food and plastics. Our Systems are specially designed for this complex task. Whether you need a gravimetric feeder, weighbelt, dilute or dense phase conveying system, We have the right solution to meet your specific needs.
Scientific Promotion Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6C01
The High Energy Ball Mill Emax is new type of mill for high energy input. The unique combination of friction and impact results in extremely fine particles.

  • Speed of 2000 min-1
  • Water cooling
  • Temperature-controlled grinding
  • Touch screen operation
  • Nano grinding
  • Size reduction
  • Homogenizing
  • Mechanical alloying
  • Colloidal milling
Selic Corp Company Limited
Stand No. 5D29

VegameltPlus, our best hot melt offering, for all your packaging needs. Guaranteed initial high bonding strength, durability, versatility and better environmental care.
SELIC - the innovative producer of quality hot melt adhesives for packaging and labeling.

Senta Pack Machinery & Service Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2K01
Model TVP-E4 Pouch Fill Vacuum/Sealer. The modified world pioneer 2 rotary type automatic Vacuum Packaging machine. The surface material and structure is made washable. The electric cabinet being mounted over the machine for safety and maintenance reasons. Possible to change the pouch size liquid filling amount without any tools.
Stand No. 4U29
Serac, over 40 years' experience in filling has pursue diversification by developing an innovative vertical tubular thermoforming technology for PP/PS bottle production using reels of plastic sheet. An award winning technology with operating capacity up to 20,000bph, easy and simple to operate, cost-effective and compatible with multilayer to pre-printed material.
Shandong SMA Pharmatech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5F49
Z Series capsule filling machine and S Series tablet press machine are very popular models in pharmaceutical industry. Z Series capsule filling machine is specially designed for hard gelatin capsule drug filling available with different models and S250C turret interchangable type tablet press machine is upgraded from S250.
Shanghai Beyond Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1A45a
This full-auto tubular sterilizer is suitable for sterilizing liquid food products, like juice, tea drinks, cereal beverage, dairy, herbal drinks and energy drinks etc. through the process of heating, temperature remaining, heat recovery and cooling etc.

It is equipped with CIP and SIP function; and also meet GMP standard;
Shanghai Changlong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4T33
Tubular full automatic UHT sterilizer: Technology: 30~70°C → 140°C (4s, 10s, 15s) → 85~92°C → (40°C) return flow Cooling water 1: 2≤30°C (spare) 500-30000/H.
Shanghai Oregenpak Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7D25
Lab UHT is designed for Universities and R&D organization to do production trial and product simulation. All data can be recorded automatically such as flow rate, temperature, pressure and conductivity etc..
Shanghai Rocky Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6K49
EVA based Hot Melt Adhesive for Book binding, Carton closing and Straw attachment
Shanghai Rottweil Hanyware Printing Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7A37
Rottweil I-jet inkjet printer.
Shanghai Shousong Package Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5E01
This sleeve labeling machine has delicate & beautiful design, Widely applied for juice, tea beverage, dairy products, purified water, seasoning products, beer, cosmetics as well as kinds of industries sleeve shrinking.
ShangHai Stable Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5D38
  • High capacity
  • Vacuum feed
  • Automatic deareation
  • High solid content mixing
  • Wide application range
  • Custom-made function
Shanghai UPG International Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1F21
WGZ stuffing-and-tying-combined machine can produce sausage of the same length and weight, It is a unique technique in China even in the world.

As stuffing and tying are combined in the machine, you don't need any worker placing sausages in between. Only one worker is needed in the whole process - from filling the sausage to hanging them.
Shantou Chenghai Baofeng Machinery Factory
Stand No. 1C21
BF122/72 automatic high-speed vacuum blister forming machine is widely used in food, toys, medicine and health care, hardware, cosmetics, household items, all kinds of electrical and electronic products such as packaging.
Shantou Dachuan Machines Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5D31
Multi Lane Automatic Unique Shape Machine for viscous and liquid.
Shantou Far East Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6F15
High Speed Extrusion Lamination Line is designed for double-side paper lamination. It adopts PE, PP, PET, EVA raw material, co-extruding and laminating with paper and aluminum foil. It's suitable for food packaging materials like cupstock, liquid aseptic packaging paper, instant noodles bowl paper etc.. Lamination speed can reach 350m/min.
Shantou Jinlei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6F24
We offer professional plastic suction nozzle cap customization services, product range, with nozzle diameter 2 mm - 40 mm and a variety of specifications, with the soft packing bag heat sealing, widely used for containing various liquid and powder products.
Shantou Linghai Plastic Packing Factory
Stand No. 6F23
Full speed thermoforming machine
Shantou Mengxing Package Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1C22
Mechanical, Pneumatic and Electrical Combination. All working action is controlled by PLC. Touch screen input, easy and convenient. Three Working Positio: Forming/Cutting/Stacking. Pressure/Negative Forming assist with plug. Servo Motor Feeding, Feeding length stepless adjust, high speed and accurate.
Shantou S.E.Z. China National Package and Food Machinery United Co.
Stand No. 5D35
  • Controlled by PLC and using Touch-screen.
  • Servo motor used in Sheet-feeding Device and Pulling Device.
  • Used in high level production line.
  • Low pollution and wide range use for the manufacturer.
Shantou Xinhua Packing Machinery Co., Ltd
Stand No. 1C27
Shanxi Tiangang Sino-Scienc Technological Development Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5J53
UHMWPE sheets, rods, pipes, multihole films, idlers, conveyor, chain guides, wear strips, seal ring, special profiles and customized product.
Shaoxing Huangguan Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1A33a
Hydraulic plastic cap compression molding machine. The compression molding is already a well known technology worldwide; many of the caps for soft drinks are produced through compression. This machine is 16 Cavity.
Shenzhen Dannice Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5F50
Industrial chiller, structure compact, operation smooth, safety and energy saving. Featured internationally renowned brand accessories, we are engaged in produce refrigerant equipments for over a decade.
Shenzhen SDW Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5J87
Top & bottom belts driven Carton Sealer, equipped with imported electric control components, sealing top and bottom at the same time;

Ideally suited for high and heavy boxes used;

Manually adjust the height and the width for sealing different sizes of cartons.
Shikoku Kakoki Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3R39
ULA series is aseptic and flexible cup filler with the capability to operate aseptic processing.
SHINKO - Auto Powder & Liquid Filling machine (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
Bag sealing types of 3 side seal, center seal, 4 side seal, pillow bag, double bag and pyramid pouch. Measuring units: volumatic cup for granule, auger screw for powder products, piston pump for paste of liquid. Products: instant drinks, chili oil, powdered chili, shampoo, medicine.
Siad Macchine Impianti S.p.A.
Stand No. 1B38
VITO is an innovative range of PET compressors, specifically designed to meet the requirements of SIAD Macchine Impianti's clients, who request above all: energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, maximum reliability and a design which satisfies the need for ergonomic practicality in both maintenance and operation.
Siam Foods Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3P37
The DIVIDER 660+ offers multiple application options. The machine has the capacity to work within production lines. Different combinations are possible, from a starter without any mechanical conversion work. The slicer has a touch screen with intuitive menus.
Siam Golden Sales and Service Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 4U01
Product Name: ZX-20T Carton Packer

Description: Tray packer is designed to handle a variety of products in many configurations.

The tray case packer can be configured with an optional wrap around configuration.

Sourcing and integration of other equipment such as conveyance, shrink systems, and palletizing is one of young sun's core competencies.
Siam Intermagnate Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6B25
Perforated Tray / Food Container, 1/1
Size : L530 x W320 x H65 mm.
Code : 0801P
Siam International Products Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. FY26
Plate heat exchanger type sanitary for food and dairy, pasteurization.
Siam Scales & System Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5G39
High Speed Packing Scales for Fertilizer, Rice, Sugar & Granular Product. Output speed 720-840 bag/Hr.

Siam Scales & System Co., Ltd. support all of weighing System etc (Fertilizer Batching, Metal Detector, Checkweight, Robot Palletizer, Automatic weighing process Control, Liquid Batching & Filling system)
Siamwells Engineering Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5H13
  • Over 50 years of industry innovation and market leadership in blow-off and drying systems
  • To meet specific application needs while maximizing energy efficiency and lowering operating costs
  • Systems are guaranteed to perform to customer specifications
  • Clean-room application requirements
Sidel South Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1D01
Our purpose is to help brands protect the product inside, preserve the planet outside and touch the lives of millions of people every day. We do so by offering complete and modular PET packaging solutions, including people, services and equipment. Find out more at www.sidel.com and connect with us.
Siemens Ltd. Thailand
Stand No. 6K11
Siemens provides the greatest flexibility and productivity for all packaging automation, the Main highlight is the completely new product range targeting the low cost machine market. Siemens can now offer a complete solution, from a single source, at the same budget, that earlier required OEM's to combine various from multiple established low cost product manufacturers.
SIKO Products Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B30
SIKO specialise in Linear and Rotary Measurement technology. It is applied widely and globally in various industries.

These are Packaging, Printing, Woodworking, Automation, Medical, offshore and Automotive.

In the Packaging Industries, SIKO position indicator improve operation efficiency, increasing productivity.

It's Quick Format Changeover Solution, reduce changeover setup time tremendously.
Silverson Machines Ltd
Stand No. 4V13
Silverson High Shear mixers can perform a wide range of tasks: blending, dissolving, emulsifying, homogenising, hydrating, suspending, dispersing and disintegrating and can reduce mixing times by up to 90%.

At Propak Silverson is launching a new Powder/Liquid Mixer and will be showing their laboratory and production scale equipment.
Simik Inc.
Stand No. 2L21
  • Can Seamer
  • Gravity Filler
  • Piston Filler
  • CSD Filler
  • Pocket Filler
  • Weighing Filler
  • Flow Meter Filler
  • Vacuum Filler
  • Bottle Rinser-Filler-Capper
  • Carbonator
  • Milk Powder Line
Sirayooth Company Limited
Stand No. 6N13
The Starfrost Helix Spiral offers market leading reliability and hygienic design. Maximising energy efficiency and up time whist achieving the highest product quality. The Helix systems are available in factory assembled or compact package format. Suitable for freezing & chilling products including poultry, bakery, red meat, dairy and seafood
Sissons Paints (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. 7A39
A two component epoxy for flooring applications. It is specially formulated to provide a smooth-seamless, truly level floor surface with excellent chemical and hard wearing resistance. (Ratio 4:1)
Sky Softgel & Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3S19
SKY Softgel & Pack Co.,Ltd. is the "TOP professional manufacturers" and "exporters" for Softgel Encapsulation machine, Multi Counting machine, Blister & Cartoning machine and Autobag pouch machine.
SM Pack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1D31
SMart Rotary/Linear OPP Roll-fed Hot-melt Labelers, who control eye-mark, cut, glue & put label on containers of drink, water, sauce, edible oil and other food & beverage product in high speed. Customers can increase efficiency and lower cost with roll type labels. Over 260 sets installed worldwide.
Smart Corporation
Stand No. 6K01
A product developed using unique, patented technology
  • Pwm-controlled multifunction coil
  • PFC Circuit include for stable output power
Allows continuous use with minimum power

Air cooling device boasting a minimal external size and weight

Stainless stand used to suit oil processing and food factories where water is used in large quantities
Smart Identify Ltd.
Stand No. 6D33
Proudly presents best Print & Applicator machine and Feeder that comes with a compact design and is made of a heavy-duty construction. On RFID section, we introduce new product categories that support various applications.
Smart Pack Automation Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6K25
We are a exclusive agent of Handok Auto Machine (Korea), we provide the best solution for all kind of packaging machines and automation systems, including Stick Packing Machine, Rotary Packing, and Automation counting solution.

For more information please contact : poravud@gmail.com or Phone +66805911534
SMC (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. 7D01
All Pneumatic Products
SMI Asia Services Sdn. Bhd
Stand No. 1A29
SMI new series Stretch Blow Moulder model EBS ERGON. Fully electronic processes have replaced the traditional mechanical cams making this a cam-less machine.

There are 7 models in the range, from 4 to 16 cavities suitable for producing up to 3 liter bottles.
Solids Handling and Process Engineering Co., Ltd. (SHAPE)
Stand No. 3P39
SHAPE is an experienced global supplier of solids/powder handling & processing equipment and offer wide range of equipment and systems covering almost every facet of manufacturing operations/processes where dry solids are used. Our equipment range is designed to provide top quality of hygienic design, practical operation, easy cleaning & maintenance at an affordable price.
Solutionpack Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2J43
We supply the good quality machinery as well as the product formulation, packaging raw material sources, design solution & provide labeling services and OEM services offered.
Squid Ink Manufacturing Inc
Stand No. 4T21
Squid Ink's CoPilot 382 printing system is designed to print superior hi-resolution characters on either porous or non-porous surfaces. With up to 2.1" of print height per printhead and the ability to run up to 2 printheads from one controller, the CoPilot 382 offers a versatile solution for your applications.
Sripipat Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 4Z11
  • Only one operator needed
  • Cost controllable
  • No tools, easy to disassembly for cleaning
  • Uniform shape and size
Statec Binder GmbH
Stand No. 3P31
Fully automatic high-speed bagging machine for up to 2000 bags per hour.

Principac is a bagging machine for 10-50kg open-mouth pillow and/or gusseted bags for woven PP, paper and PE bags. The machine has been installed for packaging products like plastic pellets, fertilizer, animal feed, pet food, sugar, rice.....
Sunjin SM Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5E11
Lipstick & Mascara Labeling Machine

Target Product: Lipstick, Mascara, Lip gloss
Capacity: MAX 55 PPM
Dimension: Approx 2400 mm (L) x 1000 mm (W) x 1600 mm (H)
Option: Auto-reject system for missing label detection, Hot or cold stamping printer
Sunrise Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2L39
Sunrise Trading was established in 1992. We are an importer and a trader of Filling Machines from Malaysia for Edible Oil, Portable Filling Machine for Food and Cosmetic Industries and we serve a wide range of plastic film, food wrap and a non toxic film for above industries.
Sunshine Press Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2H39
Sunshine Press was established in year 1981 servings various types of packaging products.
SUNSHINE - Oil Filter (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
The machine consisted of 3 or 5 layers of oil filter paper and filtering compound, which effectively removes free fatty acid and residual, For more efficient of filtering, the Pre-filter is optional equipment for removing large piece of residual before transfer the oil into the Oil filter.
Super Sealer - Tray Sealing Machine (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
Provides automatic tray feeding, filling, and sealing. Film cut type: profile cut or inside cut, reduces the use of film area. Equipped with a gas filling unit for packages with modified atmosphere (MAP). Applicable film materials: PP, PE, PET, HDPE, EPS, PSP, alu-foil, paper tray, etc. Suitable for liquid/concentrated foods.
SUPTE - Meat Slicer (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
An auto meat slicer, which is controlled by PLC, is designed to cut meat products and none-frozen boneless meat lumps(above -6°C) into pieces. Sliced products can be stacked in different way at preset mode, wither single-by-single or stack-by-stack at a desired number of pices.
Suzhou Tipack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6G23
SUZHOU TIPACK CO., LTD. is China leading manufacturer of PVDC high barrier shrink film/bag. With our own patents and invention, TIPACK provide ideal packaging solution for freshness preservation, perfectly for food packaging with chilled and frozen condition storage.
Suzuki Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5F19
Vertical Type Pillow Packing Machine for Vegetable.
Sweco Asia Division of Oilfield International Equipment and Supplies, Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4X19
With 70 years of technological innovations, Sweco is the world leader in dry and wet screening solutions. We offer standard models for the general and food acceptable applications; FDA food grade and 3A sanitary compliance models for food & pharmaceutical applications; ATEX compliance models for applications in hazardous environments.
Swentech (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. 2G21
Choosing the best liquid filling machine is complex, come to Swentech (2G21) We have filling machines employing different technologies and capacities available in our booth. Using state of the art digital controls, our machines handle wide range of liquids at minimum cost, fastest changeover and cleanup time also increase production efficiency.
Symphony Manufacturing & Services Sdn. Bhd. / Inox Fabrications Australia Pty. Ltd.
Stand No. 5J05
"Mixing Of Any Dry + Liquid Product with Better Results"
"Improve Product Appearance, Taste & Feel"

Answer to fast, homogeneous powder/liquid mixing with breaking up of difficult to mix solutions and agglomerates. Rapidly dissolve and disperse viscous solids, semi solids and powders more effectively than any other system.
T.U. Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3N45
This machine is for making fever cooling patch machine Production Process Can be Put the mixed gel into production line, it can making the fever cooling patch,

Final Product Size: 120x50mm, size can as your required.
Taiwan Benefit Company
Stand No. 2L11
High-Infeed Palletizer - HP400

Packing Type: Carton, shrink-film, tray, plastic basket etc.

Applied Industry: Food, beverage, dairy, alcohol, edible oil, lubricating oil, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, seasoning, chemical etc.
Takigawa Corporation Japan
Stand No. 6D31
Planning, production, and distribution of flexible packaging.

Flat bottom pouch, Standing pouch, Pinch bottom pouch. With various type of specialties, such as Slider, Easy Lock, other kinds of zippers.
Tavil- Indebe S.A.U.
Stand No. 2L43
Multiformat Automatic Box Forming Machine

Evolutive system for the production of boxes (up to 4 chargers):
  • Automatic changeover
  • Enormous flexibility
  • Modular system
  • Versatility
  • High speed
  • Stainless steel construction
Techbond Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
Stand No. 6D41
TECHBOND is an industrial adhesive manufacturer that has strong market presence in SEA region.
Tech-long Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1E01
Output capacity of single mould---2250BPH

Recovery system of high pressure air---to reduce consumption of high pressure air

Optimize heating lamp and its control system---to reduce energy consumption

Equipped with static dust remover for perform---to improve cleanliness of perform

With modularize and standardization design---to improve product's versatility
Tecno Pack Spa
Stand No. FY87
TECNO PACK is an Italian company designing and manufacturing packaging solutions since year 1979 for applications in Food packaging for Confectionery & Bakery.
Tecsia Lubricants Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4X31
GREASEMAX® automatic lubricators are customisable to your food-grade lubrication needs! The convenience of GREASEMAX® promotes work safety with no frequent climbing around inaccessible areas. GREASEMAX® effectively lubricates all critical components regardless of installation points. The tool-free activated and chemically operated lubricators allow easy and accurate flow. Made in Germany.
Thai Korasia Co.,Ltd. / Star Flex Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5A05
We are a specialized manufacturer of induction cap liner in Thailand.

Our products can be used in many industrial lines such as food & beverage, pharma, chemi, lube oil and others.
Thai Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6B31
Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1961. We are the world famous brand adhesive from Taiwan. We supply adhesive to Packaging, Wood furniture, Textile, Paper, Construction, Non Woven and Footware industries.
Thai Polymer Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2K21
Today engineering plastics play an important role in a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes from small plastic bags to large automotive parts.

There are many types of plastics such as: NYLON / CASTNYLON / POM / PE / PTFE / PVC / ACRYLIC / PP / PC / PE and BAKELITE
Thai Scale Company Limited
Stand No. FY34
AP-700 automatic labeler with easy to use large color display. Flexibly meets various demands for new label layout and format. LCD display has high visibility and makes operation very easy.
Thai Stamp Engineering Ltd.,Part
Stand No. 5A51
Thai Stamp have been making coding printer, feeding machine and labelling machine since 1999. Our commitment to making reliable machines capabel of producing high quality. This year we are present Auto Label model TS-1656T and Automatic Feeder model TS1353
Thai Vinyter Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2J40
HOTWIND PREMIUM/SYSTEM: The versatile hot air blower. Its brushless motor ensures that this hot air blower has a long service life. The maximum air volume can now be set infinitely up to 900 l/min via the potentiometer.
Thai Waterline Systems Co., Ltd.
Stand No. FY46
Open Space Cooling is an innovative concept to cool industrial workspace bringing down the workspace temperature to an optimum comfort level for better productivity and staff morale. The Operating cost is only 10% of air-conditioning.
Thaiflex Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2J45
Thaiflex Equipment is supply Kelvion (new brand Heat Exchanger(Previous GEA), product include Gasket PHE, Fully weld PHE, Braze PHE, Air Cooler, Radiator, Shell & Tube etc.
Thaitech Solution Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5G17
Automatic Label Counting Machine

ON SHOW by Thaitech Solution Co.,Ltd.
Thana Product and Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7B41
This machine is widely used in chemical fiber, tobacco, pharmaceutical, publishing, refrigeration, electrical appliances, ceramics, metal, chemical industry, cans, etc, high production efficiency, effectively prevent damage of the goods in the process of handling, and dust, moisture and the cleaning effect.
Thantawan Industry PLC.
Stand No. 6B23
We are expertised in :
  • Flexible packaging
  • LDPE zipper bag
  • Drinking straw
  • HDPE bags: garbage bag, gloves, aprons
  • Zipper profile
  • Bio Compostable products
Thanyanon Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4Z16
Alfa Laval LKH Prime is an efficient, versatile and hygienic self-priming pump that uses a combination of air-screw technology and advanced design to meet the most stringent requirements in a range of hygienic industries - See more at: http://www.alfalaval.com/products/fluid-handling/pumps/Centrifugal-pumps/lkh-prime/#sthash.GGtdE1RJ.dpuf
Contact : Thanyanon.com
The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association (FOOMA)
Stand No. 3R38
FOOMA JAPAN is the largest exhibition focus on Food machinry and Food technology in Asia. You can find Japanese advanced food technology in Tokyo Bigsight.
Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co. KG.
Stand No. 5F35
One of the key competences of Theegarten-Pactec has been the development of continuous-motion high-speed machines. The EK4 is the world's no. 1 twist wrapper for high-boiled sweets reaching an output of 2,300 candies per minute.
Tia Technology (India) Pvt Ltd.
Stand No. 6M32
Bag/Sack Filler - Fully Automatic and Semi automatic Version, Big Bag Fillers, Batch Weighers, Batching System, Weigh Belt Feeders, Loss in Weight Feeder.
Titan Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 7J40
Flexibel Conduit & Fittings from UK.
Toamec Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 7J09
Hair-Dirt Suction Machine

Digital Display, Control Panel Type

Model HW-TRC-S for 1 person
Model HW-TRC for 2 people.
Tokiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3R21
This is succession machine of N-450A. As an exclusive machine of instant noodles, NS350 has improved function and easier to use.
Tomco Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3S01
Maximize planned production time. Minimize cost ownership. The 1530is engineered for simple yet robust operation for medium duty applications.
Tou Mou Internation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1E21
TMC weight blending are designed to be extremely accurate, save time, save money and save the material. PLC touch screen based control automatically calculates exact material weight dispenses from percentages entered on the tank and mix.
Towin Light Industry Machinery Factory Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1C29
We are Shantou Towin Light Industry Machinery Factory Co.,Ltd., professional manufacturer of dry offset cup printer, pail printer, lid printer, cap printer and tube printer.
Toyox Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2K43
  1. Reduction of leakage and disconnection troubles will increase production efficiency
  2. The structure that suppresses fluid accumulation is sanitary
  3. No need for retightening and reduction of maintenance work
  4. Reduction of piping work time and standardization of work
Tre-Atthaboon Industry Co.,Ltd. (Platinum Pro Plastic Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. FY73
Hulkbull pallets
  • Newly launched pallets that are produced machines imported from US
  • Durable, high impact resistant, and good value for money
  • Can hold 200% more static load than general plastic pallets.
Trident Pack & Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2J21
Shrink Bundler Machine, High Speed Intermittent Cartoner
Tritact Company Limited
Stand No. 5J45
TROJAN ONE, prints 1600 dpi full colour labels at 300 mm./esc. enabling in-house production of crisp colour which gives your products added value at affordable price.
TT Italy Srl
Stand No. FY85
We engineer and manufacture turnkey industrial Sponge Cake Lines.
TURBOVAC - Vacuum Packaging machine (Better Pack Co.,Ltd.)
Stand No. 3P01
High capacity with 2 stainless steel vacuum chambers. Easy operation, equiped with safety control: the machine stops when vacuum pump is overheated or the cover is opened. Gas flushing device is optional. Single chamber/conveyor type model available.
U.D. Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2H40

Filling unit for Tablet or capsule
U.P.E. Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5H11
  • Screw Air Compressor: 10Hp-200HP
  • Air Dryer
  • Booster compressor (25-40Bar)
  • Ecotec (Oil free)
  • PSA Nitrogen generator
Ultimate Plus Supply Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 7J17
We are the authorized distributorof Showa - Best gloves in Thailand Market
Tel.02 - 5914005
Union Tech Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4Z31
Unique Industrial Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 3N39
UIPS are the sole distributor of Worldwide well know quality products as follow:

Domino: (TIJ) printer for managed you marking and coding

STILMAS: Provide the complete ranged of PW WFI and PSG also distribution loop system

AVA: for turbulent action for mixer and dryer machine

PROMATECH Processing and single pot machine
Urschel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4X11
Comitrol® Processor Model 1700 by Urschel Laboratories is recommended for free-flowing, dry and liquid products including TVP, peanut butter, corn, chili paste, chili sauce, coconut milk, rice noodle, fruits, and vegetables. Its precision cutting principle has proven to be a processing breakthrough, with the versatility to meet your size reduction needs.
Utech Inter Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7D16
Model : UTMS-75
  • Capacity indicates the weight of products and fixtures
  • Air Consumption (Approx, voume for reference
  • Air Pressur: 0.49 Mpa 5.0kgf/cm2
V.F. Tech
Stand No. 3S25
V. F. Korea Corporation, Established in 1995, has become the leading manufacturer and exporter of Plastic Thermoforming machines, Automatic Cuttings, Hydraulic press, Sheet Extruder and Crushers including recycling devices.

We are enjoying a good reputation through over 30 countries exporting with skilled workmanship, Excellent Quality to meet customers' needs.
Varin Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 4X01
Simple and precise seaming method. The seaming rolls in the six-station turret are assembled using tapered roller bearings and are actuated separately by a single fixed cam. Second operation rolls can be disengaged by a single movement for checking first operation seam.
VEC Chocolate Machines Pvt Ltd.
Stand No. 6M28
VEC CHOCOLATE MACHINES PVT LTD would like to introduce with extreme pleasure as the most reputed organization which manufactures and supplies chocolate machines. These machines are designed according to the GMP standards with European quality which received positive response in the chocolate machinery field.
VFK Head Corp.
Stand No. 3S22
Thermo forming and Sheet extruder.
Victron UPS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6L23
GE SG Series UPS 10-600 kVA General Electric commitment to protecting customer's applications is evident in its proven line of three phase products. This key product in the UPS product line significantly enhances GE's ability to serve the increasing needs of customers in multiple mission critical industries.
Viscotec Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. 5B28
The ViscoMT offers great flexibility for emptying Barrel:

Size ranging from 1L~1500L and material viscosity up to 7,000,000 mpas.

A specially designed wiping ring together with our VMP series pump ensures a controllable perfectly clean process with residual amount <1%.

For more information please contact us: sales@viscotec-asia.com
VMECA Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6K01
VMECA has produced innovated pneumatic vacuum products over the last 25years as one of the market leaders in the world with compressed air-driven vacuum ejector with innovative vacuum cartridge system which get international patent in 18 countries, suction cups, grippers and etc.
Vox Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2H61
Japanese high performance food processing machine:

Automatic cup sealing machine for plastic cup deserts and pet foods.
Individual tray rice cooking system (aseptic and retort) for RTE cooked rice.

"DANGAN" series high speed automatic pillow packaging machine for liquid and paste and high quality plastic films.
WAM Singapore BHM Private Limited
Stand No. 4V29
Food-grade Screw conveyor & Dust Collector. Easy Maintenance.

Suitable for Food & Pharmaceutical processing.
Warade PackTeck Pvt. Ltd.
Stand No. 4V43
While overfilling leads to huge production loss, under-filling leads to credibility loss. At Warade, we understand this dilemma, hence, we have developed high precision dynamic checkweighers that will keep a check on weight.
Water Test Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6E09
Oxygen Headspace Measurement in Product Packages

With unique optical oxygen microsensor technology, we can measure oxygen headspace in various kind of product packages such as; pharmaceutical vials and ampoules, tetrapack packages, PET bottle, blister packages and snack bags.
Weber Marking Systems (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. 5E22
Weber is sticker.
Wenzhou Jienuo Machinery &Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7C13
Wenzhou Jienuo Machinery & Technology Co., Ltd. is manufacturing and trading company which is mainly engaged in Rotary Pouch Packing Machine, Labeling Machine, Cartoning Machine, Vertical Packing Machine, AL/PL Blister Packing Machine, etc..
Wenzhou Kedi Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5E06
High quality rotary packing machine for zipper pouch, Pack granular, liquid and powder products into premade pouch.
Winner Inter Plas Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 2L45
With more than 400 designs for you to choose, Winner Inter Plas Co., Ltd has launched a new pallet design with steel reinforcement in order to bear heavier loading capacity. The pallets are designed with flat surface with very strong for warehouse application.
Wisebiz (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5D12
With over 150 years of experience in the product Identification industry, Matthews Marking Products is a leading provider of marking and coding equipment for the industrial marketplace. From Packaging and plastics, to construction and metal, Matthews offers solutions for marking applications in a wide range of industries.
Wisepac Active Packaging Components Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6D09
Company Qualification: ISO9001, German DIN 55473, U. S. FDA, CE ect.

Product Series:
  • Wisemini® Desiccant Sachet&Strip_U. S. FDA Authorized
  • Wisesorb® Desiccant Bag_German DIN55473 Certified
  • Wisecargo® Container Desiccant
  • Wisehic® Humidity Indicator Card
  • Wisecan® Desiccant Canister
  • Wisepac® Packed Desiccant
  • Wisetab® Desiccant Tablet
  • Wisemop® Liquid Absorber
  • Automatic Cutting & Dispensing Machine
Wolstenholme Machine Knives Ltd
Stand No. 4V14
Wolstenholme Machine Knives (TGW GLOBAL) Are Europe's leading machine knife manufacturer, Established over 100 years ago. They are looking for distribution partners in the region to sell its range of Machine knives
Wong Thai Printing Plas Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6A21
Wong Thai printing Plas Co.,Ltd., is committed to creating soft plastic packages with proper, safe and beautiful characteristics and the quality as per types of goods and customers' requirement. We have GMP and HACCP International Standards.
Woozphil Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6K01
Screen Printing Ink for LGP, Glass, Metal, Plastic and Plastic Film, UV, Textile, Solder Mask Ink, Mirror Effect Etc..
Worakulchai Package Seal Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 7J11
Rotoplat Wrapping machine is easy to set up the correct parameters for wrapping each of loads. You control containment force, rotation speed, roping and banding at 9 levels on each load.

This ensures that you to wrap your loads correctly every time, providing ultimate load protection and film savings.
World Kogyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5G31
High Speed Sheet Shutter Door
World Pack System Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 6E15
Suzumo Sushi Maker by World Pack System Co.,Ltd
World Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 4Z21
  1. Long lasting packaging.
  2. Clear color packaging.
  3. PVC Shrink label film. OPP / MCPP, NYLON / LLDPE, PET / CPP, OPP / AL / LLDPE, PP bags, PPA, 3 side seal,
  4. Side seal, Center seal, Fin seal, Stand-Up pouch/Zipper bags, Side seal, Hanger bag, Box bottom pouch, Thomson die cut for standingup pouch and Thomson diecut for 3 side seal pouch.
WRH Global Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. 4X16
Ferag's Skyfall is ideal for overhead conveying, buffering, sorting and storing of goods. Valuable floor space remains available for other processes. Skyfall is 3D-capable and adapts to all building environments. The eco-friendly system uses gravity and low friction technology. Suitable for conveying, manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce and many other applications.
Wuhan Rentian Packaging Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5C36
We successfully integrated and applied our robot palletizing system and related equipments for a Pet Food Production Line. This helps the customer to promote the production capability and reduce the cost with our profession.
Xavis Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6K01
  • Assured Inspection Quality
  • Accurate Detection
  • Most Competitive Price
  • High level of electronic and Mechanical reliability
Xiamen UPC Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4T36
UPC-a professional manufacturer, distributor and exporter, has been established in 2010, engaging in providing perfect packaging solutions for customers. Our products mainly focus on a series of supporting services, including pharmaceutical bottles, beverage bottles, food jars, liquer & beer bottles, cosmetic bottles and related capsule.
Xinle Huabao Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 4T43
This line adopts full-auto four air shaft winding-up device, with automatic roll changing, automatic cutting, automatic paper core loading, automatic roll unloading and automatic film winding, it can produce 2 inch and 3 inch hand roll and machine roll on line, reduces the machine and worker investment of rewinding, reduces the production cost greatly, improves economic returns.
Yamato Scale Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 6L15
We will release upgraded TSDW-205W with an unique concept of "the way of weighing". This can be one of the valuable solutions that has never seen before in the market.
Yang Bey Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2L28
Yang Bey is a leading manufacturer of strapping tool and packing tool. The product line is including Strapping tools, seals/buckles, banding tools, clamping tools, film dispensers, tape / label dispenser, bag sealer, paper cutter bubble wrap dispenser...etc.
Yao Han Industries Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 2L19
YCH Group Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5H05
The blister packing machine for Pharma, medicine equipment, food, candy, gum, cosmetics, toothbrush, glue, stationary , and other clients want package.

Machines have both like clamp pull with servo and clamp drag chains machines with PLC control system and touch screens, easy to use. Domestic and international export.
Yoohanpack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 3S27
We manufacture wide range of printed full and partial body shrink sleeves-PET, OPS, PVC and roll stock materials. It is attached on bottles and suitable for shrinking at high, low temperature and available to be attached on any bottle regardless of the shapes of bottle such as circular, square and oval.
Ystral GmbH Maschinenbau + Processtechnik
Stand No. 7G11
YSTRAL Conti-TDS - No. 1 in powder wetting

Dust- and loss-free powder container emptying, powder transporting and then wetting and dispersing down to a complete des-agglomeration are realised within a single machine.

Higher efficiency incorporation of the raw materials and a better quality of the products are the natural result.
Zacmi - Zanichelli Meccanica Spa / Tanamac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 5F36
Internal Valve Vacuum Filler and Seamer Synchronized Group:

The system is capable of filling and seaming cans up to 650 cpm.

Liquid products can be handled by this group.
Zhangjiagang City Nanxin Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5C39
Jiangsu Nanxin Packing Machinery Co.,ltd.is a professional manufacturer of beverage production and packing machine which is focus on researching, developing and manufacturing
Zhangjiagang Golden Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 5E02
  • 2,000-36,000BPH Water Production Line Turnkey
  • 2,000-30,000BPH Carbonated Soft Drink Production Line Turnkey
  • 2,000-30,000BPH Juice Production Line Turnkey
  • Filling Machine 3-in-1
  • Shrink or Hot Melt Labeling Machine
  • Wrapping Machine
  • PET Bottle Blowing Machine
Zhangjiagang Hy-Filling Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. 1D29
Can Filling Monobloc
  1. Speed: 300CPM (330ml, 500ml)
  2. Can type: aluminum cans, tin can
  3. Application: juice, CSD, beer etc.
  4. Ferrum technology and Taiwan Seaming Heads
Zhangjiagang Wilford Thermal Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. 1A41a
  1. Qucik Start
  2. High Efficiency
  3. Energy-saving
  4. Environmental Protection
  5. Compact and beautiful structure
  6. With Multiple Chain Protection
  7. Multi Steam and Water Separation Technology, Quality Steam
Zhaoqing Canneed Instrument Limited
Stand No. 6D01
SeamSight-SA-1000 Super Full Automatic Seam Monitor
  1. A Combination of auto sampling, auto can cutting and auto measurement
  2. Fast speed measure, easy operation, users just need to place the sample can into the measure station and take it out
  3. Equipped with Golden Lens® video capture device which interference-free of external light source and ensured the high image definition
Zhejiang Changhong Can End Making Co.,Ltd
Stand No. 5C35
Tinplate easy open end, bothside gold lacquer for food cans