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CT Pack Srl
Company Name: CT Pack Srl
Stand No.: BQ19
Hall: 103
Zone: PackagingTechAsia | ProcessingTechAsia | ProPak Asia
Country: Italy

CT Pack, based in Italy, is a leader in designing and manufacturing primary and secondary packaging equipment, mostly for Ice Cream, Chocolate and Bakery products. The company has been made in year 2000 by merging three leading companies: Mopa (established in 1971), specialized in feeding systems; Otem (1957), a pioneer in high-performance single- and multi-lane horizontal flow-wrappers; and Vortex Systems (1980), a precursor in high-speed robotic systems for handling, box loading and case-packing applications.

Via Argine Volano 355/D - 44034
Fossalta (Ferrara), Italy
Tel : +39 05 3287 9600
E-mail : [email protected]
Website : www.ctpack.com