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FIA Session at Propak Asia

Sustainable Packaging: Tackling Plastic Waste in Southeast Asia

Partnerships and Collaborative Actions to Combat the Plastic Tide

Plastic, as a material, revolutionised the way food is packaged, distributed and safely consumed. It made billions of people’s lives easier and increased the shelf-life of many food products.

Today though, the world is waking up to the long-lasting impact that this material can have on our environment. The volume of plastic waste leaking into our oceans is reaching critical proportions – particularly in Southeast Asia.

An estimated 30% of all ocean plastic waste – 2.4 million tonnes a year – is contributed by just four countries in the region. The problem has reached a global scale, but the issue is regional. This means it requires tailored regional solutions, driven by regional stakeholders.

Data will be key to understanding the extent of the issue and developing appropriate solutions. However, until now the narrative about plastics has been mostly emotive and we have seen very little research and concrete action, especially in Asia.

On 14 June 2018, Food Industry Asia(FIA) will host a session at Propak Asia on tackling the plastic waste crisis, exploring sustainable packaging and how collaborative efforts from regional stakeholders can lead to solutions.

FIA will share new findings from its recently commissioned study on plastic waste in Southeast Asia. The study addresses waste leakage points, the impact of current measures in place, and identifies 31 levers that could yield the greatest impact. Focused on the role of the food industry in Asia, it is the first in-depth study of its kind.

A panel will also share their views and insights on what needs to be done to keep the region’s waters free of marine litter and help Southeast Asia embrace a Circular Economy.

Reworking entire supply chains in Asia and developing infrastructure to handle plastic waste appropriately won’t be easy, or fast. But now is the time to start taking action together. FIA would like to invite all stakeholders and interested parties to join the session and explore how we can lead a coordinated effort to move the needle.

Session details:

Date: 14 June 2018

Time: 2:00 – 4:00PM

Venue: Nile3, Level 2, Hall 98, BITEC, Bangkok

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