The 8th International Coding, Marking & Labelling Technology Exhibition

Essential Information on Packaging
Coding, marking, and labelling are important systems that provide essential product information on packages. The global coding and marking market is expected to reach values of over USD 7 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 7% during 2018-2023. Asia Pacific is the largest and highest growth market because of strong growth in the manufacturing sector, rapid urbanization, and a higher demand for consumer products.

Coding and marking systems make it easy for customers to identify certain products, while also helping to protect brand image. Therefore, brands emphasize these systems and look for modern technology to replace traditional methods and machinery which are no longer able to meet current requirements like packaging customization for traceability.

Companies in the coding and marking technology market currently invest in research and development to improve efficiency and meet increasing demands in every industry for coding, marking and labelling. You can find the latest technologies and solutions from many leading companies at Coding,Markings&LabellingAsia Zone, held at ProPak Asia.

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