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ProPak Asia expected to be the event of comprehensive solution to Processing & Packaging manufacturers.

ProPak Asia expected to be the event of comprehensive solution to Processing & Packaging manufacturers,, ProPak Asia

Mettler-Toledo join this event with highly intention to communicate and demonstrate our total solution which will providing real return on investment, customer will able to hands on our full product range to realized that we can assist in providing you with a competitive edge in your market place.

In an increasingly competitive world, manufacturers are under scrutiny to ensure their products are more consistent, safer, and of higher quality than ever before. Whether you are competing in large export markets or supplying local outlets, it's likely that you will need to meet the requirements of legislative or regulatory standards. Your business could also benefit from solutions which increase your competitiveness, improve productivity and reduce product waste.

In order to meet all of those criteria above, manufacturers need a partner with a deep understanding of your market. One who can draw on global expertise and apply that knowledge to provide local, innovative, high quality solutions. Mettler-Toledo we are global company with local service office in Thailand and all over the world to ensure we’re your easy to work partner who provide right comprehensive solution applied to your manufacturing process.

The METTLER TOLEDO brands Garvens, Safeline, CI-Vision and PCE are synonymous with the highest quality product inspection solutions. We represent years of knowledge and experience in checkweighing, metal detection, x-ray inspection and vision inspection.

High quality inspection devices sit at the heart of any well designed inspection process but a truly effective program encompasses much more than an inspection device. Correct installation, well trained operators and streamlined data collection are just a few other considerations to make when devising a program which you can experience in the PPKA 2019 at Booth of Mettler-Toledo.

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