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Ministry of Commerce allows industries and SMEs to import used machinery for 2017

Updating its previous Notification No. 10/2016 on the importation of used machinery into Myanmar, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) has issued Notification No. 14/2017 that provides for importation criteria to guard against the influx of inoperable or environmentally damaging machinery from entering Myanmar.

Notification No. 10/2016 requires importers to specifically describe the used machinery by including its brand name, capacity, country of origin/manufacture and fuel. Only used machinery manufactured in a so-called “industrialized country” that, in any event, is not more than 10 years from date of manufacture and enjoys a technical performance capacity of no less than 80% can be considered for import. Further, the equipment must have a Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate issued within 6 months from import date. Overland importation is, in all cases, prohibited.

Import recommendations from the Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection (DISI) and the Environmental Conservation Department (ECD) must also be submitted ahead of importation, with the latter recommendation to ensure that the used machinery satisfies the stipulations under the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, the Stockholm Convention and the Basel Convention. Upon shipment arrival, Notification No. 10/2016 also authorizes the DISI to conduct an inspection of the used machinery.

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