The 27th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia

2019 Product Highlights

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A DUE S.p.A.
Stand No. BQ40

NIAGARA is a technical solutions for recovering the industrial waste water from the production of beverages through a series of chemical and mechanical treatments, that allow water purification and make it suitable to be re-introduced upstream of the production chain or for other purposes. UP TO 60% WATER SAVING.

Stand No. BP33

Easypack is an innovative packaging system which does not use glue or shrink wrapping to pack together several products. Easypack forms the packs using special, fully printable and customizable bands of extensible material called “sleeves” that are placed around the products.

Alfa Technik Pte Ltd
Stand No. BD34


Alliance Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AE39

IQ4 Metal Detector Conveyor - With significant improvements in signal processing, the new Auto-Learn rapidly delivers excellent detection sensitivities out of the box and provides more line uptime than ever before, variable frequency detection 31 to 882 kHz, Graphical DDS vector display and PVS improvements help increase the usefulness.

AMH Technologies Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE21

Technologies & Turnkey Solution for Powder Process & Packaging in Foods, Pharmaceuticals & Petrochemicals, especially on NDC, Coconut, 3 in 1 coffee, Starch, Flour, Sugar, Bakery Premix, Seasoning, Milk Powders & Compound Resin. We do Bulk Storage, Mixing, Weighing, Grinding, Conveying & Packaging System with EHEDG, GMP, HACCP, UKAS Standard

Amo - Pack (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BB01

BM-SERIES is an automatic bagging machine which is suitable for open mouth bags such as PE bags, PP Woven bags and Kraft paper bags. The bagging machines are tailor-made to customize according to client's need. Its capacity varies from 200 to 1200 bags per hour.

Anritsu Infivis (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BD01

Anritsu's M6-h series large aperture metal detector is designed to deliver unrivaled levels of detection sensitivity on your challenging production lines.

A-PACK Engineering Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BB30

Korean made sleeve labeler applied individual servo system to label feeding and cutting for stable labelling as well as high efficiency at high speed production. After that conveyor leads bottles (round, square and flat) to steam tunnel for without bubble marks and wrinkles.

Asia Package Industry Publishing Company
Stand No. #

ASIA FOOD publication has been serving the food industries in ASIA. It is a bilingual(English/Chinese)Publication issued by yearly to reach over 20,000 decision makers of the food industry in private and public sectors all over the region.

Australis Engineering
Stand No. AM34

Fast. Only 2 minutes to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning Easy to clean, washdown ready Minimises surfaces, removes hidden and hard to reach crevices Reduce contamination risk and improve food safety Designed to certified hygienic standards Zero belt tensioning and tracking

AZO Ltd. (Thailand)
Stand No. BJ11

AZO exhibits solutions to ensure a constant quality output while maintaining a high production flexibility.AZOs automatic batching system,AZO Dosinenter and AZO miBatch reduce batching errors to a minimum.Larger quantities of powder a fed into a mixer by pneumatic means.AZO conducts further a Productivity Check for clients at the booth!

BAK Asia Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BZ55

Hot air blower type COMPACT is ideal for shrinking, packaging, drying and different heating applications. Hot air Blowers and industrial Heaters for various shrink and heat process like shrink capsules, heat shrink tunnels. Plastic Welding Technology

Bireme Group Pte Ltd
Stand No. BD16

INMATEC PNC NITROGEN GENERATOR Advanced PNC technology increases the efficiency thanks to innovative flow technology and advanced vortex technology - more nitrogen is produced with lower compressed air requirements. Advantages: - can be fully integrated - ultrapure nitrogen (6.0) - in-house production - significant cost savings - remote control technology

Bizerba South East Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC30

Bizerba high-quality entry level checkweigher integrates Metal detector with an optimum of footprint at various applications, handles up to 200 packages per minute. With an IP65 protection it is the first choice for all dry and wet applications of prepacked products.

Bosch Thermotechnology
Stand No. BA40

The new Bosch ultra-compact steam boiler is highly efficient, compact and easy to operate. Available in steam outputs ranging from 300 to 5,200 kg/h, and built to EN 12953 standard. High efficiency rate of 95.3%, compatible with different fuel types for diverse applications.

Brucker Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG
Stand No. AU36

Film stretching lines for the production of a wide range of biaxially oriented plastic films utilised for packaging or technical applications, mainly made of PP, PET, PA.

Bulk and Fluids Engineering Sdn Bhd (BAFE)
Stand No. AL46

Services & Products Provide:- 1.System Integrator for Various Processing Plants 2.Plant Automation and Engineering 3.Bulk Handling and Fluids Processing Equipment 4.Conveyor System 5.FIBC Packing Line and FIBC Discharger System 6.Process Control Valve

C.T. Super Sales & Services Ltd., Part
Stand No. BA41

This machine is mainly applicable to filling/pressing operation for 20-500ml plastic or glass bottles,10 pumps are used for double-headed filing

Capric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. FY47

Adhesive Tape and Machinery for ONE STOP SERVICE Packaging Solution

Carryline (S) Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC29

Carryline Spiral Conveyor is a very compact conveyor to convey items up or down with a small foot print area.

Clayton Industries
Stand No. AY24

Clayton Industries’ latest innovation, the small and highly efficient Clayton STEAM MASTER, has combined technical expertise and ease of use to deliver a superior product based on reliability and safety. In addition to our other quality built steam products these offer many advantages which improve on operating costs.

Creative Packaging Solution Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AE11

The BVK260 can pack granular or powder products – with highest seal quality. The machine can combine cup filler, auger feeder and multihead weigher. With a speed upto 120 BPM and bag width 60 - 260mm, BVK260 is the ideal VFFS machine for pillow and block bottom bags.

Cryogas Tech Sdn Bhd
Stand No. BV21

The ORBIMAT 180SW is an intelligent power supply is the first to allow digital networking of man and machine. The orbital welding process thus connects with state-of-the-art information and communication technology, and makes for the best welding results, high efficiency and sustainable quality management.

D.I.E.C. Singapore Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC26

D.I.E.C. Singapore Pte., Ltd.

DC Norris &Company Ltd.
Stand No. AT40

Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion technology is an award-winning high speed cooking method which gives food and beverage producers high quality results.Benefits include time and energy savings, and great tasting, healthier products.Jet Cook™ can be applied to many convenience products including soups, sauces, condensed milk, condiments and pet food.

Stand No. BF32

Take your metal detection to new standards, take advantage of the new Detectronic 607 TD metal detector, and start using the advanced and longest lasting metal detector in the industry. Quality, flexibility and sustainability are keywords behind our 33 years of producing the toughest metal detectors.

EDM Corporation
Stand No. EF11, EF19

abeling to empty bag before product filling.

Elgi Equipment Limited
Stand No. BV19

ELGi Oil Free Screw Air Compressors support the most critical applications with efficient, clean air.

Emura (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BJ21

EMURA Food Cutter Machine have been widely used and highly regarded in various fields, such as fresh cut industry, vegetable processing factory, central kitchen, commercial restaurant, commissary services and catering services. EMURA Food Cutter machine can do various processing, such as slices, shreds and dices by using various cutter.

EngMech Sdn Bhd
Stand No. AB50

We specialist in: - processing line like SUS tank, SUS piping, mixer, pump, etc. - Conveyor system like bottling conveyor pallet conveyor, roller conveyor - small & big bag fill and packaging machine - robot palletizing and wrapping system - ASRS

Erawan Union Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BA11

The new ULTIMATE Whole Leg Deboner uses an X-ray measuring system to precisely measure each leg, using this data the machine automatically adjusts for each leg in real-time at a speed of 6,000 legs per hour.

Eternity Sale and Service Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CB01

The Hi-Speed PET Blow Molding Machine 4 cavity can be blow PET Bottle 8000 PCS.(Cycle Time 1.8sec.) for 600ml. round shape and preform weight 16g.

Eulsung Auto Pack Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

Cup and Tray sealing machine . Sauce fill and sealer. Soup,Fruit packaging machine

EVA Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AA11

"AUTOPAK is not only a machine but is your best partner!"Labelling machine hight speed type suitable for pharma maufacturing, and many types of them wait your proving AUTOPAK understand. We are committed to deliver you with best fit solution & top quality after-sales service.

Excel Pack Ltd.
Stand No. EI19

Excel Pack Pvt Ltd

Festo Ltd.
Stand No. AG29

The brand-new Festo Motion Terminal VTEM catapults the pneumatics into the age of Industry 4.0 — for example, permits the opening and closing of valves with different pressure levels. The new technology allows you to model a wide range of pneumatic functions in one valve slice flexibly using motion apps.

Fibre King Pty.Ltd.
Stand No. AM21

We will be showcasing one of our newest machines, the Compact Modular Palletiser (CMP). Designed specifically for palletising in facilities where space is limited, the footprint of the machine is just 2 metres wide by 3 metres long. Affordable, compact palletising solution.

Finetek Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE15

German technology for inline moisture monitoring for bulk solids. The measurement procedure makes a short and simple calibration as well as a high precision better than 0.1% possible. User can monitor moisture details without stop process for sampling. It can memorize up to 24 kinds of materials.

Floeter Verpackungs-Services GmbH
Stand No. CF20

Attractive and safely packed: Air cushion systems by FLOETER. FLOETER is one of the leading companies in the field of industrial packaging, air cushions and packaging systems in Europe, USA & Asia Pacific. Our program includes transport protection in many variations. Air cushion machines & films for every application.

Galaxy Sivtek Pvt.Ltd.
Stand No. AU01

Super SIVTEK vibrating sieve machine comes with a variant in sizes to cater the need of different industries! Like, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Paper& Pulp, Metals industry and many more.

GEA (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BS41

CALLIFREEZE® is a unique new control system developed for the GEA range of freezers for the food industry. The system monitors the condition of products exiting the freezer, and then automatically calibrates the freezer parameters to ensure that every product is frozen according to optimum requirements with minimal energy consumption.

Geyssel Sondermaschinen GmbH
Stand No. AS39

Rotary Applikator Type 544-545 Machine for the orientation of bottles, cups etc. used for the position accurate application of straws, forks, spoons etc.

Glory Foods Processing Machinery Ltd.
Stand No. AE25


Goma Process Technology Pvt.Ltd.
Stand No. AN49


Greater Tech Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AS41

We are professional in the design and construction of machinery for the food and beverage industry. However,we are able to design the machine and production line according to the customer's product and production area. Thai Machinery Quality International Standards.

Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX38

Cobetter is a leading manufacturer of filtration products in the food and beverage industries. We dedicate ourselves to providing world-wide customers with high quality products at reasonable price.Do feel free to contact us.

Hoermann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft
Stand No. AB31

Spiral door HS 7030 PU The sections are securely guided into a spiral bracket without any contact. With the high-performance 3-phase frequency converter control and the chain mechanism with spring compensation, the door reaches an opening speed of up to 2.5? m/s. It can also be fitted externally.

HP PPS Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd
Stand No. EE01

The new HP 22mm Printhead supports high-volume printing applications that demand high speed and high-resolution coding. Its high print quality is a great fit for various applications, such as secondary and primary packaging, pharmaceutical labels, pharmaceutical cartons, secondary box label replacement, variable data document printing, and pattern printing.

Stand No. BN30

Continuous sterilizers for canned products, for beverages, ready meals, petfoot, evap milk, soya milk, flavored milk, glass bottles . STERIBAR high pressure processing machine for juices and beverages. HPP processor. In line HPP machine.

HyperVac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

Vacuum skin packing machine single chamber, reasonable price and easy to use!

Innovate Packaging Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AQ11

'FUJI KIKAI' Printing and Dry Laminate Machine, 'HAGIHARA' Slitter and Rewinder Machine, 'SUMITOMO' Extrusion Laminate Machine, 'TAIYO' Register Contoller,'TSM' Gravimatric Blending & Control, 'KOKA Chrome' Chrome maker, 'DAINICHI'Masterbatch resin Booth AQ11 Soventfree, Soventbase, COMBI from General Converting Booth CJ05

Instrument Control Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ01

"APS" Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine are designed to be energy saving is our big target for launch to the market. Less maintenance, electrical saving fee , high technology,easy use and best service and good consult. Our stand #BZ01 Hall 4 during 12-14 June, 2019 at Bitec, Bangkok , Thailand.

Ivackorea Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

Offering the latest integration of the latest vacuum technology and innovation, we introduce our IVAC air driven vacuum pumps. IVAC vacuum pumps allow you to maximize your productivity by giving the necessary vacuum flow and level.

IWK (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. AD11

TZC Cobot automatic tube loader with AI (Artificial Intelligence), which astonished the packaging world. IWK will show various fully automated packaging lines with tube feeder, tube filler, cartoner and end-of-line equipment.

Japan Seiko Glass Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EL09

The quality of our Glass Bottles and Glass Jars are well-know as a top class high transparency glass in Japan. We provide many kind of products which surely go well for your products. All our products are made in JAPAN. Available in small lots.

Stand No. AQ50

1.Much Longer Using Life of Excellent Modular Screws and Square Barrels 2. Stable Performance and Longer Using Life guaranteed by Top Grade Gear Box and Bearings 3.PLC Touch Screen, Max. 24 Recipes Memory 4.Reliable Parts Supplier Partners: SIEMENS-CHINA, OMRON, FUJI, DELTA, LG

Stand No. AF29

-Box-motion End-seal Design -Belt Feeding Design : Easier for users to manually load products, and easy for everyday cleaning

KG Lerdphan Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AD49

More than 25 year experience in racking and shelving industry. KG Lerdphan Co.,Ltd. provides full ranges service with high quality products. We are equipped with advance technology and highly precision production line.

KOCH Pac-Systeme GmbH
Stand No. AP31

KOCH Pac-Systeme presents the blister machine KBS-PL for efficient packaging with sophisticated technology. For productive packaging of high quantities with all common types of foil. For the application fields contact lenses, consumer goods, medical technology. In addition to the KBS-PL, a semi-automatic sealing machine will be presented by shawpack.

Kongskilde Industries A/S
Stand No. AG50

Kongskilde RVS Rotating Separator has successfully enabled extreme tightness even when exposed to very high vacuum (up to 25,000 Pa in negative pressure). When used in the paper industry, the Multi-purpose RVS Separator can handle anything from cut edge trim, off-cuts and primings in large quantities.

Lenze (Sea) Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC39

i500 is the new inverter series in the 0.25 to 132 kW power range. Its distinguishing features: a slim design, scalable functionality and exceptional user friendliness. i500 provides a high-quality inverter that already conforms to future standards in accordance with the EN 50598-2 efficiency classes (IE)

Stand No. AM45

The Packaging Quick Evaluation Tool (PIQET) is an online software service which enables users to undertake Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in support of packaging design. It can compare design options across the full packaging and product life to assess its environmental sustainability.

Linapack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AG21

LINAPACK range of fill and seal machines are still expanding with new models and new features. This year LINAPACK presents its very popular liquid filling stand-up pouches machine range but also packaging equipment for dry products such as powders and granular products. European?€?s design, manufacturing in Thailand.

Maplejet Co.
Stand No. EE11

Hx Nitro is an ‘out of the box’ unit. Place an ink cartridge, connect to a power source and print instantly by pushing the ‘print on’ button. Message is designed via portable tab that is user friendly. It removes the hassles of bulky coding printers and wasteful thermal transfer ribbons.

Mariani Srl
Stand No. BP19

COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC CLUSTER PACK MACHINE : MARIANI Model BM 363 S. Machine designed to wrap products like beverage cartons, plastic bottles or similar with rigid bottom glued carton board sleeve in multiple packs. Pack style: cardboard cluster : Standard,Upper Flaps,Neck Through,Pack with handlE.

Max Value Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CJ60

Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific Ltd.
Stand No. EG09

To be supportive for recycling process. Not contain chlorine materials. Process optimization by excellent seal integrity.

Miura Industries(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AU11


MMP Corporation Ltd
Stand No. AJ41


Stand No. BT31_#

Garbage Separation Machine functions to separate packed-food into inside contents and outside packages. While manual-sorting by hand is time and labor-consuming, the machine contributes to drastically reduce labor and disposal costs for food processing. This device has been adopted in many major food companies.

Multivac Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AV01

MULTIVAC will be showing the compact R 145 thermoforming packaging machine with BAS Cutting unit, which offers a range of new equipment options designed to contribute to a higher level of efficiency within the packaging procedure and to greater pack quality.

N.R.Industries Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BY11

N.R. Industries Co., Ltd. was established in 1977 as a manufacturer of machines and accessories for pharmaceutical industry. The company has been emphasizing on quality and continuous research and development. Our Company over 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical machinery industry.

Newlong (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. AH39


Ningjin Jiexun Mesh Belt Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AQ45

Stainless Steel Mesh Belt

Stand No. #

Metal Detector for Aluminum Packaged Product (NSAMD-Series)can... 1) scan metal substance in Aluminum Packaged(retort pouch,metallized film,can,,etc) Product like X-ray type metal detector whereas high frequency type metal detector can't. 2) replace X-ray type metal detector with economical price and no dangerous management. Patent : PCT/KR2017/006077

Official Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CB41

Fume hood set with fire fighting system set for Lab Safety from working inside the smoke cabinet There is a risk and danger that a fire will occur within the cabinet.

Omori (Thailand) Co., Ltd./ Omori Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV22

Horizontal form-fill-seal machine model S-5000X-BIF / Belt infeed system ideal for soft or delicate products. Compact Horizontal form-fill-seal machine model S-3000X-BX-BIF- / Belt infeed system. Compact Horizontal form-fill-seal machine model Pa-2005N-BX / Lug chain infeed system.

Owner Foods Machinery Company Limited
Stand No. BH21

The newest and greatest technology from TALAY for sausage manufacture high speed vacuum filler 2,000 portions/min. and automated casing change.

Stand No. AG11

The UR10e With the ability to automate tasks up to 10kgs with no compromise on precision, the UR10e is the Universal Robots’ family’s most powerful robot.

Patkol PLC.
Stand No. BA01

ATKOL is renowned for being an excellent engineering company specializing in providing quality food processing machines for liquid products such as pasteurized and UHT dairy, energy drink, beer, fruit juice, and drinking water.

Phoseon Technology Inc.
Stand No. ED20

Phoseon’s patented Semiconductor Light Matrix (SLM)™ technology encapsulates LEDs, arrays, optics and cooling to maximize UV LED curing performance. The FireJet light source is for use in high-performance curing. The FJ605 model is specifically engineered and design for the flexographic printing application.

Platinum Pro Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AD31

static 4.5 tons/ racking 1.5 tons (model : KAS1012-2LB-1)

Pneumax Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AF41

LEYBOLD SOGEVAC FP Oil-Sealed Rotary vane Vacuum pump for the Food and Packaging market, Single Stage 10-1200 m3/hr. - Pumping Water Vapour - Lifetime Lubrication - Simple Maintenance - Preventing Oil Leaks - Low Noise & Environment

Premier Tech Chronos Ltd.
Stand No. AS11

The OML-1060 is the latest innovation in entry-level, automatic bagging system to fill open-mouth bags with free-flowing products. The OML-1060 is reliable, easy to operate, easy to install in existing packaging line and has a very compact footprint. The system offers quick changeovers between different bag sizes or products.

Primus Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AH57

We are manufacturers of temperature sensor such as thermocouple, RTD, NTC, PTC and heater such as cartridge heater, finned heater, band heatere, immersion heater, infrared heater, tubular heater (made to order, By made in thailand)

Raytec Vision S.p.A.
Stand No. BQ22

Spray is an optical sorting machine with the highest resolution cameras to examine the product on the conveyor belt. The system is used to check whole or cut agro-food products. Spray can dispose of colour defects, marked produce and foreign bodies also the same colour as the good product.

Rep Floor Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BL41

Crystalfloor (polished concrete) : transform the ordinary concrete to be the elegance concrete floor with durable, cost effective, low maintenance cost and nature gloss finished.

Rhima Australia Pty Ltd.
Stand No. AM41

Rhima wheelie bin washers are entirely constructed in stainless steel and are built to food grade standards. They can wash wheelie bins of the following sizes: 120, 240 and 480 L. The units can be fitted with auto loading systems.

Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH
Stand No. CB11

The Pack 403 is the first machine of our next generation of flow wrappers. Highlights of the machine are: the improved user experience thanks to decals/scales on the machine, the upgraded cross and fin seal units enhance performance, and the removable discharge belt enhances machine efficiency by ejecting faulty products.

Sabklangthong International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AR11

We are professional in design and construction machine for filling and mixing all kinds of liquid product. We can design the machine follow customer’s requirement. We are able to consult customer for set up line or turnkey whole process. We can provide both semi-automatic and automatic line.

Sakaya Automate Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BD41

APPLICATION: • Mix and blend viscous liquids and ingredients • Incorporate heat during mixing process • Ideal for foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverages, pharmaceutical and chemical industries • Consist of multiple paddles to ensure complete top-bottom product movement • Suitable for medium to high viscosity mixing • Agitator speed can be easily adjusted during operation • Clockwise and/or counter-clockwise stirring motion

Samwoo Automation Inc.
Stand No. AM11

TL 250 has onboard tray forming station with single head tray erector and integrated pick and place robot loader, making the footprint of the machine very compact with high efficiency. Come and visit our booth to see more in detail.

Sanko Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AT11

User's needs are satisfied with a variety of series of model. The operability has been improved by its touch panel control, high-speed operation.

Scantrust SA
Stand No. EI21

ScanTrust enables Abbott with product authentication and supply chain traceability of its Similac baby formula through secure digitalization.

SCG packaging Public Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CF28


Stand No. BU11

Blow Molding Machine (Model : PB16S) Production Speed 28,800BPH Based on 500ml

Stand No. BG36

SEAC FPM-400 is the world's most versatile Nobbing and Filleting machine for smaller fish (8/10--80/100 fpk). Can process five different end products with cap up to 325 fish/min. 40 machines only in the Philippines

Stand No. BB24

SEJITECH is designing and manufacturing mixers of optimized type according to the characteristics and purpose of various raw materials. We have 30 years of experience and know-how in this field, and we are a specialized company of powder mixing equipment that continuously conducts R & D.

Seoul Automatic Packaging Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

The multi packaging machine can package many kinds of product automaticaly. The categories of products are cosmetics, dye , bottle products and food products etc.

Shanghai BHii Instrument Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AI32

Shanghai BHii successfully integrates both metal detection and checkweighing in 1 working platform, and have them controled and operated by 1 control panel.