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This Way Up boost Potts’ eco-credentials with switch to cans, ProPak Asia

This Way Up has redesigned the newly launched packs for family-run food brand Potts’, with a switch from single-use plastic to metal cans.

The stocks, gravies, cooking sauces and desserts provider said the packaging, which is now 100% recyclable, is a category first and Potts’ is positioning itself as a pioneering brand.

In addition to shifting to a recyclable format, the design agency refreshed the design, incorporating new illustrations on pack which help to communicate the brand’s premium, and fresh credentials.

Owen Potts, chief executive of Potts’, said: “But how can we be truly happy when we see the damage that’s being done to our planet by single-use plastic waste? This is our contribution to trying to make our world a happier and healthier place, that will be around for many more generations to enjoy.”


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