The 28th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia

2019 Product Highlights

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Shanghai UPG International Trading Co., Ltd
Stand No. BM11

This machine is suitable for filling and sealing a quantity of viscosity of oil, cream, gel and ointment. GF-400F Automatic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine is designed for plastic tube and multiple tube filling and sealing in cosmetic, pharmacy, foodstuff, adhesives etc. industries.

Shanghai Yuanan Liquid Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BT29

Shanghai Yuanan is professional design and produce of high precision sanitary fluid equipment enterprises. Our sanitary valves, fittings, tubing and pumps widely use in dairy products, brewery, pharmaceuticals, beverages, condiments, cosmetics and chemical industry, etc. All products are in accordance with the ISO, DIN, ASME BPD standard manufacturing, in full compliance with CE,3A, EHEDG, FDA and GMP requirements.

Shanghai Yuyin International Trading Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BM19

This machine is suitable for filling and sealing a quantity of viscosity of oil, cream, gel and ointment. GF-400F Automatic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine is designed for plastic tube and multiple tube filling and sealing in cosmetic, pharmacy, foodstuff, adhesives etc. industries.

Shantou Anping Foodstuff Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BG26

RXC 650-P-IV Machine For Plastic Cups Production: -Auto Forming -Auto Stacking -Auto Counting Available for Drinking Cups, Jelly Cups, Yogurt Cups, Iregulary Cups.

Shantou Caixin Plastic Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CD17

Located in Shantou, Guangdong Province, China, Shantou Caixin Plastic Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing plastic suction nozzles and spout caps with flexible package. We have totally 2800 square meters areas for manufacturing and office. Sterile, clean and tidy environment for manufacturing shops ensures the hygienic and safe of our products.

Shantou Changcheng Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AI21

SHANTOU CHANGCHENG PACKING MACHINERY ,specialize in solution for plastic film package bag making .We have 10,000+ ??? Modern workshop for manufacturing .40+year experience in plastic bag machine producing. FQ-1000 2lines 2photo cell machine with new structure,for making PE,HDPE,LDPE flat bag machine, is a cutting and sealing machine for plastic bags.

Shantou Chenghai Baofeng Machinery Factory
Stand No. BY01

BF.122/72-A2 vacuum forming machine.Suitable material???PP/HIPS/PET/PVC

Shantou Dachuan Machines Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AI29

DC-680 multi lane special shape packaging machine

Shantou Elite Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BG30

Auto thermoforming machine, with cam and servo driving, no oil pollution, no noise. It is a high speed, stable and quiet machine, expecially for making product of high quality and high transparency.

Shantou Hongqiao Packaging Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BG22

Automatic filling and sealing machine for spouted pouches includes, pouch-loading, liquid-filling, spout-cleaning , cap-inserting and cap-screwing. The speed can be from 1,000~15,000 pcs/hour. Suitable for packing beverage, jelly, yoghourt, sauce and so on.

Shantou Huaxing Machinery Factory Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX30

Complex potato chips production line is a fully automatic line using big percent potato power as raw material, which can be processed into crisp fried chips with unitive shape. With a returing system to recycle the leftover material, the raw material use efficiency is very high.

Shantou Jinlei Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX21


Shantou Shanzhang Machinery Make Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CD15

APET single layer Sheet extrusion line

Shantou Xinhua Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BG25

RGC-730A Fully Automatic Hydraulic Cup Making Machine is professional researched to make the high cup&thick cup. The max forming depth is 230mm,and the thickness cup is 3.2mm. It works stable,low noise,reliable to make perfect products.

Stand No. BZ19

The first and best plastic cap compression molding machine from CHINA.

Sheng Yang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AW35

The machine is made entirely of 304 stainless steel. Operation is simple and safe with electronic temperature control, automatic ignition and auto shut-off. It can be quickly and easily cooks meats and all kinds of fried noodles, beans, grains and powdered foods. The machine can be saves time and labor.

Stand No. BH36

HONGSBELT is a technical leader in smart modular conveyor belts and China’s largest manufacturer, we provide smart modular belt,chains belt and conveyor components.

Shiki Label Printing Industries Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE38

VP750 Industrial Color Label Printer is VIPColor's LATEST product. It is build on Memjet's Ultra Fast Inkjet Technology. VP750 combines the performance and reliability of our bestselling VP700 with Enhanced Water Resistant Printing technology to produce vivid color labels at high resolution of 1600dpi and speed of 12ips.

Shred-Tech Asia Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CD39

hred-Tech is a Canadian owned global manufacturer of shredding machinery. Shred-Tech specializes in solutions for customers where shredding and size reduction are part of recycling or destruction process.

Siam Foods Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BK31

The flexible solution for the ready-cut market The DIVIDER 660+ ensures a high degree of flexibility, offers multiple application options. This means, for example, that 100 mm (3 9/10") type products can be sliced in 3 rows using this machine.

Siam Golden Sales & Services Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AW01

FEATURES: The system consists of carton erector & bottom sealer, automatic carton sealer, automatic strapping machine, 90 degree push conveyor and conveying frame, which has the function of continuous automatic carton open-bottom seal-fill-upper seal and multi-belt strapping

Stand No. AE45

World's most effective spray humidifier "AKIMist E" prevents troubles caused by static charges, such as product damage, debris/dust adhesion, and disinfection. Applicable to processing, packaging, printing, storage, and R&D, etc.

Siam Intermagnate Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CJ47

Food Container (530x320x65 mm); Food Container made from a high genuine stainless steel 18-8 (SUS304) with seamless construction that prevents bacteria growth and allows products to be cleaned with ease.

Siam International Products Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BX51

Siam international products is authorized for Sondex heat exchanger form Denmark. We are world class for heat exchanger. Fully sales and service team by experience more than 15 years.

Siam Scales & System Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AN39

Siam Scales & System and Techik are cooperate for X-Ray Inspection system, Multi-tray Weight Sorting Machine and Metal & Checking Machine. for make market in ASEAN and worldwide Customer

Siamglass Industry Company Limited
Stand No. EI31

Standard Medical Bottle with high quality.

Siamwells Engineering Supply Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AY49

With over 50 years of industry expertise, Paxton Products is the preferred solution for air drying, blow off, and its newest capability, air rinsing. Paxton Air Systems maximize performance for a wide variety of applications by coupling Paxton high efficiency centrifugal blowers with custom-engineered air delivery devices.

Stand No. BW01

Our latest generation of can filler, EvoFILL Can, is the most technologically advanced filler for cans, which combines the best hygienic conditions with a greater flexibility, sustainability and performance level.

Siemens Ltd. Thailand
Stand No. BA31

The digitalization of Siemens manufacturing production solutions can further optimize production performance to improve efficiency, flexibility and time-to-market. Manufacturers with fully digitalized processes are better equipped to rapidly respond to market changes and disruptive innovation.

SIKO Products Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. BC21

Monitored Size Changeover with New AP Series Smart Positioning 100% Process Reliability Faster Product Changes Enhanced Product Quality Simple installation and Positioning Size Changeover with new concept Higher machine efficiency due to shorter downtimes

Simik Technology Inc.
Stand No. BU19


Stand No. BR21

The strong tendency for innovation allowed SIPA to be the first supplier to launch the evolution of integrated solutions on the market: Xtreme Sincro Cube, a revolutionary solution that combines preform production by means of rotary compression injection and PET bottle blowing, filling and capping in one integrated machine.

Sky Industry Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BC41

Fine mist spray nozzle (Air + Liquid Mixing) Small droplet size, easy operation, easy installation. Very fine atomization For Application Cooling Coating Dust Control Moisturizing Humidity

Stand No. BN11

SV-3000 is an encapsulation machine that produces soft capsule made with gelatin. It is a servo machine that allows mass production of soft capsule.

Skypac Solutions Company Limited
Stand No. CG01

Current Main Products: Roll Stock;Standup Pouch;Flat Bottom Pouch;3 Side Seal Pouch;Quad Seal Pouch(Side Gusset Pouch);BIB,Spout Pouch;Shaped Pouch;Retort Pouch.

SMC (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. AT21

Wireless System EX600-W series SMC present a unique and innovative Wireless. Fieldbus system provide a perfect solution for rotary table, tools change in robot arms by easier to control & install, flexible and hi-speed & stable to communication.

Solar Turbines Incorporated
Stand No. BG40

Solar Turbines offers a complete solution for your power needs. We can help with your cogeneration, base-load electricity, dispersed power, combined-cycle, peak shaving, district heating/cooling, mobile, modular, and standby power needs for a wide variety of facilities, including colleges and universities, hospitals, industrial/processing facilities, and distributed power plants.

Solids Handling and Process Engineering Co.,Ltd. (SHAPE)
Stand No. AY41

SHAPE is an experienced global supplier of solids/powder handling&processing equipment and offer wide range of equipment and systems covering almost every facet of manufacturing operations/processes where dry solids are used.Our equipment range is designed to provide top quality of hygienic design,practical operation,easy cleaning&maintenance at an affordable price.

Sollich KG
Stand No. AZ32

We represent innovative and comprehensive solutions for chocolate and confectionery production, e.g. chocolate enrobing lines with working widths between 320 and 2400 mm. The flagship, the Enromat M6, has been further developed according to the various requirements of customers worldwide and based on the know-how of hundreds of production lines.

Solo Labelling Sdn Bhd
Stand No. CJ78

Our company is the leading company in sticker labelling and label applicator machines in Malaysia. We manufacture high quality labelling machines for automatic self-adhesive label placement onto fast moving consumer. Our focus of industry including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, printing and etc.

Solutionpack Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AN50

We Have Been One Of The Professional Manufacturers Of Machineries With Advance Technology & High Accuracy In Malaysia For More Than Ten Years.

Southern Supply Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EA35

Hotmelt machine, Inkjet/Laser Marking and Vision

Squid Ink Manufacturing Inc
Stand No. AY29

Squid Ink’s CoPilot 500 printing system is designed to print superior quality hi-resolution characters on porous surfaces. With up to 2.8” print height per printhead and the ability to run up to two printheads, the CoPilot 500 offers a versatile, yet cost-effective solution for coding and marking.

Sripipat Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AD21


SSP Packaging Private Ltd.
Stand No. AR47

Pharmabloc is Automatic Rotary Filling&Capping Machine. It is advance version which works on volumetric principle of filling & Clean in Place support without opening piston cylinders. This machine is cGMP based i.e. bottles are capped immediately after filling. This Machine can run upto speed of 300BPM.

Stand No. BY42

Experienced manufacturer of Machine blade for Packaging and Food Processing Industry. The blade can be customized upon customers' specifications; dimension,shape and materials.

Statec Binder GmbH
Stand No. AY11

The PRINCIPAC is a fully automatic high-performance bagging machine for open-mouth bags which packages up to 2000 bags per hour. It is ideally suited for any type of free-flowing bulk material and with additional equipment such as a dustproof filling spout also for powdery products.

Stand No. BN25

Autoclaves-retort machines for sterilization and pasteurisation of food products and pharmaceuticals using cascading water and powerful platular exchanger. Range from R&D up to 2000mm diameter machines. Large selection of accessories according to process cycle and many utility savings.

Sumitomo Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AD45

Olyset Pro Japanese Long Lasting Solution Prevention of Insects contamination and invasion. Kill and repel various of insects. Usage: Door and Window screen, Curtain, Material Cover, Duct Cover/Filter, Partition and Booth. Xterm Defense against termite Revolutionary Termite Baiting Technology www.xterm.com

Sunrise Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BF19

Sunrise Trading was established in 1992. We are an importer and a trader of Filling Machines from Malaysia for Edible Oil, Portable Filling Machine for Food and Cosmetic Industries and we serve a wide range of plastic film, food wrap and a non toxic film for above industries.

Support Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BY11

The company offers production service and imposes quality control throughout compliance with international standards. Customers can be reassured of our production process and specialty in products manufacturing and packaging. In order to meet customers requirement, we classify products and services into the following groups

Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd
Stand No. AC49

Operation in confined space.2636mm aisle width is enough for its working. Supper low and non-slip step makes operation more convenient and safe. LED headlight provides more strong light source. EPAS(electrical power asistance steering) with smaller-diameter steering wheel makes it easy to operate. Thrust replacement for battery makes it easy to keep balance.

Stand No. BI13

Our best selling horizontal pillow packing machine

SWECO ASIA Division Of Oilfield International Equipment & Supplies Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE19

With 100 years of technological innovations, SWECO is the world leader in dry and wet screening solutions. We offer standard models for the general and food acceptable applications; FDA food grade and 3A sanitary compliance models for food & pharmaceutical applications; ATEX compliance models for applications in hazardous environments.

Swentech (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. BL11

Swentech launches four new Products: 1) MHW-s12 Semi-Automatic Combinational Weighing Scale. A direct Solution for Fixed weight package, working efficiency improvement. 2) DF-350WX Horizontal packaging machine Series Double-servo and single frequency conversion control. 3) BTA-450+BM-500 Automatic L type shrink wrapping Machine. This machine has an imported PLC automatic program control, easy operation.

Switzerland Global Enterprise
Stand No. CE29

The SWISS Pavilion is a joint booth of Swiss companies from different sectors and industries: Berhalter AG: Efficent die-cutting solutions. Fantastic world of flexible packaging. Bucher Unipektin AG: Globally leading manufacturer of plants and components for juice, beer production, food industry.

Stand No. BN23

Synerlink, a Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems company, is a trusted supplier of fillers for dairy products, and other food and beverage, that designs and manufactures state-of-the-art integrated packaging lines for cups and bottles in ultra-clean, extended shelf-life and aseptic products.

System Tech Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AB41

-Operation improvement examples using id-PAC -Proposing to switch from AC power moller to MDR (DC power moller) -A new era for logistics Intelligently changing production and logistics lines. -Solutions that dramatically simplify complex needs id-PAC

T.C.K. Plastic Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AB39

TCK Group core business is plastics processing and integration of different fields of packaging to a single, comprehensive and easy-to-use package, according to customers’ requirements. The company’s portfolio includes preforms, bottles & closures for food & beverages, home care, cosmetic & personal care, pharmaceutical, pet sheet and plastic pallet.

T.H. Engineering & Service Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BY57

Mold injection, Jig & fixture, Punch & Die, Stianless Cutter in Food Industry, Grinding High Precision, Assembly Welding part, Design Part Metal, Wire Cut, EDM.

T.N. Metal Works Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AB11

FEATURE - Built-in 32-bit high speed and high processing dual CPU for multi-tasking operation for enhanced performance - High-speed communication servo drives and high performance, high resolution servo motors provide fully digital data transmission and improved noise immunity capabilities

T.S.K Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AZ51

TSK / POITTEMILL FORPLEX TSK ENGINEERING is a Thailand-based steel fabricator. We provide design/fabrication/installation service for material handling system/silo/steel structure since 1979. We are sale representative of POITTEMILL FORPLEX in Thailand. POITTEMILL FORPLEX Based in Béthune, Northern France. We provide fine-grinding and classifying solutions in powder mechanical processing since 1911.

T.U. Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AI11

Automatic compact liquid packing machine suitable for various kinds of liquid products such as oil, water, cream, juice, milk, honey etc. We are the one of famous company in Thailand having engineering and technician team to take care and support for our customers satisfied.

Stand No. AC27

VACUUM FISH COOKER Machine intended to cook tuna, sardine, mackerel...at a low pressure and adjustable temperature. It increases product yield and ensures a homogeneous end product.

Stand No. BW11

TBC Robot Palletizer adopt well-known international robot, precise orbit motion makes high re-positioning accuracy. TBC Robot Palletizer is suitable to apply to various packaging types such as carton, bag, shrink-film, crate, tray, drum, tin-can and etc.

Stand No. AF21

This is a category for purchasing packaging machines, packaging materials, and other related products from Taiwan. This annual journal is included the information of exhibitors of Taipei Pack 2018 and member list of Taiwan Packaging Association.

Stand No. AC17

A&D Inspection offers cutting edge X-Ray inspection systems to assist food packaging and pharmaceutical companies better understand how to leverage this incredible technology in an effort to improve and manage the quality of their products.

Taizhou Huangyan Demark Trading Company
Stand No. BU35

Independent electric screw drive brings you both plasticization and energy efficiency Brand new BECKHOFF centrailized control system special designed for PET production. Three station post cooling robot makes the preform perfectly cooled with better cycle time. advanced proportional valve control technology makes the fast and precise clamping possible.

Takara Pac (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EA27

We are professional group of self-adhesive labels which can be applied and released under the various circumstances in Japan and Thailand as well. We are enjoying high reputations for original designs which we created from zero based on customers requirements.

Stand No. EH11

In need of the reduction of environmental loads, there is a growing demand for even environmental-friendly packages among the consumers. TAKIGAWA CORPORATION has been developing various types of recyclable packages. Please drop in at our booth and try our developments.

Stand No. AC29

The multiformat system allows to memorize up to 99 different boxes and work simultaneously from 1 to 4 different boxes. Ready to work with assorted box designs and numerous box sizes. Production of up to 1200 boxes/h according to designs and sizes. Stainless steel construction.

TAVT. Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

Proportional Electric Control Valve. It has resolution 200:1. 400:1, 1600:1, 3000:1. Products control automatically to range 0%~100% of Actuator applied by the newly advanced micron.

Stand No. AF22

TAYI YEH Machinery (TAIWAN) is going to demonstrate our most popular L SEALER with SHRINK TUNNEL. It fully presents outstanding technology background and offers you high performance, durability, efficiency and maximum versatility for various applications. We also supply wide range of shrink wrapping machines, such as SIDE SEALERS, SLEEVE BUNDLERS.

Stand No. AC26

Our Company TECAIRE – CEIE EUROPE is specialised in coffee and cocoa processing equipment, ranging from roasters, grinders, silos, conveyors and automatisms for small, medium and large factories. Our Company is based in Barcelona (Spain) and all our equipment accomplishes with the European Standard Quality in Food Equipment Manufacturing

Techik Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AN39

Techik Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of metal detector, checkweigher,x-ray inspection machine and weight sorting machines. Techik designs and offers the art products and solutions to meet the demands of global standards, features and quality.

Tech-long Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BU01

Main Equipment: 1.2-stage method blow molding machine 2.Bottle transfer starwheel 3.Filling machine 4.Capping machine

Tecma Pack
Stand No. BP25

The new packing system « ARITRAK » patented by TECMA ARIES consists in a robot Delta 2 holding several linear motors on which shuttles independent one from the other move with a picking tool with suction cups or clamps fitted on them.

Stand No. EJ09

TEX YEAR is a professional hot melt adhesive manufacturer, provides many kinds of hot melt adhesive for packaging industry, especially for carton/box sealing, bottle labeling and straw attachment applications. We bond to your needs!

Thai Korasia Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EH16

Freshness and Better protection.

Thai M Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AG41


Thai Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering & Construction Corp., Ltd.
Stand No. BA39

Semi-Auto Drum Filling Machine is designed by NSSDT and TNS to perform high-precision filling and weighing control of petro-chemical, painting material or edible oil/juice. This machine is available in a wide variety of optional functions in addition to the multi-function, high-speed data processing function.

Stand No. EH15

Custom Designed Thermoforming Plastic We provide high quality for vacumm thermoforming services. PP/PET Sheet, Plastics Trays, Food Trays, Cups, Lids, and Thermoforming Packaging.

Thai Scale Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BS63

AW-5600FX Semi-Automatic WRAP-WEIGH-LABELER Technology FX stands for flexible, and the AW-5600FX is superb at wrapping a challenging array of products. Fragile trays, irregularly-shaped trays, and even items without trays like whole fruits and cheeses are quickly and beautifully wrapped and labeled.

Thai Sek Son Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CA01

Supercritical Fluid Extraction, to extract essence from natural substance by CO2. - Best quality output, cleanest and safest method. - Minimal extraction times, higher yield, low energy consumption.

Thai Sri Charoon., Partnership
Stand No. CE15

"DOLAV" The best solution for material processing, packaging and storage!

Thai Stamp Engineering Ltd.,Part.
Stand No. EB31

THAI COMPANY, founding in 1999 have been committed and expert in manufacturing machines key products group of printing machine, Feeding machine, Labeling machine, Counting machine

Thai Waterline Systems Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AU09

Open Space Cooling is an innovative concept used to cool industrial spaces down to a temperature optimum for worker comfort, creating a more productive and safer working environment. An energy efficient approach, the operating cost of Open Space Cooling is only 10% of traditional Air-Conditioning.

Thai-German Institute (TGI)
Stand No. MOU_#

Service by TGI - Technical Training Center - Manufacturing Consultant - Automation and Robotics system Design and Development - Material Testing & Measuring Laboratory Center - Mould and Die Design House - Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) - Plant Reliability & Maintenance - Management

Thaiplastic P.V.C. Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CG31

We manufactured plastic containers including PE,PP and PET by Blowing Mold,Injection Mold and Injection Blow Molding with high quality Food-grade standard controlled.Moreover,Our company also provided pharmaceutical containers and households chemical containers to all customers

Thaiyo Engineering Ltd.
Stand No. CE25

Features and Effects of Electret Sani Filter 1.Collect the bacteria and mold 2.Clean up the indoor air 3.Equalize the temperature of the room 4.Improve sensible temperature 5.Prevent the surface drying of foods 6.Easy to buy in low cost

Thanyanon Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BX57

The Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump is designed for process flexibility and precision engineered based on decades of proven technology. The pump is capable of handling both product transfer and Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) ?€“ and can move seamlessly between the two.

Thavorn Label & Ribbon Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EA23

Sticker Label and IML Printed up to 8 colors with post press process Ex. UV varnish / Film laminating / Foil stamping / Adhesive side printing / 2 layers label / Half glue label. Printed on both Sticker Paper and Film.

The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association (FOOMA)
Stand No. BT31/BS31

he Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association (FOOMA) was established in 1948 and received recognition as a corporation in March of 1967. FOOMA is the sole representative in the world of Japanese food machinery makers as a general organization.

The Mighty Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BW51

Integration into IFF/Frutarom, Mighty's new Savoury Solution portfolio in synergistic combination with new FOOD INCLUSIONS (varieties of glistening items, fruits & cookies bits, bubbles) deliver total solutions and exciting product developments in food applications, in savoury (snack, ready-meals, noodles, meat & seafood), sweet (bakery, beverage, confectionery), including food service segments.

The Sister Group Co., Ltd.
Stand No. CE09

High quality stainless steel pipeline that application in food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries such as sanitary stainless tubes, sanitary valves, pipe fittings and stainless steel pumps.

The Specialist Supply (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CJ63

Luminances LED PANEL New Design,Non-screw assembly, High efficiency with up to 110 lumens per circuit Watt. 50,000 hours minimum life expectancy.

Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co. KG
Stand No. AY39/AZ31

The Theegarten-Pactec MCH packaging machine offers a wide variety of options. The MCH packs gently and safely chocolate, jelly, hard candy, eclairs, enrobed products and preformed soft caramel or chewing gum. The MCH wraps the products in foil wrap, double twist, sealed double twist (protected twist) and side twist.

Stand No. BH35

Zerpo dunnage airbags could protect cargoes effectively during transportation. Zerpo dunnage airbags have been certified by AAR and meets with ROHS requirement, also strong enough to bear compression force more than 9.5tons. Up to 12 inspections & quality control measures throughout whole production ensures Zerpo dunnage airbags stable high quality.

Stand No. BS55

Hair and Dust Removal Machine, High Performance Dust Collector Filter Digital Display, Control Panel type Model HW-TRC-S for 1 person Model HW-TRC for 2 people

Tokiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV21

A compact size automatic shrink machine

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