The 28th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia

20-23 October 2020New Dates


(10.00 - 18.00 Hrs.)

2019 Product Highlights

Display 101 - 150 of 150 Companys
Senmasu Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EK11

We'll solve all your problem. Packaging Professor

Sevenlakes International Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. EM01

This year, besides our core expertise in “Thermoforming packaging”, we are so excited to launch our new brand “Din-Biopak” which stands for compostable packaging. Come and experience our compostable cups, lids, straws and save this beautiful earth for our next generation.

Shandong Donglong Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd
Stand No. BU39

Safe, fast and easy to maintain, modular plastic conveyor belt, driven by sprocket, so the conveyor belt is not easy to snake, skewed, able to withstand cutting, collision, oil and water resistance, use, replacement will not cause any maintenance problem.

Shandong Xinda Packing Technology Co., Ltd
Stand No. EC19

Shandong Xinda Packing Co., Ltd. produces polyolefin shrink film for the packaging industry. We produce shrink films for a variety of applications. These products include standard, hot-slip, high-speed soft, anti-fog, cross-linking, micro-perforation, color blocks, printing.

Shanghai Acepack International Trade CO.,Ltd
Stand No. BH44

Shanghai Acepack founded in 2005 with CE and ISO certification and innovation patents. It is dedicated to R&D horizontal packaging machines which can be used for plastic pouch forming/ filling/ sealing with spout or zipper functions. And it is widely applied in pharmaceutic/ food/daily chemical liquid/ solid/ granules pouch packaging.

Stand No. AI39

Gripper Conveyor 1.Aluminum profiles 2.Modular design 3.Applied for various containers 4.Able to handle different products 5.Adiustable width

Shanghai Dingjiang Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Stand No. CG41

DJ-Z25 this seim-auto machine is suitable for high dose granule packing.10-50kg.

Stand No. BU32

This sleeve labeling machine has delicate & beautiful design , compact structure makes the sleeve labeller flexible, exclusive rotating cutting design, adopt qualified steel make the operation smooth, cutting blade life has improved .Simple mandrel design makes easy change , leading in the same field for special structure design. Unique label blowing design makes the sleeve labeller run fast as well as stably. Widely applied for juice , tea beverage, dairy products, purified water, seasoning products, beer, cosmetics as well as kinds of industries sleeve shrinking .

Shantou Changcheng Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AI21

SHANTOU CHANGCHENG PACKING MACHINERY ,specialize in solution for plastic film package bag making .We have 10,000+ ??? Modern workshop for manufacturing .40+year experience in plastic bag machine producing. FQ-1000 2lines 2photo cell machine with new structure,for making PE,HDPE,LDPE flat bag machine, is a cutting and sealing machine for plastic bags.

Shantou Chenghai Baofeng Machinery Factory
Stand No. BY01

BF.122/72-A2 vacuum forming machine.Suitable material???PP/HIPS/PET/PVC

Shiki Label Printing Industries Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE38

VP750 Industrial Color Label Printer is VIPColor's LATEST product. It is build on Memjet's Ultra Fast Inkjet Technology. VP750 combines the performance and reliability of our bestselling VP700 with Enhanced Water Resistant Printing technology to produce vivid color labels at high resolution of 1600dpi and speed of 12ips.

Siam Golden Sales & Services Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AW01

FEATURES: The system consists of carton erector & bottom sealer, automatic carton sealer, automatic strapping machine, 90 degree push conveyor and conveying frame, which has the function of continuous automatic carton open-bottom seal-fill-upper seal and multi-belt strapping

Stand No. AE45

World's most effective spray humidifier "AKIMist E" prevents troubles caused by static charges, such as product damage, debris/dust adhesion, and disinfection. Applicable to processing, packaging, printing, storage, and R&D, etc.

Siam International Products Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BX51

Siam international products is authorized for Sondex heat exchanger form Denmark. We are world class for heat exchanger. Fully sales and service team by experience more than 15 years.

Solutionpack Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AN50

We Have Been One Of The Professional Manufacturers Of Machineries With Advance Technology & High Accuracy In Malaysia For More Than Ten Years.

Sripipat Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AD21


Sunrise Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BF19

Sunrise Trading was established in 1992. We are an importer and a trader of Filling Machines from Malaysia for Edible Oil, Portable Filling Machine for Food and Cosmetic Industries and we serve a wide range of plastic film, food wrap and a non toxic film for above industries.

Suzhou Pioneer Material Handling Equipment & Technology Co., Ltd
Stand No. AC49

Operation in confined space.2636mm aisle width is enough for its working. Supper low and non-slip step makes operation more convenient and safe. LED headlight provides more strong light source. EPAS(electrical power asistance steering) with smaller-diameter steering wheel makes it easy to operate. Thrust replacement for battery makes it easy to keep balance.

Swentech (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. BL11

Swentech launches four new Products: 1) MHW-s12 Semi-Automatic Combinational Weighing Scale. A direct Solution for Fixed weight package, working efficiency improvement. 2) DF-350WX Horizontal packaging machine Series Double-servo and single frequency conversion control. 3) BTA-450+BM-500 Automatic L type shrink wrapping Machine. This machine has an imported PLC automatic program control, easy operation.

T.C.K. Plastic Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AB39

TCK Group core business is plastics processing and integration of different fields of packaging to a single, comprehensive and easy-to-use package, according to customers’ requirements. The company’s portfolio includes preforms, bottles & closures for food & beverages, home care, cosmetic & personal care, pharmaceutical, pet sheet and plastic pallet.

T.H. Engineering & Service Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BY57

Mold injection, Jig & fixture, Punch & Die, Stianless Cutter in Food Industry, Grinding High Precision, Assembly Welding part, Design Part Metal, Wire Cut, EDM.

T.U. Pack Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AI11

Automatic compact liquid packing machine suitable for various kinds of liquid products such as oil, water, cream, juice, milk, honey etc. We are the one of famous company in Thailand having engineering and technician team to take care and support for our customers satisfied.

Stand No. EH15

Custom Designed Thermoforming Plastic We provide high quality for vacumm thermoforming services. PP/PET Sheet, Plastics Trays, Food Trays, Cups, Lids, and Thermoforming Packaging.

Thai Scale Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BS63

AW-5600FX Semi-Automatic WRAP-WEIGH-LABELER Technology FX stands for flexible, and the AW-5600FX is superb at wrapping a challenging array of products. Fragile trays, irregularly-shaped trays, and even items without trays like whole fruits and cheeses are quickly and beautifully wrapped and labeled.

Thai Sek Son Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CA01

Supercritical Fluid Extraction, to extract essence from natural substance by CO2. - Best quality output, cleanest and safest method. - Minimal extraction times, higher yield, low energy consumption.

Thai Sri Charoon., Partnership
Stand No. CE15

"DOLAV" The best solution for material processing, packaging and storage!

Thai Waterline Systems Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AU09

Open Space Cooling is an innovative concept used to cool industrial spaces down to a temperature optimum for worker comfort, creating a more productive and safer working environment. An energy efficient approach, the operating cost of Open Space Cooling is only 10% of traditional Air-Conditioning.

Thaiyo Engineering Ltd.
Stand No. CE25

Features and Effects of Electret Sani Filter 1.Collect the bacteria and mold 2.Clean up the indoor air 3.Equalize the temperature of the room 4.Improve sensible temperature 5.Prevent the surface drying of foods 6.Easy to buy in low cost

The Specialist Supply (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. CJ63

Luminances LED PANEL New Design,Non-screw assembly, High efficiency with up to 110 lumens per circuit Watt. 50,000 hours minimum life expectancy.

Stand No. BH35

Zerpo dunnage airbags could protect cargoes effectively during transportation. Zerpo dunnage airbags have been certified by AAR and meets with ROHS requirement, also strong enough to bear compression force more than 9.5tons. Up to 12 inspections & quality control measures throughout whole production ensures Zerpo dunnage airbags stable high quality.

Tokiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AV21

A compact size automatic shrink machine

Toyox Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BZ57

TOYOFUSSO-SOFT HOSE: Flexible Teflon Hose (Phthalate free) - Suitable for food grade piping compliance with Food Sanitation Act. - Heat resistant up to 70c. Able to transfer chemical. - Excellent water repellency and easy to clean. - Best hygienic piping when connected to suggested fittings.

TPG Co., Ltd.
Stand No. AK11_#

TPG has been the powerhouse of the active packaging industry in South Korea since its establishment in 1984. TPG's O2-Zero and Fresh Up ethylene absorber is an outcome of meticulous production system and strict quality-control procedures. With proven superior performance, TPG's products guarantee safety and effectivness for users and consumers.

Transicom Engineering Pte Ltd
Stand No. BE30

SPAFIL offers a wide range of paste fillers for the filling of very high viscosity paste into containers of various shapes and sizes. The unique design of the rotary valve ports allows for the handling of heavy paste and yet

Tropical Food Machinery S.r.l.
Stand No. 12075

Designed for farmers, sharegrowers, and small processing companies Whit these solutions, smaller enterprises can propose with a particularly contained investment their production of finished products like natural juices, jams, canned fruit natural tomato sauce - directly from the producer to the consumer. Shelf life is never less than 12 months

Tsukasa Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BI41

Model: DSV-LS-25/50-150 Model: DSC-HB-200 Divider Scale Receiver

Uhde HighPressure Technologies GmbH
Stand No. BF35

Your production has special requirements? The Uhde 350-60 is modular and configurable, from process direction to an option for MAP packaging to freely positionable high-pressure pumps. Depending on your requirements you can gentle pasteurize your products easily.

Valitech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BM31

- Air Filter & One Stop Service - cleanroom building & renovation - Sandwich panel - cleanroom validation - Air purifier

VMS-Maschinenbau GmbH
Stand No. CB09

The VMS filling-closing machine KONTIFILL unite yet unknown easy handling and trouble-free operation with highest accessibility and high speed capacities. The machines are used for different types of liquid and pasty products in Ultraclean or Aseptic hygienic level and for various container types: cups, plastic bottles, glass jars and buckets.

Vten International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. ED11

we are the manufacturer and distributor of flexible packages

Weber Marking Systems (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. EC31

We specialize in providing custom label solutions and label applicator. Our printing capabilities include up to 10 colors with flexo and digital technology. Our applicator could save you tons of time and resources. Send us your designs and we will turn them into fantastic labels to you.

World Kogyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AB59

ROLLFREEZER - LOW TEMP HIGH SPEED SHEET SHUTTER - Designed specifically for temperature controlled rooms with both positive and negative temperatures - Special double curtain construction with insulation - Heating elements prevents ice formation even during intensive cooling - Self-supporting construction with anti-crash protection system - Operating temperature range: +5 to -35° C

World Pack System Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. AP39

Luck Land Cup Blender Juice with one button

Stand No. BB35

MP206CR Automatic pallet wrapping machine remote controlled is fitted with automatic film apply/cut unit and remote control device.An oprator is able to start and stop the machine while operating a forklift.MP206CR is the best standalone wrapper for enhanced worker efficiency and reduced labor.

Stand No. AI36

Rectangular Coordinate Case Packer The machine is used to packandarrange soft bags,strips,blocks,boxesandother materials. It adopts top-loading packing typeandcan rapidly achieve the changing of materials and mode of packing. Accuracy,high speed arrangementandpacking can be achieved through material arrangement by race tracker,material pickingandplacing by rectangular coordinate robot,andcarton supplyandpositioning device.

Xinle Huabao Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BH42

This line adopt double four-shaft winder, can produce 2" and 3" film roll on line in the same time,and the extruder use direct drive motor, more power saving. The line speed can up to 500m/min.

X-Per Technia (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. BA61

The 3CFR series of air curtains are made from extruded anodized Aluminum Alloy, Strong, durable, and elegant. The impellers are directly driven. The motors used are of totally enclosed type with self lubricating ball bearings.

Zhangjiagang Datong Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BY40

1. Adopt food grade SUS304 stainless steel material, compact structure, reasonable design, small footprint, production capacity from 2000-36000b/h all can be customized; 2. PLC control, touch screen human-computer interaction interface, easy to operate, easy to maintain; The whole line output can be adjusted and has good compatibility and expansibility. 3. Perfect to meet customer needs, has small investment, quick results! It is small and medium-sized bottled water manufacturers ideal production and processing equipment!

Stand No. BZ15

More than 19years experiences professional manufacturer of Water,Juice and CSD Beverage Packing Machines from A to Z (Production Capacity: 2,000-48,000BPH),One-stop Services,Turnkey Solution .

Zhejiang Guchuan Machinery Co., Ltd.
Stand No. BX24

Zhejiang Guchuan machinery co.,ltd founded in 2005 that located in ruian city. During the 13 years development, that with the strategy of?€ Brand opening, terminal-oriented?€ that successfully achieved extraordinary leap-forward development, and became a new star in the domestic packaging machinery industry.

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