The 29th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia

2021 List of Participants

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World Packaging Industry Co.,Ltd.

World Pack System Co.,Ltd.

Wisebiz (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Winner Inter Plas Co., Ltd.

Weber Marking Systems (Thailand) Ltd.

Water Test Co.,Ltd.

VEGA Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Varin Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Uniglobal Co., Ltd.

U.P.E. Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Toyox Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Toptech Products and Service Ltd.,Part.

Tomco Automatic Machinery Co.,Ltd.

The Specialist Supply (Thailand)


Thavorn Label & Ribbon Co.,Ltd.

Thai Vinyter Co.,Ltd.

Thai Stamp Engineering Ltd.,Part.

Thai Scale Co., Ltd.

Thai Polymer Supply Co.,Ltd.

Thai M Pack Co.,Ltd.


Technik Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Talay Technology Company Limited

Takara Pac (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

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