The 30th International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia

Press Releases & Industry News

ProPak Asia International Processing and Packaging Exhibition for Asia (ProPak Asia) would like to invite you to join a webinar under the topic of “CONNECT: Packaging Industry” to explore current trends of packaging industry. Let’s find your new business opportunities free of charge on 9-10 March 2021. The webinar consists of 3 sessions as following

1. “Sustainable Packaging” is cooperated with World Packaging Organization (WPO). This sessions is discussed about packaging design with sustainability concept in nowadays and into the future. Hosted on 9 March, 15.00-16.35 (GMT +7). Pre-register at http://

2. “The Power of Packaging Design” is partnered with Thai Package Design Association (ThaiPDA). The session covers the power of creative packaging design including packaging design for logistics on e-commerce business. Hosted on 10 March, 10.00-12.00 (GMT+7). Pre-register at

3. “Packaging Disruption and Game Changing Innovations” is collaborated with Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP). This session explores recent disruptive technology in packaging industry including the innovation that will be a game-changer for this industry. Hosted on 10 March, 15.00-16.00 (GMT +7). Pre-register at those who are interested in participating the webinar can pre-register free of charge at link above. The sessions will be discussed in English on ZOOM application.