Coldchain, Logistics, Warehousing & Factory Technology Exhibition

Supply chain will break at its weakest link. As regionalization and globalization continue to accelerate, the Coldchain, Logistic, and Warehousing sectors will need swiftly respond to the rise in goods & foodstuffs demand & supply equilibrium.

With sector's year-over-year global growth complexity and operations will require more comprehensive logistics & warehousing modernization & solutions with the investment in digitization, IoT, facility, and technology.

Over 40% of global volume in coldchain, logistics, and warehousing is from Asia Pacific, the region's volume will continue to climb as expansions continue in manufacturing, processing and packaging for food & beverage, frozen foods & ready-to-eat meals, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics (including personal care).

Coldchain, Logisitics & Warehousing is an industry focused zone in ProPak Asia, the Asia's No. 1 Processing and Packaging Exhibition, provide solutions to buyer's upstream and downstream supply chain needs from SME to multinational distribution solutions.

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