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“Informa Markets ” is confident in the potential success of “ProPak Asia 2023,” making over 8 zones to accommodate 40,000 visitors and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the event

Informa Markets Thailand gears forward to host ProPak Asia 2023 on June 14-17, 2023, at BITEC, Bangna, reaffirming its readiness to welcome over 40,000 entrepreneurs. The event this time has been revamped with 8 zones to be exhibited and celebrate the 30th anniversary, spotlighting the status of upstream soft power in part of food to introduce Thai food to the global arena through innovative processing and packaging technology while driving business on the basis of the BCG Model for sustainability.

Ms. Rungphech Chitanuwat, Regional Portfolio Director - ASEAN, Informa Markets Thailand, the organizer of ProPak Asia 2023, said: “Marking the 30th anniversary this year, ProPak has experienced challenges and triggers for improvements before it achieves this milestone. At ProPak, we aim beyond an exhibition platform, thus being a connector that connects upstream business (processing, packaging) to the downstream business (entrepreneurs). What’s special this year is that we noticed changes in markets as cutting-edge technology emerged. This emergence indeed is a way to add value to products of M-SMEs and farmers who could improve their packaging and strengthen competitiveness of their creation. With this success, it contributes to steering the community to feed products to the industrial market. This year, we have collaborated with the Food Innovation and Packaging Center, Chiang Mai University, in a pilot project to acquire and introduce community products to the global arena. Not only that, L-SMEs will also experience Tech Solutions that will fulfill their business needs. The event is hence truly a one-stop place to visit.”

Ms. Rungphech added that:At this year's event, we are focusing on the theme of 4S (Supply Chain, Safety, Security, and Sustainability) in driving the economy of food industry, both directly and indirectly, through our 8 unmissable zones, including Processing Tech Asia, Packaging Tech Asia, Drink Tech Asia, Pharma Tech Asia, Lab&Test Asia, Packaging Solution Asia, Coding, Marking & Labeling Asia, and Coldchain, Logistics, Warehousing & Factory Asia. Highlights of this year are:

· Investment Clinic: As a collaboration with the BOI, entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups can seize an opportunity to consult with financial experts about their investment, business planning, business scale-up and development.

· Post-Harvest Tech Zone: In collaboration with the Food Innovation and Packaging Center, Chiang Mai University, this zone is to showcase techniques for agricultural product storage and manufacturing process, e.g., storing, packaging, distributing.

· Lab & Test Theater: In collaboration with INNOLAB, it encourages everyone to visit technological labs dedicated for food, beverages, medicines and personal care development.

As for the public sector, the event is honored byDr.Pattra Maneesin, Deputy Governor Industrial Services, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR),who said: “The Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) has been an active partner with ProPak Asia. This year, the Institute is presenting research, scientific, technological and innovative services in the TISTR Total Solutions theme, comprehensively empowering entrepreneurs through science, technology, and innovation so that they can take bold steps in the industry, work against international standards, and be competitive in both domestic and international markets. Besides, it will showcase end-to-end research and service findings, covering agriculture, food, health and medicine, packaging while research and developments for recycling are also a focus. The TISTR provides Packaging Testing Services, e.g., for packaging materials (paper, plastic, metal); Biodegradable Material Test for transport packaging, retail packaging, dangerous goods packaging; Performance Test; as well as packaging design and development, e.g., labels and packages.

A representing entrepreneur to attend ProPak Asia 2023,Dr.Ongart Kittikhunchai Chief Executive Officer, Sunsweet Public Company Limited,mentioned future food trends during the press conference in an interesting way. “Food of the future will be subjected to significant changes. Considering the environment and the increasing number of populations, food must be supplied sufficiently, not only in terms of amount, but also its nutritious contents. This thus can be a key turning point. Apart from that, food security is essential in all food businesses, regardless of locations. If we cannot catch up with the trend, we can be disrupted in the future. With respect to this, Sunsweet has engaged in product research and development (R&D), seeking new opportunities by leveraging knowledge, technology and transformation approaches. It has aligned innovative food products with consumer needs. Product demands in the global market become more intense after security events set in, which can actually be regarded as a market opportunity for exportation. On the part of the company itself, it achieved a 30% growth. Products that offer a longer shelf life in form of cans obtained a greater demand.

Ms.Kanoknaphat Pachreang, General Manager, Strategy and Business Development, Kasetphand Industry Co., Ltd., mentioned adoption of the BCG model in boosting 3 business dimensions. “The BCG model is not something new, as it is a principle further developed from a strong foundation rooted in Thailand, integrated and extended to the chain of goods and service production, especially in 4 s-curve industries. From an entrepreneur's perspective, this is about self-reliance and it is forming the basis of sustainable development, as it harnesses the strengths of our country, including biodiversity and cultural diversity. The two are combined with knowledge and innovation to enhance products even better. The first return as a result of this is greater competitiveness, especially when it comes to innovation. Innovation brings changes as competition becomes intense and potential increases, and that means our income and environmental consciousness will be positively influenced. This is in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Policies and Goals. If we can achieve this, we shall be able to pave the way for the country to the leading position in the 4 s-curve industries. Regardless of external factors, changes in climate, energy or food shortage, if the BCG model can be applied effectively, I believe all problems can be addressed.

Mr.Karan Tejasen, Chairman of the Board of VexCel Pack Co., Ltd., and Chief Operating Officer, SCG Packaging Public Company Limited,discussed the trend of packaging business. “Changes in demographics and lifestyles are conducive to the increasing use of packaging while packaging tends to be more functional and enhances convenience for users. As consumers are turning to greener alternatives, the choice becomes a factor that plays a key role in fueling growth of paper and alternative packaging solutions, e.g., packaging designed to use fewer materials, reusable and effortlessly recyclable, green and resource efficient. Moreover, the rising trend of e-commerce and omnichannel retail models are major growth factors of the packaging market in the region.

Correspondingly,Mr.Theeraphon Nimitvanich, Chief Operating Officer, Eka Global Company Limited,commented: “Packaging contributes to a considerable influence on consumers, consumption behavior, purchase decisions, as, for example, it attracts consumers, being attractive and appealing while also engaging. Packaging can strengthen bonds between consumers and the product. Moreover, it can carry product information and benefits; for instance, properties and usage. It adds brand values, protects the content within and enhances durability — a way to confirm that a specific product remains intact and in a condition expected.

The 30th trade and innovation exhibition for manufacturing, processing, and packaging industries ProPak Asia 2023 will be held between June 14 — 17, 2023, at BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center, with pre-registration available at


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