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Miss Kotchasorn Tocharoenthanapol, Deputy Director of Project Management at Informa Markets Thailand, the organizer of ProPak Asia 2024, discussed the government's strategy to position Thailand as the hub of the food industry. This strategy is crucial for Thailand's food production and processing industry, benefiting from the country's comprehensive and geographically diverse food industry supply chain, covering everything from raw materials, processing, packaging, to consumer delivery. However, all aspects must be developed to increase their value. Thai food exports in 2024 are expected to reach a value of 1.65 trillion baht, growing by 6.5%. This growth is supported by the strongly recovering economy of developing countries and emerging markets, including the hospitality sector and tourism industry. Meanwhile, the pressure from inflation is beginning to ease, providing a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to produce products that align with consumer behavior, particularly healthy and environmentally friendly products. Through research and development and advanced manufacturing technology, the industry can increase nutritional value and create new products that meet consumer needs.

Innovations and modern technologies are crucial for success today. For example, the utilization of IoT (Internet of Things) assists in monitoring, inspecting, and controlling production processes within factories, optimizing the use of raw materials and energy, and minimizing waste. Automation of machinery and factories, alongside robotics technology, reduces errors and enhances production efficiency. Furthermore, advancements in management technology facilitate tracking consumer consumption records and analyzing product development. Additionally, AI (Artificial Intelligence) plays a significant role in controlling and improving production processes, decision-making, and data analysis, including the evaluation of raw material quality, production conditions, machine efficiency, process simulation, testing, and process improvement without utilizing real resources. Entrepreneurs leveraging such technologies in business and manufacturing gain advantages in cost management, risk reduction, and competitiveness.

The ProPak Asia plays a key role in supporting and driving Thailand's food production and processing industry towards becoming a hub for the region. It exhibits innovations and cutting-edge technologies in production processes, processing, and packaging at the regional level, providing entrepreneurs with access to knowledge through exhibitions. The concept behind organizing ProPak Asia 2024 is 'Sustainably Empowering Processing & Packaging Success with Ideation, Innovation, and Investment'. This aims to inspire and foster creativity among entrepreneurs, ensuring sustained business success.

Mr. Rungson Aummee, Assistant Vice President of Kasetphand Group, an expert in engineering for the agricultural and food industries, believes that the food production and processing sector is the cornerstone of the Thai economy. He notes that Thailand's favorable climate and abundant agricultural resources enable the production of high-quality food. In 2024, the industry trend emphasizes sustainability and environmental responsibility throughout the value chain, reflecting consumers' increasing demand for environmentally conscious products. Additionally, technological advancements such as automation systems, robotics, data analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing production processes, enhancing efficiency, quality, and safety standards. However, challenges such as food safety regulations, supply chain disruptions, and market volatility remain significant concerns. Addressing these challenges requires flexible strategies and ongoing innovation efforts.

Kasetphand is a Thai company with over 50 years of experience providing comprehensive engineering services. With a team of engineers and experts, they cover everything from design, construction, machinery, and equipment production to installation. They source state-of-the-art technology and provide post-sales engineering services. Their clients span the industrial agriculture and food sectors, from upstream to downstream. This includes animal feed factories for both terrestrial and aquatic animals, as well as pets. Additionally, they offer services in material storage and handling systems, livestock farming and equipment, food processing plants including ready-to-eat foods, as well as services in alternative energy and environmental technology.

Their engagement with ProPak Asia has been ongoing for over 7 years. This event serves as the largest gathering of product and technology providers in the food manufacturing sector in Asia. The advantages have reached customers, suppliers, and the company itself. It facilitates staying abreast of food manufacturing technology developments from both exhibitors and suppliers. They have had the opportunity to network and establish future business partnerships. Furthermore, they have capitalized on meeting prospective customers, leading to increased sales and heightened brand recognition. Investors have acknowledged the company's preparedness to offer services with engineering expertise. At this year's event, they will focus on showcasing products and technologies that enhance production efficiency, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness for customers. They will present machinery and automation technology for food processing and packaging processes, along with comprehensive engineering services tailored to customer needs. This includes design, construction, machinery, technology, system integration, and post-sales engineering services. This ensures customers' confidence in the engineering services readiness for the complete agricultural and food industry in the Asian region.

Mr.Sutta Meesook, General Manager of HITEC Food Equipment Co., Ltd., shares the perspective that there's a rising demand for food products from other countries, particularly for halal foods. With government backing, Thai food products are gaining popularity in global and emerging markets, offering a promising opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to enter international markets. However, ensuring the appeal of food products necessitates adding value to meet consumer demands. This entails leveraging research and development, innovation, and modern technology in the production process to minimize errors, ensure safety and cleanliness, and elevate standards.

The company's operations also support entrepreneurs by acting as distributors of industrial machinery for both the food and animal feed sectors. They cater to various industries including terrestrial animals, poultry, seafood, bakery, ready-to-eat foods, fruits, vegetables, and animal feed. Handling the entire production process from preparation and shaping to cooking and packaging, they collaborate with high-quality machinery suppliers worldwide. They offer consultation services and provide customized solutions to meet specific needs. By working with experts and manufacturers from other countries, such as butchers or food technologists, they develop products and offer services like Preventive Maintenance (PM) programs. Their participation in ProPak Asia 2024, a major event in Asia, targets prospective buyers in need of machinery for their businesses. This year, they have prepared state-of-the-art machinery for display across seven different industry groups, accompanied by live demonstrations and testing.

ProPak Asia 2024 is set to be held from 12-15 June 2024 at BITEC Bangna. For those interested in event details and wishing to register in advance to attend, please visit


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In 2024, Thai food exports are projected to reach a value of 1.65 trillion baht, marking a 6.5% increase. This growth is driven by the strongly recovering economy of developing countries and emerging markets, including the hospitality sector and tourism industry. Meanwhile, the pressure from inflation has begun to ease off as countries implement stringent monetary policies in preceding periods.