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Miss Kotchasorn Tocharoenthanapol, Deputy Director of Project Management at Informa Markets Thailand, sheds light on trends in the packaging industry. The global packaging industry is on a trajectory of continued recovery, with an estimated value of $1.14 trillion in 2024 and projected growth to $1.38 trillion by 2029. This growth is driven by evolving demands and expansions within the food and beverage sector, which are increasingly adopting flexible packaging and prioritizing eco-friendly, biodegradable materials in their designs. In Thailand, the packaging industry mirrors this upward trend. Valued at over 350 billion baht in 2023, it is forecasted to grow by over 10% in 2024, reaching approximately 385 billion baht. This growth is attributed to various factors, including government strategies aimed at positioning Thailand as a global food hub, alongside the resurgence of tourism and exports. Additionally, economic stimulus measures from the digital wallet scheme will boost domestic consumption and circulate money within the economy.

The mentioned trends have prompted entrepreneurs to prepare and enhance their production processes. Today, the importance of packaging spans several dimensions, ensuring product safety, extending shelf life, boosting sales, and adding value through design and user convenience. Production development starts with selecting materials with improved properties and eco-friendliness, such as recycled or biodegradable materials. Additionally, leveraging modern technologies like AI, robotics, and automation enhances production efficiency by optimizing resource and energy usage and reducing costs.

ProPak Asia is a leading Asian exhibition that showcases food processing and packaging technology, covering storage and transportation from upstream to downstream. It plays a pivotal role in supporting and advancing businesses in Thailand's manufacturing and packaging sectors. This year's ProPak Asia 2024 event features several industry focused zones including PackagingTechAsia, highlighting packaging technology and processes; DrinkTechAsia, focusing on beverage industry technology; PharmaTechAsia, showcasing technology for the pharmaceutical sector; PackagingSolutionAsia, featuring production technologies for packaging and finished packaging; Coding,Marking&LabellingAsia, showcasing technology for product coding, labelling, and marking; Lab&TestAsia, presenting technology for inspecting and controlling food and packaging standards. Additionally, there are activities as key highlights of the event as follows:

  • I-Stage: - Ideation, innovation, and investment for food, beverage, and FMCG supply chain & value chain. Meet influencers sharing ideas for SME entrepreneurs. Learn from technological experts on new processing & packaging sustainable innovations. And consult with financial specialists on investment and business scale-up.
  • Packaging Design Clinic:- Complicated packaging problems need creative solutions. From packaging designs to materials; from new product development to new packaging development; meet the packaging gurus to consult on cost reduction, sustainability compliance, and user experience.
  • Design Box: Presentation of packaging design works by Mr.Somchana Kangwarnjit, a globally awarded packaging designer from Prompt Design. 
  • ThaiStar, AsiaStar, WorldStar Display: Showcasing award-winning packaging samples from national, regional, and global design competitions, in collaboration with Thai-IDC, DIPROM (ThaiStar Awards), Asian Packaging Federation (AsiaStar Awards), and The World Packaging Organisation (WPO) (WorldStar Awards).

  • Mr. Wolfgang Konrad, Vice President of Marketing and Communication at IWK Verpackungstechnik GmbH, a German packaging technology expert operating in Thailand through IWK (Thailand) Ltd., provided insights into Thailand's robust manufacturing industry and the crucial role of packaging. He emphasized the need for standardized packaging to prioritize safety, hygiene, and environmental friendliness. In various industries, there is an emphasis on utilizing recyclable and biodegradable materials, minimizing resource consumption, and innovating creative designs for enhanced efficiency. Their factory specializes in developing and producing packaging across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, cosmetics, and food. He also suggested that for success on the international stage, Thai entrepreneurs should improve their capabilities, adapt to changes, and foster reliable partnerships. IWK is committed to providing guidance, knowledge exchange, and updates on new trends to Thai entrepreneurs.

    Engaging with ProPak Asia has been incredibly successful in every aspect. It's the premier exhibition for machinery and packaging technology in Asia, offering participants invaluable experiences. At ProPak Asia 2024, IWK will unveil the CABLIblue 870, a cutting-edge "Blister on Carton" packaging production system using 100% cardboard, in response to sustainability trends. This system helps reduce plastic usage from Blister Pack packaging. Another highlight is the CH4 cartoning system, which saves over 20% energy. Additionally, IWK will offer a wide range of other packaging technologies and services.

    Mr. Lumpool Ounruan, President of Senta Pack Machinery & Service Co., Ltd., which imports machinery for the food manufacturing industry from Japan, with its primary clients being food producers for both human and animal consumption, shared insights on the growth prospects in the Thai packaging industry. He emphasized that Thailand, being a major global food hub, holds significant potential for further growth. The key focus for entrepreneurs should be on adopting more environmentally friendly packaging practices. Some manufacturers have already transitioned to using Mono Material plastic packaging, which makes material identification easier and facilitates recycling processes effectively. This adaptation aligns with customer demands and trade regulations while upholding product quality standards and incorporating modern production technologies. Within the company, they have developed packaging technologies utilizing heat and high-pressure methods for retort packaging to meet our customers' diverse packaging needs. For instance, the Ultrasonic Sealing Method is used for smaller-sized packaging that requires precise sealing, and it is suitable for use with Mono Material products.

    Exhibiting at ProPak Asia presents a great opportunity to introduce new machinery technologies, engage in idea exchange and gain various perspectives from both existing clients and new customers each year. This year's highlights include the Vacuum Rotary machine for curry paste products, along with demonstrations of automated packaging solutions designed to help businesses struggling with increasing production capacity amidst labor shortages.

    ProPak Asia 2024 is set to run from 12 -15 June 2024 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Bangna. For those interested in event details and pre-registration, visit