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ProPak Asia 2024 has begun, attracting over 2,000 companies from around the world. The Thai and regional food and beverage industries are buzzing with activity. Highlights of the event include smart factories, automation systems, robots, AI, and popular environmental technologies. Trade and business negotiations are expected to exceed 5 billion baht.

Mr. Banjong Sukreeta, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry, discussed the development strategies for the Thai industrial sector and entrepreneurs under the government's IGNITE THAILAND vision, which aims to drive the Thai economy towards sustainability. He emphasized promoting Thailand as a regional leader and global hub in eight key areas, particularly as the world's food hub by positioning Thailand as the "Kitchen of the World." This ambitious goal involves developing the entire food manufacturing chain, from upstream agricultural production to processing and exporting. Additionally, the government aims to promote the hub of food security, development of future food industries, research and development of high-protein plant-based foods, and the creation of innovative food products, aligning with future global market trends.

Therefore, the Ministry of Industry has embraced this policy by accelerating the enhancement of entrepreneurs' capabilities and raising manufacturing standards. The goal is to enable Thailand's industrial sector to compete regionally and integrate into the Global Value Chain. The ministry aims to reform high-potential industries into economic engines by using standards, productivity, and innovation to bolster capabilities while integrating with Thailand's strong service sector. Additionally, the ministry supports promoting Soft Power industries, aligning with the government's push, and position Thai industries as key drivers of growth and income for the country. This initiative also includes strengthening SMEs, community enterprises, entrepreneurs, and startups by providing them with knowledge, expertise, and technology. The aim is to help these businesses manage risks and adapt to climate change effectively.

For the collaboration and support of ProPak Asia 2024, the Department of Industrial Promotion has organized various activities and seminars through its divisions. Division of Creative Industry Development, for example, is hosting the "ThaiStar Packaging Awards 2024." This competition aims to support creative power, or Soft Power, by recognizing packaging that excels in design, functionality, and materials that promote Thai culture and identity. The winning entries will represent Thailand at the AsiaStar Awards and the WorldStar Awards. Additionally, there will be exhibition booths and engaging seminars hosted by the Division of Digital Industry Development and the Division of Logistics.

Mrs. Luciana Pellegrino, President of the World Packaging Organization (WPO), discussed the organization's role and the significance of ProPak Asia 2024. She explained that the WPO is dedicated to advancing packaging by connecting global industry professionals and sharing information that promotes sustainable development. Supported by packaging organizations from 62 countries, all eagerly anticipates ProPak Asia 2024. This prestigious event provides a platform for packaging experts worldwide to share knowledge, exchange experiences, and drive innovation and sustainability in Asia's packaging industry.

During the event, the WPO will host various activities, including the Global Packaging Forum. This forum will feature discussions led by 10 board members on current issues and future trends in the packaging industry. Additionally, there will be executive and board meetings, as well as working group sessions in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to discuss strategies and collaboration for packaging industry development. Strategic discussion groups will facilitate knowledge exchange and cooperation among packaging organizations from Asia and Africa. Networking events will also be held for WPO partners and global industry leaders. A highlight of the event will be the prestigious WorldStar Award ceremony, recognizing excellence in global packaging, during a gala dinner. This collaboration with Informa Markets and ProPak Asia 2024 aims to foster sustainable development in the packaging industry while addressing environmental challenges and shaping a brighter future for the planet.

Mr. Ali Badarneh, Chief Food Security and Food Systems Unit at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, highlighted the importance of partnering for ProPak Asia 2024. He stressed that this collaboration is crucial for fostering sustainable packaging in the food and beverage industry. Previous successful collaborations with Informa Markets in Middle East and North Africa have demonstrated the potential to achieve these goals. With UNIDO's aim of promoting sustainable packaging to reduce food loss and waste, mitigate climate change impacts, and ensure food security globally, ProPak Asia 2024 serves as a hub for entrepreneurs and industry players to disseminate ideas and collaborations throughout the food and beverage industry in Asia and worldwide.

Mr. Manu Leopairote, Chairman of Informa Markets – Thailand, the organizer of ProPak Asia 2024, highlighted the event's significance as the 31st edition. He emphasized its role as a gathering point for entrepreneurs, experts, and industry players across various sectors worldwide, from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and consumer products. This year's theme, "Empowering Sustainability Processing & Packaging Success with Ideation, Innovation, and Investment," aims to enhance sustainable production and packaging processes through ideas, innovation, and investment. The goal is to inspire creativity in line with the principles of the modern industry, which focus on efficiency, sustainability, and technological advancement.

ProPak Asia 2024 is more than just a showcase of cutting-edge machinery and solutions from global industry leaders. It's a dynamic platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and ideas, fostering collaboration among industry professionals. This enables them to collectively adapt, transform, and transition into the new era of industry. Scheduled from 12-15 June 2024, at BITEC, the event spans over 55,000 square meters and features 2,000 exhibitors from over 42 countries. They will present the latest innovations, including smart factory, automation systems, processing solutions, and eco-friendly packaging. These innovations not only transform industries but also steer us towards a more sustainable and efficient future. The anticipated trade and business negotiations during ProPak Asia 2024 are expected to surpass 5 billion baht.

The event offers engaging activities, including learning sessions and networking opportunities. It aims to foster connections, idea exchanges, and partnerships among manufacturers, distributors, and buyers of all scales, from large corporations to small enterprises. This collaborative ecosystem promotes growth in business and advancements in innovation and technology, benefiting industries both locally and globally.